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[Stat]e of North Carolina (Part of the page is obscured by a seal.)

Benjamin Williams, Esquire, Governor, &tc. &tc.

To William White, Secretary of State.



ou are hereby notified, that I have suspended the execution of a Grant for the land
mentioned in the within affidavit, agreeable to the prayer of the Deponent; which you
will certify to the Justices of the county according to law.

Given under my hand and seal at arms, at Raleigh, the 16th day of November A.D. 1801 By the
Governor, B. Williams, J. W. Guion P. Secry State of North Carolina To his Excellency Benjamin
Williams Esquire, etc.


The petition of Lott Croom Humbly Sheweth unto your Excellency, that Abel Croom, your petitioners father died many years past, and was at the time of his death, and for a number of Years before seized and possessed of a certain tract or parsel [sic] of Land lying in Lenoir County

In the State aforesaid on the Suth side of Neuse River, Containing about Two Hundred acres Adjoining to the Lands of A Shadreck (?) Wooten that your petitioner after the death of His said father became seized and posses’d of the Said Tract of land by virtue of the last will and Testa-ment of my said father Abel Croom, and your petitioner Since has Continued in the peaceable possession and Enjoyment of the said Land for near twenty years _____

  But now, so it is may please your Excellency, that the Aforsaid Shadreck Wooten being a designing [sic] man is contriving (?) to defraud and dispossess your said petitioner of the said land, have as your petitioner is informed and believe Secretly endeavoring to obtain Compleate  (?) titles to the said land, by taking out grants from the secretaries office for the said lands. That your petitioner made an Entry in the Office of the Entry taker of said County, and cavetted [? for caveatted ?] two Entries in the said office, maide [sic] by the said Wooten, but the said Wooten Came to your petition [sic] and insisted on him to withdraw his Cavets [sic – for caveats], and that if he would he would not lay his warrants on any of the Afroesaid Land Claimed by your peti-tioner, which promise prevailed on your petitioner to withdraw his said Cavet, that the said Wooten has since on obtaining his sd. Warrants survey’d and Laid them on the said land of your said petitioner___

 Your petitioner Therefore humbly prays your Excellency with whome alone this power is trusted by the Lawes of this state to suspend the execution of the said grants to the said Woten and direct the Secretary to Certify the same to the County Court of Lenoir, that your petitioner may have Justice with regared to the same agreeably to the laws of his County____

 And your petitioner shall Every pray etc.____

                                         Lott Croom

Assigned [?] and jSworn to before me a Justice of the peace for the County of Wayne____

This 14th day of November 1801           R. Croom



 The petition of Lott Croom         Lot Croom vs. Shadrach Wooten        suspension  16th Nov 1801



This document is found in the NC State Archives, among the Secretary of State’s papers. It has been recently re-filed, but the following may be useful in finding it:

Cittion: SS XII

Series: SS 742

Box: 242


Folder: Lenoir County


The Petition of Lott Croom – 1801, is displayed on this web page with the kind permission of the transcriber, William E. (Mickey) Elmore. A similar copy can be found on the cover page of the Newsletter of the Heritage Genealogical Society, Volume 6, Number 2, May 2008


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