Son of Jesse of NC and Grandson of Daniel of VA

The eighth child of Jesse and Mary CROOM of Wayne County, NC (ninth, if Elijah is accepted as a son), was named Jesse and according to my analysis was born about 1757 in Wayne County, NC. It is my belief that Jesse, the son, purchased land in Onslow County, NC, in 1778 and sold it in 1788 and moved back to Wayne County. Shortly after 1790, Jesse, the son, left Wayne County and moved to Washington County, Georgia, with a wife, Jennett, and a young daughter, Peany, born shortly before 1790. Jesse died in Washington County, GA, 30 May 1826. He sired 7 daughters and 4 sons by his wife, Jennett. Her maiden name is unknown to me.

We know that Jesse CROOM of Washington County, GA, and a contiguous land owner of Elijah CROOM (GROOM) was a son of Jesse CROOM, SR, of Wayne County, NC, from the following deed:

Wayne Co., NC DB 10:197, Jan 2, 1813: JESSE CROOM of Washington Co. GA deed to MAJOR CROOM for land situated in Wayne Co., wit by CHAS. CROOM.

This deed references land that Jesse CROOM inherited from his father who died in 1812, deeded to his brother, Major, and was witnessed by Charles, a brother of Jesse and Major CROOM.

There has been speculation that Jesse CROOM of Wayne County first married a Sarah HARRIS before moving to GA. After much study, I believe this incorrect assumption resulted from a misreading of a newspaper reporting the marriage of Sarah HARDY to a Jesse CROOM of Wayne County. This groom was Jesse Hare CROOM who married a Susan HARDEE 25 Feb 1810. That couple moved a few years later to Alabama.

The issue of the offspring of Jesse and Jennett CROOM of Washington County, GA eventually would populate areas of GA, AL, LA, and TX. Very likely, descendants can be found in many other states. Census takers and courthouse clerks frequently added an "s" to the CROOM surname. Most often these recording errors did not permanently affect the family name. Sometimes, however, the error change was unwittingly adopted by some offspring and they and their descendants can be found as CROOMS. I have not yet taken the time to pursue the migration paths of many of them. Here is the issue of Jesse CROOM, Jr., son of Jesse and Mary CROOM of Wayne County, NC:
Due to server space limitations, data in my files on many of the more recent generations of Croom families are not posted on these pages. Generally, my emphasis has been on families before 1870.

Jesse CROOM (Jesse, Daniel of VA) , b abt 1757 NC, d 30 May 1826 GA, and his wife, Jennett, b 1776 in NC, d 17 Aug 1857 Washington Co., GA, had the following issue, all born in Washington Co., GA:

  1. Penelope (Penny) CROOM, b bef 1790 Wayne Co., NC, m James GARNER
  2. Major CROOM, b abt 1797 GA, d aft 1870 GA; m Jane SIMPSON, b 1798 NC, dau of Enoch & Sophia SIMPSON (maiden name based on strong circumstantial evidence from Dick Simpson), b 1798 NC, d aft 1860; their issue, all born in Washington Co., GA:

    1. Frances H. CROOM, b 1826, d aft 1870 Hancock Co., GA; m Pamela FOSUN, 16 Nov 1853
    2. Asa D. CROOM, b 1828, living in Washington Co., GA in 1870; m 23 Jan 1851 GA Matilda DURDEN; 2 daus
    3. Sarah Jane CROOM, b 1832
    4. Amada E. CROOM, b 1836, living with father in 1860
    5. Nancy Ann CROOM, b 1839, living with father in 1860

  3. Emra (Emory) CROOM, b 1799, living in Twiggs Co., GA in 1860; m Penelope "Penny" LNU, b abt 1801, living in Twiggs Co. in 1860; their issue, all born in GA and living in Twiggs Co. in 1860:

    1. Rachel CROOM, b 1828
    2. Rabon CROOM, b 1830
    3. Shadrach CROOM, b 1833, reportedly d abt 1913, probably in GA; m Sarah COBB; their issue:

      1. Frank CROOM
      2. Mittie CROOM, dau
      3. Rabon Lafayette CROOM, b 11 Oct 1888, d Jul 1971 Macon Co., GA; m Priscilla Pearl BECK, d 28 Jul 1985. Rabon changed the spelling of his surname from CROOM to CROOMS and that name was adopted by his children. Issue of Rabon and Priscilla (CROOM) CROOMS: 4 sons & 2 daus of whom 1 son and 1 dau survive, as of 8/1/03.
        1. James Emory CROOMS, b 1 Sep 1925, d aft 18 May 2002
        2. Marvin Lafayette CROOMS, b ?, d bef 30 Dec 2003
        3. Henry Ross CROOMS, b ?, d bef 30 Dec 2003
        4. A son, living
        5. Precilla Grace CROOMS, b ?, d bef 30 Dec 2003, m a KELLY
        6. A daughter, living

    4. Perseann CROOM, b 1836
    5. Luciana CROOM, b 1838
    6. David CROOM, b 1851

  4. Delaney (Catherine?) CROOM, b 1800-1802 Washington Co., GA, possibly died bef 1850; m Joseph REAVES, b 1812 GA, d aft 1850. Note: Joseph REEVES participated in litigation of the estate of Jesse CROOM in 1859; however, the 1850 census lists the name of his apparent wife as Catherine. Was this another wife, or did Delaney have a second name of Catherine?
  5. Jesse CROOM, b abt 1801 Washington Co., GA, living in Milledgeville, Baldwin Co., GA in 1870; m Mary "Polly" Elizabeth WOOD, b abt 1808 GA, d 9 Nov 1908 GA. Their issue, all born in Hancock Co., GA:

    1. Adaline CROOM, b Aug 1824; m 27 Sep 1846 Baldwin Co., GA Bryant B. BLIZZARD. Their issue (per C. Ivey): 5 daus & 2 sons. (Note: Adaline possibly was a dau of Major, brother of Jesse; however, most circumstantial evidence points to Jesse.)
    2. Emiline CROOM, b 1825-1830
    3. Kathleen CROOM, b 1825-1830
    4. George R. CROOM, b abt 1831; m 23 Jan 1852 Baldwin Co. Jerverna SIMMERSON (SIMPSON?)
    5. Richard Frederick "Fed" CROOM(S), b 19 Mar 1833, d Oct 1888 Hancock Co, GA;  m 28 Dec 1854 in GA Fanny LEWIS, b 30 May 1830, d June 1914. (Note: Richard Frederick is listed in the 1860 census as CROOMS. When he enlisted in the CSA, his surname was spelled CROOMS and apparently his descendants continued to spell it with an "S." In the 1870 census, his name is listed as CROOM. I am grateful to Linda Crooms Morgan for furnishing dates and full given names from an old family bible pertaining to this family). Richard Frederick and Fanny Lewis CROOM(S) had the following issue, all born in GA:

      1. Ellen CROOMS, b 7 Mar 1856
      2. Thomas CROOMS, b 22 Mar 1857
      3. Margaret V. CROOMS, b 13 Jul 1859, d ?, m 29 Dec 1876 Hancock Co, GA, Ellis L. RUSHIN; their issue: 3 sons.
      4. John Edward (listed as Joseph in 1870) CROOMS, b 3 Feb 1863
      5. Marion CROOMS, b 27 Sep 1865
      6. Robert Hicks CROOMS, b 27 Sep 1865

    6. Mary Elizabeth CROOM, b 10 Sep 1836; d 9 Nov 1888 Wathen, GA; m James William GARLAND
    7. Burwell CROOM, b abt 1837; m Harriet GARLAND
    8. Julia CROOM, b abt 1842; m John BERRY
    9. Matilda CROOM, b abt 1844; m John BERRY (note: I have not determined which sister predeceased the other. Both apparently married aft 1870)
    10. Susan CROOM, b abt 1846; m Jim SMITH
    11. Franklin CROOM, b abt 1848; m Fannie AIKEN
    12. Jesse Augustus CROOM(S), b 1850-1851 aft 1850 census of Hancock Co., living in Laurens Co., GA in 1900; m Minnie DAVIDSON; 2 sons, Tommie Benjamin, b Aug 1891 and Willie Lee. (Note: At some time in or prior to 1900 Jesse and his progeny adopted the spelling of their surname as CROOMS. I have noted that a few siblings and uncles on occasion were recorded as CROOMS; however, it appears that these were infrequent recording errors and the descendants did not adopt the changed spelling. Somewhat ironically, Jesse CROOM, Sr., in his will dated 19 May 1826 leaves his plantation to his wife Jennett CROOM. In the same will, he names as Co-Executor his wife Jennett CROOMS.)

  6. Temperance "Tempy" CROOM, b 1802-1804, d aft 4 Feb 1860; m William R. TRAWICK; 2 daus: Mary & Delaney
  7. Martha "Patcy" CROOM, b 1810, d aft 1850; m Lewis DURDEN, b 1790-1800, d 1840-1850 Washington Co., GA. (Note: 1850 census shows the widow Martha and her children living with her half-brother, Richard CROOM and Richard's mother, Jennet.) Issue of Lewis & Martha Croom DURDEN, all born in GA:

    1. Lewis H. DURDEN, b 1834
    2. Wiley F. DURDEN, b 1836
    3. Jennet DURDEN, b 1837
    4. Mary DURDEN, b 1838


  8. Polly CROOM, b abt 1810, m bef 19 May 1826 Fnu WILDON.
  9. Richard CROOM, b 1815, living in Washington Co. in 1850 and caring for his mother; as J.P. performed marriage of nephew Francis H. Croom on 16 Nov 1853; d 1853-1855; m Helen M. Lnu
  10. Jennett CROOM, b 1815-1818
  11. Zilphia CROOM, b 1819, living in Washington Co. in 1850; m Calvin GILES. Calvin was appointed guardian of his mother-in-law by the Court in 1855 when she was declared a "lunatic."


Can anyone please tell me the maiden name of Jennett,
wife of Jesse Croom who went to Georgia?

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