The Cumberland County, NC, Marriage Register has the following: "Jan 27, 1879 -- Haywood Hall 29, son of Nathan Hall and Catherine Hall, both living, Gray's Creek Twnshp residence and place of marriage..." This bit of information initially helped me establish Nathan and Catherine HALL as the paternal grandparents of my paternal grandmother, Janie Hall CROOM, whose early photo is shown to the right. Tombstones in the Hall-Brafford Cemetery in Grays Creek have provided dates of birth and death for these great and great-great grandparents.

An inscription on his tombstone and census records indicate that Nathan HALL was born in 1811. Records, however, reveal he may have been born in1810 in North Carolina, most likely in an area of Sampson County, just to the east of Fayetteville in Cumberland County.  My studies suggest that he was a son of Barnabas and Penelope HALL of Sampson County. Several other men named NATHAN HALL, each with a family, can be found in early Sampson County and contiguous Cumberland County.  Proof that Catherine SIMMONS was the wife of Nathan HALL, who was born in 1810, is found in the death certificate of their son, Haywood HALL.

Janie Isabelle Hall
1879 -- 1964
daughter of
Haywood & Sarah Nunalee Hall

For now, Barnabas HALL of Sampson County, NC, is the designated progenitor of my HALL ancestral line. Section I sets forth some of his descendants, primarily those of his son, Nathan HALL (c1810-1889).

  1. Barnabas HALL, b 1755-1760, d abt 1812 Sampson Co., NC, m Penelope BULLARD* [her maiden surname is speculative; court records confirm a Penelope as widow of Barnabas], d aft 1840 Sampson County. They had the following issue:
    1. William HALL- b bef 1790, d 1846, m Elizabeth LNU; they had several sons and daus.  Sampson Co. Court: May 18, 1812: "Administration of the estate of Barnabus Hall, deceased, granted to Wm. Hall, son of said deceased."
    2. Keziah HALL, m Owen HALL
    3. Jane HALL,
    4. Rachel HALL,
    5. Catherine HALL, d aft 1840; m Arthur FAIRCLOTH; he married 2nd  bef 1850 Kitsey FISHER.
    6. Hester HALL,
    7. Tobias HALL, b abt 1808, d Oct 1865; m 11 Sep 1831 Sumner Co, TN Margaret McKENDREE, d bef Nov 1849; Tobias m 2nd in MS Elizabeth WHITE.
    8. Henry HALL, b abt 1790, d aft 1850.
    9. Mathew HALL,
    10. Rayford HALL, b 1794, d aft 1850; m Jane LNU
    11. Allen HALL, b abt 1800, d 1829; m Anna Mary HAIRR; their issue: a son, William Henry HALL, b abt 1822.
    12. Nathan HALL, b c1810 Sampson County, d 4 Aug 1889, Grays Creek, Cumberland Co., NC; m Catherine SIMMONS. b 1813 NC, d 2 Oct 1883 Grays Creek, Cumberland Co., NC; their  issue, all born in Sampson County, NC, except as noted:
      1. David HALL, b abt 1832, d aft
      2. Catharine HALL, b abt 1835
      3. Lucy HALL, b abt 1838
      4. Malcy HALL, b 11 Feb 1844, d 26 May 1915 Cedar Creek, Cumberland Co, NC; m Amos NUNNERY
      5. Gaston HALL, b abt 1841
      6. Sabra Jane HALL, b 18 Apr 1842; d 6 Jan 1910; m William Love NUNALEE, b 1847, d 1914; lived in Pender County. Their issue:

        1. William Marshall NUNALEE, SR, b 20 May 1877, d 5 Jun 1959; m Alice C. SINGLETARY, b 19 May 1886, d 27 Mar 1951. They had one son.
        2. Alice S. NUNALEE, b 1868, d 1957; m Mack Lloyd BELL, b 1850, d 1925.
        3. Thomas Hervey NUNALEE, Sr, b 4 Oct 1882, d 10 Jan 1952 in Atkinson, NC; m Minnie Ethel "Tody" CROOM, b 23 Nov 1884, d 3 Jul 1968 in Atkinson, NC. She was a dau of Nathan Richard & Mary Henry CROOM, Jr. Thomas & Minnie NUNALEE had one son and two daughters.
        4. Mack Lloyd NUNALEE, b 1 Apr 1885, d 4 Jul 1974; m Nellie Jane DeVANE, b 15 Sep 1890, d 16 Aug 1918. They had two sons and three daughters.
      7. Louisa HALL, b abt 1843
      8. Love A. HALL, b abt 1847, NC, d 2 Dec 1897, m Mary Ann LUCAS, b abt 1844, d 4 Jan 1928 Harnett Co., NC dau of Priscilla LUCAS; their issue, all born in Harnett Count, NC:
        1. Ridley HALL, b 1864,
        2. Haywood HALL, b 1872
        3. Clemmons HALL, b 1873
        4. Eli HALL, b 1877
      9. Haywood HALL, A discrepancy note: (Death certificate: b 25 Dec 1847, d 20 Sep 1918) versus (Grave markers: b 26 Dec 1849 in Cumberland Co. NC, d 17 Oct 1918); m Sarah (Sally) NUNALEE, b 10 Jan 1861 in Cumberland Co. NC, d 15 Oct 1908 in Grays Creek area of Cumberland Co. NC They had following issue, all born in Cumberland County:
        1. Janie Isabelle HALL, b 27 Dec 1879, d 26 Jul 1964 in Fayetteville, NC. On 5 Nov 1902, she married John Henry CROOM SR., b 5 Nov 1875 in Pender County, NC, d 17 Jun 1958 in Fayetteville, NC. He was a son of Nathan Richard CROOM, Jr. and his wife, Mary Elizabeth HENRY. John and Janie had one daughter and two sons.
        2. Amelia HALL, b 1884, d 1961 in Fayetteville, NC; m Blackburn GOFORTH, b 1880, d in Fayetteville, NC. They had one daughter and two sons, all deceased.
        3. Tracy Ivey HALL, b 15 Mar 1886, d Sep 1966 in Fayetteville, NC; m Alice Butler CARTER, b 1895, d 1955 in Fayetteville, NC. They had two sons and one daughter.
        4. June HALL, b 6 Jun 1888, d 21 Mar 1941 in Fayetteville, NC; m Jessie Lee JACKSON, dau of Cornelius K. JACKSON and his wife, Eliza Bessie COX. June and Jessie had two daughters.
        5. Thomas HALL, b 2 Nov 1891, died 7 Jul 1942 Fayetteville, NC;. m Lucille BULLOCK, b 5 Aug 1906, d May 1984 in Rocky Mount NC. After his marriage, Thomas lived in Rocky Mount where the Bullock family owned a furniture business. During WW-I, Thomas was gassed in France by the Germans. He suffered throughout the rest of his life, dying in Veterans Hospital, Fayetteville, NC, in the early months of WWII. They had one daughter, Betty Ruth.
      10. Marshall H. HALL, b 5 Nov 1851, d 24 Sep 1899; m Melissa TOLAR; their issue, all born in Cumberland Co, NC:
        1. Catherine HALL, b 1873
        2. Lawrence HALL, b 1875
        3. Lloyd HALL, b 16 Mar 1880, d 24 Sep 1899 Grays Creek, NC; m Permelia "Perdie" WILLIAMSON;
      11. Emmaline HALL, b 28 Sep 1856, d 29 Nov 1927 Chatham Co, NC; m Eli Brafford, b 15 May 1845 England, d 1 Jun 1906 Chatham Co, NC; bur Hall-Brafford Cemetery, Grays Creek, Cumberland Co, NC. Their issue: 7 daughters and 5 sons. Some descendants now spell their surname as Bradford.


The following section sets forth information on another Sampson County, NC HALL family with several familiar given names seen in section I. My studies suggest that this William Hall can be traced back a couple of generations to several Hall brothers in Sampson County who respectively are progenitors for descendants set forth in the three sections displayed on this page. Studies by this writer hope to find proof for this possibility.

  1. William HALL, b abt 1812 in Sampson Co, NC, is believed likely a son of a John HALL. This relationship remains under study. William and his wife Susan LNU had the following issue:
    1. Charlotte HALL, b 1835
    2. Marshall HALL, b 1837
    3. Penelope, "Penny" HALL, b 1839
    4. Nathan C. HALL, b 1839, d 1900; m Briney HALL, b 1845, d 13 Jul 1915; their issue, all born in Sampson County:
      1. Barnabus HALL, b 1872
      2. Lucy HALL, b 1875
      3. Calton HALL, b 1879
      4. Julia L. HALL, b 1867; she was born to Briney and her former husband, thus a stepdaughter of Nathan HALL.
    5. Henry HALL, b 1845
    6. Susan HALL, b 1847
    7. Lucy J HALL, b 1849
    8. Mary HALL, b 1851
    9. William, b 1853

Proof is sought for the father of ALLEN HALL (1776 - c1850). A number of family searchers have assigned him to Barnabas and Penelope HALL. That is incorrect in the judgment of this writer. Admittedly speculative, it is more likely that Allen was a son of LAZARUS HALL who was a close neighbor of Neil CULBREATH,  For a number of reasons, this writer lists ALLEN HALL who died in 1829 as the proper son of Barnabas and Penelope HALL

  1. Allen HALL, b 1776, d aft 1850 Sampson Co, m Sabrina "Sabra" CULBREATH, b abt 1779, d aft 1860; she was a dau of Neil & Martha Autry CULBRETH. (This writer's note: In 1850 census, Sabra is living with dau Briney and husband Joel HORN. Allen HALL, age 74, is living alone nearby and two listings from Sarah "Sally" HALL, recent widow of Raiford HALL.) Issue of Allen & Sabra Hall:
    1. Calton HALL
    2. Raiford HALL, b 1814, d Sep 1849; m Sarah LNU, b abt 1820, d aft 1870; their issue:
      1. Mary HALL, b 1840
      2. Robert HALL, born 1842
      3. Calton HALL, b 1843
      4. Matthew HALL, b 1844
      5. Briney HALL, b 1847
      6. Martha HALL, b 1850
    3. Briney HALL, b abt 1816, d aft 1860; m Joel HORN.

If you have any information which tracks the HALL surname in early Eastern North Carolina during the period prior to 1800, I would like to hear from you.




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