Family Reunion at Dudley Farm, Cedar Grove, Cumberland County, NC
October 8, 2005

Claudia Agnes Dudley Celia Ann Dudley Verna Croom John Croom Duke Dudley Bill Dudley Ruby Dudley Larry Gaddy Linda Gaddy Ruby Chandler Tom Sievers Mike Waiden Vicky Waiden Savannah Waiden Gary Burgmuller Kim Burgmuller Claudia Sievers Ann Katross Irene Sievers Suzanne Dudley Grayson Waiden Tristan Waiden Claudia Katross Ed Sievers Natalie Reed Dorothy Dudley Si Dudley Lily Reed Alice Reed Chuck Burgmuller Clark Burgmuller Coleen Simmons Tom Gaddy Chantal Gaddy Gus Adams Katie Adams Thomas Sievers Victoria Simmons Wheeler Dudley

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1   Celia Ann Dudley 21   Dorothy Dudley
2 Sion "Si"  Edward Dudley 22 Verna Croom
3   Claudia Agnes Dudley 23   Grayson Waiden
4    Ruby Joyce Dudley 24   Tristan Waiden
5   William "Bill" Howard Dudley 25   Melinda "Linda" Gaddy
6   Lily Reed 26   Coleen Simmons
7   Alice Reed 27   Larry Thomas Gaddy
8   Thomas Sievers 28   Tom Gaddy
9   Ruby Howard Chandler 29   Gus Adams
10   Natalie Reed 30   Suzanne Dudley
11   Chantal Saunders Gaddy 31   Katie Gaddy Adams
12   Wheeler Dudley 32   Claudia Elizabeth Katross
13   Claudia Ann Dudley Katross 33   Thomas Edward Sievers
14   Irene Sievers 34   Thomas M. Sievers
15   Claudia Elizabeth Sievers 35   Chuck Burgmuller
16   Victoria Simmons 36   Clark Burgmuller
17   Victoria Dudley Waiden 37   Kimberly Howard Burgmuller
18   Michael "Mike" Waiden 38   Gary Burgmuller
19   Savannah Waiden 39   John H. Croom
20   Daniel Duke Dudley