You will find many families named WILLIAMS in North Carolina. On this page, I have limited my display of information on that surname to one Captain John "She" WILLIAMS of Sampson County and his immediate descendants. Captain John was born in 1745, son of John and Katherine Galbreath WILLIAMS. It is believed that his father was born about 1720 in Wales, England, emigrated to Virginia about 1739 and then migrated to North Carolina a year later. His father married Katherine GALBREATH who was born about 1720 in New Hanover County, NC, daughter of Neil GALBRETH (the name later was spelled as CULBRETH). Capt. Williams married Catherine "Katie" CAROUTH who was born abt 1745 in Sampson County and died before December 2, 1822 in the same county. Captain John "She" WILLIAMS died between 13 Nov 1799 and 4 Aug 1800 in Sampson County.

Captain John "She" WILLIAMS is said to have earned the affectionate nickname "She" because of some speech impediment. He was a Revolutionary War soldier but secured a release to look after affairs in his home area near Salemburg, where the lives and homes of fellow Patriots had been marked for pillage and destruction by the many Tories active in the area. Captain John with a company of men of his choosing came to the rescue of many neighbors and he was known as a fearless Patriot.

Captain John "She" Williams and Descendants

Captain John "She" WILLIAMS, (John)  and his wife Katie had the following issue, all born in Duplin/Sampson County, NC:

  1. Thomas WILLIAMS, (John, John) b 17 May 1765, d 10 Oct 1844; m 27 Feb 1808 Catharine CULBREATH.
  2. John WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1766, d aft 1823 (living in MS).
  3. Ann WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1767; d. 1798 in Sampson Co; m Minson Brough HOWARD. They had 3 sons. If there were other children, I have no record. Click here to view details of the issue of Minson and Ann HOWARD.
  4. Mary WILLIAMS,(John, John)  b abt 1768, d abt 1840; m James BUTLER.
  5. Sarah WILLIAMS,  (John, John)b abt 1769, m Duncan McLERRAN.
  6. William WILLIAMS,  (John, John)b abt 1770, d abt 1826.
  7. Richard WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1771, moved to SC abt 1822.
  8. Robert WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1773; d shortly aft 11 May 1830; m Sampson Co. 3 Feb 1808 Margaret "Peggy" CAROUTH, dau of Robert and Margaret McFarland CAROUTH, both of whom were born in Scotland and died in Cumberland Co, NC. Peggy, wife of Robert WILLIAMS, was born abt 1786 in Cumberland Co. and died aft 1860 in Sampson Co. They had at least one child, a son:

    1. John Carouth WILLIAMS, (Robert, John, John) b 11 May 1808 in Sampson Co.; d 2 Mar 1896 in Sampson Co.; m 27 Feb 1827 Sarah Jane BUTLER, b 2 Feb 1804 Sampson Co., d 2 Oct 1885 in Sampson Co. Sarah Jane was a daughter of Robert BUTLER, son of Charles and Elizabeth BUTLER, and his wife Elizabeth WILLIAMS nee, daughter of Capt. John "She" WILLIAMS and his wife, Katherine "Katie" CAROUTH nee. They had the following issue, all born in Sampson County:

      1. Elizabeth "Betsy" WILLIAMS, (John, Robert, John, John) b 13 Jul 1827, d 29 Dec 1914 Salemburg, NC; m 27 Nov 1845 Jacob Cooper HOWARD. Click here for details of the 6 sons and 2 daughters of Jacob and Betsy HOWARD.
      2. Robert WILLIAMS, (John, Robert, John, John) b 13 Jul 1827, d 15 Jan 1862 Cumberland Co, NC; m 7 Mar 1850 Mary Eliza OWEN.
      3. Isabella WILLIAMS, (John, Robert, John, John) m 1852 Thomas Allen HOWARD, Jr., a brother of Jacob Cooper HOWARD who married Isabella's sister, Elizabeth "Betsy." I do not have information as to any issue they may have had.

  9. Elizabeth WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1774, m 1st Sampson DEES and 2nd Robert BUTLER. Robert & Elizabeth BUTLER had a daughter, Sarah Jane, who married John Carouth WILLIAMS.
  10. Catherine WILLIAMS, (John, John) b abt 1775, m Joel MATTHIS.

If you have any information which can add siblings to the above listed WILLIAMS families, and/or fill in missing dates and places, I would be quite pleased to hear from you.




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