Descendants of Abel Croom

Eldest Son of Daniel Croom


On my pages at this web site I have strived to present factual information that  can be supported by extant records or evidence. Where that has not been possible, I have attempted to so note by displaying qualifiers like 'speculative,' 'possibly,' ' likely' and 'it is my feeling.' Admittedly, these words may seem to some to be in the vein of folklore; however, their use here has been dictated by circumstantial evidence discovered in the course of my studies and a need to stimulate further investigation and study by others.


       ABEL CROOM was born no later than 1704-1709.  Before his father's death, he lived on the south side of the James River on one of his father's plantations. At that time, Daniel had moved to the north side of the river. The plantation was left to ABEL in his father's 1734 will. Shortly after his father's death in 1735, but after 1738, Abel and his family moved to an area of Craven County NC that soon after became Johnston and then Dobbs. Petitioning the Craven County Court in September 1741, ABEL stated that his family consisted of three white persons. Richard Booth, a researcher, and myself believe ABEL'S statement is to be interpreted as, "3 males 16 and older." Under English Common Law used in most of the American Colonies, 16- year-old-males could be listed as tithable or taxable and drafted into the militia. White wives and daughters were exempt. That being the case, who then were three white persons Abel claimed? A correct interpretation of ABEL'S statement is quite important because our studies to this point suggest that the total number of persons in his family as of September 1741 exceeded 3 persons. After much study it is this writer's conclusion that they were Abel himself, his son Major who was born about 1725, and Abel's younger brother Major, born about 1722. This writer concedes that it is possible that the 3rd male was another son of Abel named John, rather than Abel's younger brother Major. 


ABEL'S FAMILY: Of the families of the three sons of DANIEL CROOM, ABEL'S continues to be the most challenging. On this page new information pertaining to the sons and daughters of ABEL recently has been posted. Admittedly some named offspring are labeled "unproved" or in some cases, "speculative." Nonetheless, it is the belief of this writer that this is a necessary step in ultimately finding the truth. For too many decades, folklore has proclaimed "truths" that have been found to be incorrect.




































































Sep 1741: "ABELL (sic) CROOM came into Court (Craven) & upon Oath Declares his family Consists of three White persons Thereupon hath claime to his Rights."

Q: Does ABEL imply that his family has a total of three white persons, irrespective of age or sex? Or that he has three white males, who are of age to be tithable, i.e., pay poll taxes?

Q: Is is reasonable to assume that some of ABEL'S adult sons did not accompany him to Craven County when ABEL made his declaration?

The answers to these questions are most important in determining the approximate age of each of the sons of ABEL CROOM in Sept. 1741.


Doris Croom Outlaw stated in her book, The Croom Family, that ABEL CROOM married Elizabeth Hardy HILL, widow of Nathaniel HILL who reportedly died in 1729 in Chowan Precinct, NC. If so, Abel and an unidentified wife obviously were the parents of at least one child and possibly one or two more born in VA prior to Abel's arrival in Craven County, NC, about 1741. To date, I have found no proof of this reported marriage of ABEL CROOM to Elizabeth Hardy HILL. Records suggest that Abel and his unidentified first wife had one or two sons and perhaps two daughters before he arrived in NC. I have listed Abel's 2nd wife, the widow Elizabeth Hardee Hill, as speculative. Few records are known to have survived depicting Abel's life in North Carolina. From those few, I have concluded that ABEL died between Mar 1756 and 23 Dec 1763.

A document brought to my attention by Dick Booth confirms that ABEL left a will.  The will apparently was lost in the devastating Lenoir County Courthouse fires in 1878 and 1880. From a petition filed by LOTT CROOM in 1801, we learn that ABEL CROOM left a will and that LOTT CROOM was his son. We also learn that LOTT inherited the 200-acre tract on the south side of the Neuse that had been acquired by his father, ABEL CROOM, many years before.

Croom folklore states that ABEL CROOM married in Virginia an Elizabeth Hardy. To my knowledge no evidence has been found to support this contention. The name of ABEL'S first wife is unknown and we assume she was the mother of ABE'S issue born before 1741. Not knowing the date of ABEL'S marriage to a second wife, the speculative widow, Elizabeth Hardy HILL, issue assumed to have been born in 1741 and later have been assigned to this second marriage.

To further complicate matters, recent studies suggest that ABEL very likely married a HESTER. One unconfirmed source has suggested that her maiden name was HESTER HARE. Circumstantial evidence supports her being listed here as a third wife of ABEL; however, the information does not provide any detail for the assignment of any issue.


FREDERICK CROOM possibly was raised by JOHN CROOM, a son of JESSE, who was a son of ABEL See JOHN on this page.

An 1801 legal document confirms that LOTT CROOM was a son of ABEL CROOM, older brother of MAJOR CROOM (1722-1791).

ELIZABETH CROOM, daughter of ABEL, was the step-mother of LYDIA YOUNG, who married JOSEPH RASBERRY. See ELIZABETH on this page.

Very likely Abel's first wife, name unknown, was the mother of all of his issue born prior to 1741. It is not known at this time if the remainder of ABEL'S children were born to his second wife or to his second and third. Here is the list of ABEL'S issue:

  1. Major CROOM (Abel, Daniel) SPECULATIVE: b bef 1727 in Goochland Co, VA; d date unknown, most likely in Duplin Co, NC. In addition to the assertion that a MAJOR ASA CROOM was the father-in-law of Dr. John BLAKE, who was born in 1767 in Holly Shelter, New Hanover County, NC, recent studies by researcher Richard Booth of land and court records, largely in what is now Duplin County,  have given a renewed impetus to the possibility that ABEL CROOM did in fact have a son named MAJOR. If confirmed, this development would be a significant step forward in fleshing out the North Carolina descendants of Daniel CROOM of Virginia, especially for those in Old New Hanover County. Issue of MAJOR CROOM (not confirmed but most likely born in Dobbs or Duplin County):

    1. Elizabeth CROOM (Major, Abel, Daniel), b abt 1755, d 31 Jul 1822 Duplin County; m on 24 Aug 1769 in Duplin Co, NC, William MAXWELL, II, b 15 Oct 1749 in Ireland, d aft 1784. Family lore says that he was captured at his Duplin County home by Tories and never seen again. Letters this writer has read in Colonial Records, however, indicate that he was incarcerated by the Patriots in a New Bern jail for his Loyalist sympathies. Elizabeth and William had the following, all born in Duplin County, NC:

      1. Elizabeth "Betsy MAXWELL, 20 Oct 1771, m Lewis GILSTRAP; moved to GA.
      2. John Croom MAXWELL, b 22 Feb 1774, d 3 Oct 1851 Duplin Co; m 3 Aug 1800 Zilpha Croom STROUD, 1st cousin, once removed.
      3. Zilpha MAXWELL, b 8 Oct 1776, m Isaiah SMITH
      4. Abel MAXWELL, b 27 Feb 1779, d young.
    2. Major Asa CROOM, SPECULATIVE, (Major, Abel, Daniel), b bef 1755 (Note: A claim receipt for NC service in the Revolutionary War was filed 1 Sep 1784 for JOHN SHEPPARD, who had substituted for ASA CROOM. From my inspection of several Revolutionary War records, I am satisfied that this ASA CROOM was from Dobbs County. In the same regiment, I found JOSHUA CROOM, son of MAJOR CROOM, the son of Daniel. It is not clear to me that ASA CROOM of the war records was MAJOR ASA CROOM, grandson of ABEL, or a son, as some allege, of MAJOR CROOM, the 2nd son of Daniel.)

      Though still speculative, it appears that Major Asa CROOM could have been the "Mr. Croom" referred to in several GRADY family records, who married Anne GRADY, daughter of John GRADY.  At this time, the following proved persons are considered likely issue of Major Asa and his speculative wife, Anne GRADY:

      1. Elizabeth "Becky Eliza CROOM (Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel), b abt 1777, m John BLAKE, M.D., b abt 1767 Holly Shelter, New Hanover Co, NC; 2 sons & 1 dau.
      2. John CROOM, Jr, (Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel), b 1797 NC, d aft 1860, living in Jackson Co., FL in 1860 census; m 1st abt 1825, most likely in Duplin Co., NC, Obedience GRADDY, b 29 Sep 1805 NC, d abt 1835 NC. Their issue:

        1. Smith "Smithie" CROOM, b 1827 NC; m 17 Jan 1858 GA Jesse KING
        2. Giles W. CROOM, b 1832 NC, d 15 Mar 1863 Crawford Co., GA, m Melissa Lnu, b abt 1836 FL. A son & a dau.
        3. Hester CROOM, b 1833 NC, d aft 1880 (living in Bastrop Co., TX), m 3 Feb 1850 Crawford Co., GA Samuel Gufford WALKER. 4 sons & a dau.

        John CROOM, Jr, (Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel) married 2nd abt 1837 in NC Hannah WALKER, b 1819 NC, d 7 Mar 1851 Houston Co., GA. Their issue:

        1. John CROOM, b 1838, NC,
        2. Jesse Jackson CROOM (John, Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel), b 22 Jan 1846 GA, d May 1903 Pansey, Houston Co., AL; m Malzuria (Missouri) COLEY, widow of Allen HOWARD; she was born 7 Sep 1844, d 25 Apr 1882 Pansey, Houston Co., AL. Their issue:

          1. William Jackson CROOM, b 19 Mar 1867; d 9 Sep 1951 Pansey, Houston Co., AL
          2. Sophorny Elizabeth CROOM, b Aug 1868; m Fnu MILLS
          3. Malissie J. CROOM, b 31 May 1871; m Fnu POOLE
          4. Joshua Lafayette CROOM, b 21 Oct 1873, d 16 Nov 1927 Pansey, Houston Co., AL; m Elizabeth JACKSON. Their issue:

            1. Ida Missouri CROOM, b 10 Oct 1895, m Joseph C. HENDERSON. 16 children.
            2. Jack CROOM
            3. Coy CROOM, b 1909, m Janie MOATES. 7 children.
            4. Elbert CROOM,
            5. Annie Lizzie CROOM, m 1st Luther GLISSON; m 2nd Fnu HUGHES. 5 children
            6. Ruby CROOM

          5. Jessie Thomas CROOM, b 13 May 1875, d Oct 1879
          6. John Alfred CROOM, b 8 Sep 1878 FL, d Mar 1955 Donaldsonville, GA; m 11 Oct 1900 Gordan, AL Violar BRUNER. 7 children.

          Jesse Jackson CROOM (John, Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel), m 2nd Cloie Ann SNELL, b 15 Apr 1859, d 16 Apr 1943 Pansey, Houston Co., AL. Their issue:

          1. Martha Ann CROOM, b 25 Aug 1883, d 25 Aug 1883 Pansey, Houston Co., AL
          2. Walter Hammond CROOM, b 4 Feb 1887, d 28 Jan 1973
          3. Jessie Windfred CROOM, b 22 Feb 1889, d 27 Jun 1948
          4. Samuel Otho CROOM, b 7 Feb 1891, d 28 May 1975
          5. Ida Victoria CROOM b 13 Sep 1893, d 28 Mar 1928
          6. Henry Monroe CROOM, b 17 Dec 1895, d 15 Dec 1976
          7. Smithie Mae CROOM, b 28 Aug 1898
          8. Swinton Webster CROOM, b 5 Aug 1900, d 31 Jul 1963

        3. George Washington CROOM, b 1848 GA, d FL; m 1st Dec 1865 Margaret? Penelope? HOLLOWAY; their issue:

          1. John William CROOM, b 6 Nove 1867, d 1 Feb 1939
          2. George Thomas CROOM, b 1 Aug 1869 Washington Co, FL, d 22 May 1952; m 1st Emma MASHBURN
          3. Nancy Elizabeth CROOM, b 31 Jul 1869, d 20 Jun 1953
          4. Margaret CROOM

        4. Marcus "Mark" Lafayette CROOM, b 19 Oct 1850 GA, d Nov 1933 Coleman Co, TX, bur Silver Valley Cem; m Luvisa LOVINGOOD, b abt 1854 AL.

        John CROOM, Jr (John, Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel) married 3rd Nancy Lnu aft Mar 1851 & bef Sep 1860. Nancy was born 1807 SC. John and Nancy are listed in the 1860 Jackson County, Florida census with two of John's younger offspring, Jesse and George. His son, Marcus Lafayette, age 10, is listed in the adjacent household of Jesse KING and his wife Smithy, oldest daughter of John CROOM.

        1. Unidentified Daughter CROOM (John, Major Asa, Major, Abel, Daniel), b 1790-1800

    3. William CROOM (spec son) ((Major, Abel, Daniel)), b bef 1770, aft 1790 (living in Lenoir County). [NOTE: This William is found in at least 2 Dobbs County records and does seem to fit into other concurrently living males in Dobbs/Lenoir named William CROOM.]

    4. Daniel CROOM (spec son) ((Major, Abel, Daniel)), b bef 1759; Aug 1783 buys land on ss of Neuse River near Whitely Creek in Dobbs Co, NC


Of all the members of the numerous CROOM families that I have studied, MAJOR CROOM, son of ABEL, has been and remains one of the most challenging. Strong circumstantial evidence—much of it based on the Johnston County Grantor/Grantee Index—satisfies me that ABEL CROOM had a son named MAJOR. Additionally, other evidence, suggests that this MAJOR may also have had a son of the same name. Either or both of these men named MAJOR CROOM may have had a middle name of ASA.

Following the Battle of Moore's Creek in Feb 1776, a MAJOR CROOM marched to Wilmington. Was this MAJOR the s/o of MAJOR CROOM, I? Or was the MAJOR a s/o ABEL or was he MAJOR the grandson of ABEL?

A Claims record in 1784 shows that JOHN SHEPPARD of Dobbs Co, substituted for ASA CROOM in the Revolutionary War. Was this MAJOR ASA, s/o ABEL?

  1. Arthur CROOM (Abel, Daniel) VERY QUESTIONABLE SON,  b bef 1732; listed as a grantee in Johnston Co, NC, abt 1753. No further records of this Arthur found by this writer. A few people have speculated that Arthur was the middle name of Jesse Croom, b 1732-1734, a s/o Daniel Croom. Arthur CROOM presents a problem in fitting him into the family of Abel CROOM, given the declaration that ABEL made of his family consisting of "3 white persons." Of course, one possibility I consider rather remote is that not all of ABEL'S sons accompanied him to Craven County when he made his declaration. Alternatively, this writer feels a more reasonable explanation is that the Johnston Grantor/Grantee Index is referring to a grant of land by THOMAS COORE (CORE/COAR) to his brother, ARTHUR COORE. Both natives of Nansemond County, VA, are found in and area of early Johnston County, NC, that later became Wayne County.

  2. Chloe CROOM (Abel, Daniel) SPECULATIVE daughter-in-law:  b bef 1734; living in Johnston County in 1750 when she was a grantee of William Teague. Possibly, Chloe was a daughter or granddaughter of Teague and married to a Croom. Could she have been a widow of the questionable Arthur Croom? (See prior listing)

  3. Rhoady CROOM (Abel, Daniel) SPECULATIVE; most likely a widowed daughter-in-law, less likely a daughter: b bef 1738; listed as a Johnston County, NC, grantee abt 1754. It seems very unlikely that an unmarried daughter of Abel or his brother, Major, would be a grantee. One exception might be as a gift deed upon her marriage. If she was a daughter of Abel, she possibly married either William BELK or Absolem BOYET of Duplin County. Possibly she was a widow of some unidentified son of Abel who died before 1754.

  4. Jesse CROOM (Abel, Daniel), b 12 Jan 1739/40, probably in Cumberland Co., VA; d 18 Feb 1827 New Hanover Co, NC.

    Jesse was raised on his father Abel's farm on the west side of Whitley Creek, which is on the south side of the Neuse River. In 1741 this area was in Craven County and then for a short time in Johnston County, before becoming Dobbs County in 1759.

    Jesse is believed to have first married about 1763.  In his 1773 Duplin County will, John Grady names a daughter, Anne Croom. This has led to speculation that Anne married Jesse Croom. No records have been found to support this contention. As noted elsewhere on these pages, other circumstantial evidence suggests that Anne married a brother of Jesse.

    Jesse and his first wife, name unknown, had 7 children before she died in or about 1783. Following her death, family bibles indicate that Jesse married Sarah Ramsey daughter of David & Sarah Ramsey..

    Here follows the issue of Jesse and his first wife, name unknown:



    According to Doris Croom Outlaw, Jesse Croom m. 1st Anne Grady, a daughter of John & Mary Whitfield Grady. In her 1955 book, The Croom Family, she implies that she and some of her correspondents made this deduction from bible records in the possession of Mrs. E. L. Larkins and Miss Lillie M. McIntyre. I have examined transcriptions of those bible records, which are in a Jesse Croom folder at the NSDAR in Washington, DC. I have found no mention of the name of Jesse's first wife in those records nor in a transcribed copy of another family bible known as the Swinson-owned Jesse Croom Bible. My examination of a Grady Bible and other Grady records revealed no mention of Jesse Croom. The only reference is to ANNE CROOM. Her husband's given name is not found among those records.

    Circumstantial evidence suggests that Anne GRADY, daughter of John & Mary Whitfield GRADY,  more likely married JOHN CROOM, a brother of JESSE CROOM. See JOHN, s/o ABEL on this page.

    1. John CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 25 Jan 1764, d 1820-1830, in Rocky Point, New Hanover County, NC; m 1st Jane LNU.  Speculation by Doris Croom Outlaw that the John CROOM listed in the 1790 Federal Census for Stokes Co., NC, was a son of Abel CROOM is WRONG in my judgment. According to my studies, that Stokes County John CROOM was born before 1755 and was not descended from the CROOM families of eastern NC. Please refer to my JOHN CROOM of STOKES COUNTY at this website for my findings and comments on the Stokes County John CROOM of German origin.

      John CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), born 25 Jan 1764 to Jesse & his first wife,  name unknown, appears to have spent the early part of his life in Dobbs, Duplin and possibly Onslow counties with his father.  Though I am not certain, it appears from the 1790 census that he and his wife were living with his father in New Hanover County at that time. By 1800, however, several records confirm his presence in New Hanover County. After much research it is the position of this writer that John and his first wife, Jane had the following issue:

      1. Frederick CROOM, CIRCUMSTANTIAL SON, (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel),  b abt 1788, d 1852 NHC, m Rebecca MALPASS. Click here to see DECENDANTS of FREDERICK CROOM.

      2. Timothy CROOM, SPECULATIVE SON, (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), [JHC Note: Family lore has convinced some that this son actually was born to Major, a son of Abel CROOM. After years of searching records, I have found enough circumstantial evidence to suggest that Abel very likely had a son named Major. Some records suggest his name was MAJOR ASA CROOM. My study of records, however, makes a strong circumstantial case that Timothy more likely was a son of John CROOM, son of Jesse and a grandson of Abel.

        Timothy CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1800 NC, d bef 1870 Rocky Point, N. H. Co., NC; m 1st Rebecca MOORE, b bef 12 Jul 1812, d bef 1850 Rocky Point, NC; dau of Benjamin D. MOORE. Their issue, all born in N. H. Co.:

        1. Elizabeth A. CROOM, b 19 Jan 1828, d 1 Sep 1905 Bladen Co.; m Thomas BARNHILL.
        2. Jesse James CROOM, b 25 Dec 1829, d 11 May 1910 Bladen Co; m 2 Apr 1850 N. H. Co. Rebecca Jane CROOM, b 1829. She was a dau of Hardy CROOM (son of Jesse, g-son of Abel) and Esther MURRAY. *Note: Some have mistaken this Jesse James CROOM for another Jesse who was b 1843 & d abt 1861 CSA. This latter Jesse was a son of Jesse & Julia A. Lamb CROOM and was a great-grandson of Abel. Jesse James CROOM & his wife, Rebecca Jane CROOM, had the following issue, all b at Rocky Point, Pender County:

          1. James Thomas CROOM, b 15 Sep 1851, d Bowling Green, FL; m Idella Cornelia PETERSON. They had 6 sons & 6 daus.
          2. Mary Jane CROOM, b 15 Sep 1851, d 13 Jan 1939 Delco, Pender Co; m Hanson PETERSON; 6 sons & 4 daus.
          3. Asa William CROOM, b 26 Apr 1853, d 17 Sep 1932 Delco, NC; m Gerdenia CORBETT; 4 daus & 5 sons
          4. Jesse Fennel CROOM, d infancy
          5. Margaret Susan CROOM, d infancy
          6. Hardy Timothy CROOM, b 4 May 1857, 8 Oct 1929 Ft. Barnville, NC; m 10 Nov 1886 Barbara McCabe RUSSELL; 4 sons & 4 daus.
          7. Eliza Catherine CROOM, b 23 May 1862; d Sep 1941; m 1st Charles WOOLVIN; a son; m 2nd Asa David ROOKS; two daus.
          8. Amada Malissie CROOM, b 15 Jul 1866, d Jan 1950; m 1st Robert JOHNSON; 3 sons & 2 daus; m 2nd Nathan WHITE.
          9. John David CROOM, b aft 1870, d aft 1956; m 1st Theodosia JONES; their issue, all except 1st b in Sampson Co., NC:

            1. John Ezra CROOM, b 17 Sep 1895 Columbia, SC, d Nov 1983 Fayetteville, Cumberland Co, NC; m Rosa Mae NEWTON; 4 daus & 4 sons
            2. William James CROOM, b 3 Jul 1897, d 27 Sep 1981 Charlotte, NC; m Hettie LENNON.
            3. Archie Theodore CROOM, b abt 1901, d aft 1930 most likely in FL; m Lillian BURNEY.
          10. John David CROOM m 2nd abt 1909 in Sampson Co. Mittie FRYAR, b 1880, d 9 Feb 1945, in Cumberland Co, NC; their issue:

            1. James Ray CROOM, b 1910, d 26 Nov 1961 Richmond Co, NC; m Emma Lee PARKER.
            2. Percy Booth CROOM, b abt 1912,
            3. Bertie G. CROOM, b abt 1913;
            4. Guy F. CROOM, b abt 1915
            5. Jesse James CROOM, b Apr 1919, d 20 Jan 1970 Charlotte, NC; his issue: 1 son by his 1st marriage, living; 2 sons & a dau by his 2nd marriage, all living.

          11. Henry Pridgen CROOM, d aft Sep 1956, Pender Co.; m Kittie BOSWELL; 4 sons & 2 daus
          12. Catherine "Katie" CROOM, m John ROBUSH; a dau & a son
          13. Hester Ann CROOM, d 1947; m Frank PETERSON; 2 daus & 5 sons.

        3. Hulda M. CROOM, b 1832; bur Bladen Co., NC
        4. Martha M. CROOM, b 15 Sep 1835, d 13 Sep 1912; m Noah BARNHILL
        5. Sarah A. CROOM, b 10 Nov 1838, d 5 Nov 1898; m Charles B. PRIDGEN
        6. Ceily R. CROOM, b 1841; m Henry PRIDGEN
        7. Rebecca E. CROOM, b 11 Sep1843, 20 May 1835, bur Bladen Co.; m Edward Warren MOORE s/o Samuel J. & Ann Moore (nee) MOORE.

        Timothy CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), m Anna J. COWAN on 19 Aug 1851 in N. H. County following the death of his first wife, Rebecca.

    2. John CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel) remarried following the death of Jane, his first wife, in late 1801 or early 1802. The name of his 2nd wife is unknown; however, records suggest the initial of her given name was "M." She was listed as age 89 in 1860 living with her presumed daughter, Elizabeth, a widow, in the household of her granddaughter's husband in Wilmington, NC.  John & "M" issue:

      1. Isaac CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b abt 1801 in N.H. Co, d aft 1822; NOTE: Isaac, his wife and a daughter presumably were living in the household of his father in 1820. In 1822 he sold 140 ac north of Burgaw Creek to Timothy CROOM. At this time, I do not know the whereabouts of Isaac after 1822.
      2. Elizabeth CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), [MORE PROOF DESIRED] b abt 1803, d 1850-1860 NHC, m John SHOLAR
      3. Jesse CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1810 NC, d 1860-1865 Monroe Co., GA, m Elizabeth McCURRY, b 1827 GA, d aft 1870. [JHC Note: Also living in Monroe County, was a nephew, William L. CROOM, s/o James Frederick CROOM. It is this researcher's opinion that the unidentified male in the household of Frederick CROOM in the 1820 and 1830 censuses is this Jesse, a younger brother of Frederick. Jesse and his nephew, William L. CROOM, are believed to have moved to Monroe County, GA between 1840 and 1845.]

        Issue of Jesse & Elizabeth CROOM, all born in Monroe Co., GA:

        1. Flora CROOM, b 1847
        2. John Anquis CROOM, b 1849, d Apr 1919 Hartman, AR; m Lucy HENDRICKS, b 1858 MO; 5 daus & 2 sons.
        3. Daniel CROOM, b 1851
        4. Robert CROOM, b 1853
        5. William CROOM, b 1856
        6. Amanda CROOM, b 1858
      4. Unidentified male CROOM (John, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1810-1820 New Hanover Co, NC (possibly a step-son from 2nd marriage)

    3. Mary CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 18 Sep 1766, d aft 1850 in Duplin Co.; m 17 Nov 1782 Whitfield HERRING, son of Daniel & Charity WHITFIELD HERRING.
    4. Abel CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 20 Jan 1769, d aft 20 Oct 1813, most likely in Duplin Co., NC where he had been living.
    5. Lydia CR00M(Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 6 Feb 1772
    6. Zilpha CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 4 Mar 1774; d 29 Oct 1848; m 1 May 1790 in Duplin Co, NC,  Tulley WILLIAMSON.
    7. Anne CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 22 Jan 1776
    8. Elizabeth CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1 Apr 1779; d 19 Aug 1844; m 1st abt 1800 Henry GRADY who d 1825 Duplin Co. They had a son, Timothy T. and a daughter, Elizabeth; she m 2nd aft 1825 John Austin SWINSON.

    Jesse CROOM (Abel, Daniel), b 12 Jan 1739/40, m 2nd in NC, following Anne's death between 1779 and 1783, Sarah RAMSEY, b 18 Nov 1759 in NC to David and Sarah RAMSEY. Sarah RAMSEY CROOM died 1 Nov 1819 in New Hanover Co. She and Jesse had the following issue, all before 1790 most likely born in Onslow and after 1790 in New Hanover County:

    1. Jesse CROOM, Jr, (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 23 Jan 1784; d 29 Dec 1848 N.H. Co.; m 1st Sena TEACHEY. Their issue:

      1. Major Thomas CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b abt 1815; d aft 12 Mar 1856; m 12 Mar 1856 Duplin Co, NC, Margaret SHARPLESS. [NOTE: To date, unable to find further info on this couple.]
      2. Cena R. CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 1820; m 11 Mar 1850 NH Co. William R. MOORE (Note: There has been some confusion as to the parents of Cena R., the wife of William R. MOORE. The Croom Family shows a Lena Rebecca CROOM, dau of William Lott CROOM, married to a William R. MOORE. This is in error. N.H. Reg. of Deeds, Marriages shows a Sarah CROOM married 11 Mar 1850 a William R. MOORE. I believe this Sarah to be Cena R., the dau of Jesse and Sena TEACHEY CROOM.)

      Jesse CROOM, Jr. (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), m 2nd bet 1820 & 1827 Julia A. LAMB, d aft 1850. They had the following issue, all born in New Hanover County, NC:

      1. Lott CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b Nov 1826, d 10 Mar 1859 NH Co; m 12 May 1853 Mary J. JONES; 3 daus
      2. Hillary CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 1829; d Sep 1860 NH Co.; m 1 Dec 1853 Thankful Jane MOORE, dau Wm. R. MOORE
      3. William CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel)  b 1834
      4. Catherine "Kate" CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 25 Feb 1838; d 10 Oct 1913; m 1st on 26 Jan 1856 Isaac James MOORE, son of William R. MOORE and Elizabeth LAMB; m 2nd aft 1866 C. W. RIVENBARK
      5. Susan CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 10 Nov 1841; d 23 Jan 1923 in Jacksonville, FL; m Fnu DAWSON
      6. Jesse CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 1843; enlisted in Company C, 1st Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 11 Jun 1861; reenlisted  Howard's Cavalry Regiment North Carolina on 16 Oct 1861; transferred to 3rd Cavalry Regiment North Carolina on 7 May 1862.
      7. Joel CROOM, (Jesse, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 25 Dec 1846; d 31 Jul 1912 Water Valley, MS; m 13 Feb 1879 Margaret Elizabeth HERVEY, b 4 Feb 1853, d 3 Apr 1931; their issue, all born in MS:

        1. Jesse Thomas CROOM, b 20 Apr 1880; d 21 Feb 1896
        2. Joel Pate CROOM, b 22 Jan 1882;
        3. John Milton CROOM<, b 14 Apr 1884; d 26 Feb 1885/li>
        4. Walter Lester CROOM, b 27 Jan 1886; d 21 Sep 1949
        5. Florence Annie CROOM, b 13 Mar 1887; d aft 1956; m James H CREEL

    2. Major S. CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 9 Oct 1785; d 8 Jan 1846; m Elizabeth Lnu; they had the following issue, all believed born in NH Co.:

      1. Rebecca Jane CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1818, aft 1850; m bef 1839 Joshua C. PENNY, b abt 1811 NC, d aft 1850.
      2. Major T. CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 19 Dec 1821 NC; d 6 Sep 1862 NH Co.; m Emily PRIDGEN, b 17 Oct 1822 NC, d 6 Mar 1862 NH Co. Their issue, all born in New Hanover Co.:

        1. Gaston Haywood CROOM, b 15 Mar 1843, d 21 May 1919 NH Co., m 20 Nov 1866 NH Co., Caroline Jane PIGFORD, dau of Jonathan Robert PIGFORD & Martha Jane CROOM (dau of Wm. R. CROOM). Their issue, all born in N. H. Co.:

          1. Edward CROOM,
          2. Christopher Columbus CROOM, b 23 Nov 1868, d 21 Mar 1965 Currie, Pender Co, NC; m Rosa PRIDGEN, their issue, b Pender Co:
            1. Howard Columbus CROOM, b 1 Sep 1901, d 4 Jan 1958 Wilmington, NC; m Annie PRIDGEN?;
            2. Stephen Robert CROOM, Sr, b 23 Oct 1910, d 3 Feb 1992 Currie, NC; a son living;
          3. William "Willie" Wright CROOM, b 30 May 1869 Grady Twnhp, New Hanover Co, NC; d 9 May 1922; m Ruth "Verg" LARKINS; their issue, all born Pender Co, NC:
            1. William CROOM, b bef 1918, d bef 11 Apr 1972
            2. Walter McDonough CROOM, b 7 Oct 1920,
            3. Lee Roy CROOM, b 25 Sep 1919, d 11 Apr 1972 in Fayetteville, NC; m Irene STEVENS; a dau.
          4. Mattie Davis CROOM, b 7 Feb 1876, 28 Dec 1948 Pender Co., NC; m 7 Nov 1898 Major McDonough MOORE, b 14 Mar 1876, d 22 May 1945, son of Andrew Jackson MOORE and is wife, the former Martha Ellen MOORE, dau of John Leddon & Thurza Wall MOORE. Andrew Jackson MOORE was a son of Jesse J. MOORE of Duplin County and his wife, Mary Ann CROOM, dau of William R. CROOM.
          5. Rena Belle CROOM, b 24 Mar 1883, d 8 Apr 1952 Fayetteville, NC; m Murdock NUNALEE. A son & a dau.

        2. Mary Frances CROOM, b 1845, m 1 Aug 1867 NH Co. William Strangeman PIGFORD, son of Jonathan Robert PIGFORD & Martha Jane CROOM.
        3. Tobitha A. CROOM, b 1847, m Warren PRIDGEN, .
        4. William Pridgen CROOM, b 15 Dec 1849 New Hanover Co, NC; d 17 May 1930, m Cordelia PRIDGEN, b 1850, dau of James Jackson PRIDGEN; their issue, b in Caintuck, Pender Co, NC:
          1. Emily McRae CROOM, b 6 Feb 1876, d 17 Jan 1940 Wilmington, NC; m Walter Reese APPLEBERRY, d 1900-1940; Their issue:
            1. William Pembrook APPLEBERRY
            2. Leita Virginia APPLEBERRY
            3. Cecil Martin APPLEBERRY,
          2. Major Hawley CROOM, b Apr 1878, d ?, m 1901 Ada Florence WARD, divorced bef 1920; their issue, b New Hanover Co, NC:
            1. Martin Herman CROOM, SR, b 20 Jul 1902, d 5 Mar 1963 Wilmington, NC; m 29 Dec 1923 Hazel SHINGLETON; their issue, b Wilmington, New Hanover Co, NC:
              1. Florence Clementina CROOM, b 25 Sep 1924, m Norman WOODFIELD
              2. Martin Herman CROOM, JR, b 4 Sep 1927, m Jean LNU
        5. Sarah C. CROOM, b 1852
        6. Stephen D. CROOM, b 1859

      3. Eliza Ann CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1826, m 7 Mar 1854 NH Co. John ORR.
      4. William James CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), 1828. d aft 1880 NH Co., m 1st 20 Dec 1858 NH Co. Thurza (Theresa?) J. WALL.. She was widow of John Leddon MOORE. He married 2nd 19 Jan 1871 Lester Jane LARKINS, dau of William R. and Sarah Ann LARKINS.
      5. Sarah Maria CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1830, m 17 Nov 1853 NH Co. Rubin NEWTON.
      6. Aaron Thomas CROOM (Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), 1 Nov 1832, d 7 Aug 1862 NH Co., m 29 Dec 1853 Mary Elizabeth PIGFORD, dau of Jonathan Robert PIGFORD & Martha Jane CROOM. Their issue, all born in NHC:

        1. Robert Felix CROOM (Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 4 Oct 1854, d 1 Aug 1935 Wilmington, NC; m 1881 Marzee Davis ROWE, b 18 Dec 1863, d 19 Mar 1935 NC. Their issue, all born in NHC:
          1. Sarah Ann CROOM (Robert F., Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), d aft 28 Sep 1898; m Fnu EAKINS
          2. James Cleveland CROOM (Robert F., Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel) , b 27 Mar 1889, d 27 Dec 1959 Southport, NC; m 1881 Virginia Mae THOMAS (1890-1998). Their issue, all born in New Hanover Co, NC:

            1. Annie Arlene CROOM, b 14 Mar 1913, d 1 Aug 2009 Ft. Myers, FL; m Bruce SELLERS, now deceased.
            2. Virginia T. CROOM, b 30 Aug 1914, d 30 Aug 2002 NH Co, NC; m John Adrian NEWTON; a son now deceased. a dau living.
            3.  A Son CROOM, b 9 Jun 1928, living as of 21 Mar 2010.
            4. Robert Houston CROOM, b NC 13 Jun 1930, d 21 May 2003 Jacksonville, FL.; wife & 2 daus living.

          3. Marium Alice CROOM (Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel) , b abt 1858, d 10 Mar 1936 Craven Co, NC; m Louis M. WHALEY
          4. Thomas Henry CROOM (Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 18 Feb 1854, d 16 Aug 1918 (killed by lightning); m Mary Elizabeth JONES; their issue, all b in area of NHC that became Pender in 1875:

            1. William A CROOM, b Sep 1882
            2. John T CROOM, b abt 1884
            3. Atha E CROOM, b abt 1887
            4. Allen Harvey CROOM, b 10 Aug 1887, d Mar 1981 Richlands, Onslow Co, NC; m Letha PENNY; issue: at least 4
            5. Hadley G CROOM, b 1893
            6. Mary S. CROOM, b 1895
            7. Flossie CROOM, b 1897
            8. Bettie CROOM, b 1900
          5. Allen CROOM Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel) , b bef 13 Aug 1862,
          6. Luther CROOM (Aaron T., Major S., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b bef 13 Aug 1862,
    3. William Right CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 24 Aug 1787 NH Co., d 12 Apr 1865; m Mary STRAHAN, b 5 Feb 1794, d 16 Apr 1849, dau of Alexander STRAHAN. Their issue, all born in N.H. Co.:

      1. Mary Ann CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 17 Feb 1812, d 6 Aug 1847; m Sep 1834 Jesse J. MOORE. 3 sons
      2. Sarah Caroline CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 26 Dec 1813, d 10 Sep 1818
      3. William Strahan CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 7 Feb 1816, d 29 Aug 1829
      4. Martha Jane CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), 14 Apr 1818, d 2 Dec 1901; m Jonathan Robert PIGFORD. 2 sons & 2 daus.
      5. Elizabeth Wright CROOM,(William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel),  b 2 Jun 1820, d 3 Aug 1824.
      6. Infant CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel),  b 15 Apr 1822, d 15 Apr 1822
      7. Ann Eliza CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 13 Jun 1823 Moores Creek, N.H. Co., m 7 Apr 1850 NH Co. Archibald Y. DEMENT.
      8. Tracey Love CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 15 Sep 1825 Moores Creek, NH Co., m 22 Sep 1842 Timothy J. HATCHER.
      9. Susan M. CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 13 May 1828, d 25 Dec 1832.
      10. John A. CROOM, (William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel) b 3 May 1830, d 25 Jan 1868 N.H. Co., m 1st NHC 6 May 1851 Mary Elizabeth MOTT, dau of Wm. C. & Mary MOTT. Their issue, all born in NHC:

        1. Daughter, b 8 Apr 1854; d young.
        2. William Moore CROOM, (John A, William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1 Dec 1855; d 8 May 1872; raised by grandparents Wm. & Mary MOTT.
        3. Washington Dorsey CROOM, (John A, William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 12 Dec 1857, d 1931; raised by grandparents Wm. & Mary MOTT; m Minnie Arlene WOODCOCK, dau of James C & Susan Gurganious WOODCOCK. Their issue, all born Pender Co, NC:

          1. Excell CROOM
          2. Minnie B CROOM
          3. Mamie Susan CROOM, b Apr 1886, d 18 Feb 1967, High Point, NC; m 3 Jun 1907 Oscar Barlow MALPASS, b 17 Apr 1884, d 1 Feb 1954, Jamestown, NC, s/o William Dallas & Martha Caroline White MALPASS; a dau, Mamie Elizabeth MALPASS
          4. Elgar W CROOM, b Mar 1888; moved to Marion, VA
          5. Robert H CROOM, b Sep 1890
          6. Dorsey Leon CROOM, b Oct 1896, d aft 1944; m Rachel Pearl MALPASS, d/o Alphu & Bertha Orr MALPASS; 4 sons & 2 daus
          7. Dausie L CROOM, b Oct 1896

        John A. CROOM, (William R., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), m 2nd NHC 1 Nov 1860 Melissa Alma MOTT, believed to be dau of William C & Mary MOTT; their issue:

        1. La Dora CROOM, (John A, William R, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1 Mar 1865

      11. Priscilla Elender CROOM, (William R., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 8 Apr 1833, d 13 Oct 1840.

      12. Robert Marion CROOM (William R., Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 13 Jan 1826, d 8 Jan 1908 Burgaw, Pender Co., NC; m 1st 6 Apr 1854 Margaret Ann Crawford LENOIRE. Their issue, all born in New Hanover (Pender) County:

        1. William Thomas CROOM, b 28 Jun 1855, m Mattie SMITH. 3 daus & a son.
        2. James LaFayette CROOM, b 7 Mar 1858, d 9 Mar 1906; m Dec 1900 Rosa STERNBERGER. A son.
        3. Major Franklin CROOM, b 6 Mar 1860, d Wilmington, NC; m 31 Oct 1906 Wilmington, NC Emily B. CROOM, dau of John B. & Mary J. McDuffie CROOM. A son & a dau.
        4. Robert Davis CROOM, b 24 Nov 1864, d 1869.
        5. Valula Lee "Lulu" CROOM, b 28 Jan 1867, d Columbia, SC; m 23 Jun 1885 Anton EBERT. 3 sons & 2 daus.
        6. Marion Davis "Dick" CROOM, b 2 Jun 1869, d 1900; m Betha BOWDEN. A son & a dau.
        7. Albert Thompson CROOM, b 7 Jun 1873, d aft 1956 (living in Columbia, SC); m Mamie CROOM, dau of James Frederick and Martha R. Moore CROOM, III. 2 sons & a dau.

        Robert Marion CROOM (William R., Jesse, Abel, Daniel) m 2nd aft 1873 Margaret CROOM, dau of James Frederick and Priscilla Rowe CROOM, Jr. Their issue, all born in Pender County, NC:

        1. Eva Forrester CROOM, b 17 Sep 1874, d bef 1955 Pender County; m 15 Oct 1891 Bladen Co., NC William RIVENBARK. 2 sons.
        2. Zebulon Vance CROOM, b 1 Aug 1876, d aft 1956 St. Petersburg, FL; m 1903 Allie Lee BUTLER. A dau.
        3. Bobbie CROOM, 9 Sep 1878, d 1930; m Sargent MEYERS.
        4. Walter Garfield CROOM, b 31 Oct 1880, d (living in Wilmington, NC in 1956); m Lena STYRON; 5 daus & 2 sons.
        5. Arthur Bryant CROOM, b 1882, d 1882
    4. Lany CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 28 Jan 1790, d 29 Dec 1845; m John MOORE, d 6 Nov 1848.
    5. Asenath CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 12 Apr 1792 (a dau)
    6. Lott CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 27 May 1797, d 1884 Pender Co.; m 1st 1827 Sarah MURRAY, dau of Asa & Elizabeth Boney MURRAY. Their issue 1 son & 4 daus:

      1. George W. CROOM, b 1825 Wilmington, NC, d 21 Jun 1855 Wilmington, NC; m 24 Jun 1854 Martha ORRELL, b 27 Apr 1837 NH Co., d 1926 Waycross, GA. Their issue:

        • George Alvin CROOM, Sr., b 4 May 1855 Wilmington, NC; d 14 Aug 1925 Waycross, Ware County, GA.

      2. Sarah C. CROOM, b abt 1827; m John G. REGISTER, s/o John C. REGISTER.
      3. Martha A. CROOM, b 1829, aft 22 Aug 1879, m 13 Sep 1855 NH Co. Samuel T. NEWTON
      4. Elizabeth "Eliza" J. CROOM, b 1831, d aft 22 Aug 1879, m William D. DRIVER
      5. Mary CROOM, b 1832, d aft 22 Aug 1879, m 22 Dec 1853 NH Co. William S. ROOKS

      Lott CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel) m 2nd aft 1833 Charity ALDERMAN, b 1 Feb 1799, d 14 Sep 1837. Their issue:

      1. William A. CROOM, b 14 Sep 1835, d 24 Jun 1861 Wilmington, NC, from wounds in CSA.
      2. Jesse L. CROOM, b 1837 NH Co, d 8 Apr 1862  Goldsboro, NC, CSA,  Company K, 3rd Infantry Regiment, North Carolina.

      Lott CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel) m 3rd 1 Apr 1840 Rebecca ALDERMAN, b 28 Oct 1803, d 11 Oct 1878, sister of Charity. Their issue:

      1. Jackson F. CROOM, b 10 Nov 1839, d 27 May 1840
      2. David F. CROOM, b 22 Apr 1841, d 7 Jan 1863
      3. Charity R. CROOM, b 19 Sep 1842, d 8 Oct 1878, m Isaiah CARROLL
      4. Henry CROOM, b 1845, d 1850-1860
    7. Nancy CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 21 Apr 1799,
    8. Hardy CROOM (Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 18 Aug 1801, d 7 Aug 1862 NH Co.; m 1825 Esther MURRAY, dau of Asa & Elizabeth Boney MURRAY. Their issue, all born in what is now Pender Co.:

      1. Rebecca Jane CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1829, m 2 Apr 1850 NH Co., Jesse James CROOM, son of Timothy CROOM. Their issue, all born in NH Co: 6 sons & 6 daus.
      2. Hester E. CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1836, m 22 Dec 1852 Thomas ALLEN.
      3. James C. CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1838, d bef 1870 Wilmington, NC; m 28 Jun 1860 Wilmington Elizabeth Ann THORNTON. Their issue:

        1. Ausford "Oscar" Holston CROOM, b 7 May 1861 Wilmington, d 11 Feb 1918 Wilmington, NC; m 14 Oct 1882 Wilmington Mirinda (Minnie) L. GALLOWAY. Their issue, all born New Hanover Co., NC:

          1. Thomas Alexander CROOM, b 26 Sep 1883
          2. James Dennen? CROOM,
          3. John Wright CROOM, b 6 Nov 1892,
          4. Joseph Murray CROOM
          5. Jesse Allen CROOM, 7 Sep 1888
          6. Josephine Street CROOM, b 1895
          7. Mary CROOM, b 1900
          8. Catherine Elizabeth CROOM, b 1904

      4. Laney C. CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1839, m 3 Jan 1859 John E. ROBITZSCH
      5. Amada M. CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1841, m 27 Oct 1857 George Morris MURRAY, b 1831, d 1881.
      6. Crisa CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 22 Feb 1846 (twin)
      7. Asa Boney CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 22 Feb 1846, d 11 Oct 1921 Burgaw, Pender Co., m 1st 2 Feb 1866 Martha Louise RIVENBARK. Their issue: 4 sons & 2 daus.
      8. Mary Margaret CROOM (Hardy, Jesse, Abel, Daniel), b 1849
  5. John CROOM (Abel, Daniel) SPECULATIVE: b bef 1741, d 1780-1790, most likely in Dobbs or Duplin County. Records reveal John as a grantor in Duplin County on at least 2 occasions in the 1770s.

  6. Isaac CROOM, (Abel, Daniel) SPECULATIVE: b bef 1741; living in Duplin County, NC, aft 1762.  Most likely Isaac first lived in the southern part of Dobbs County. By 1762, he had moved along with a number of other relatives to an area near White Oak/Burnt Coat Swamp, Duplin County.  

  7. Elizabeth CROOM, (Abel, Daniel) most likely b abt 1739 in Craven Co. NC; m Loverick (Lovick) YOUNG in Johnston Co., NC abt 1755; d 29 Jan 1784 in Dobbs Co. A number of reports suggest that Elizabeth and Loverick YOUNG had 4 sons and a daughter. I believe this to be incorrect. Based on my studies of dates of birth and other records, it is my belief that Loverick YOUNG had a son Jacob, b 1745, who reportedly died as a child, and a dau Lydia, b 29 Dec 1749. by a former wife, possibly a daughter of Jacob PARROT of Bertie Precinct, NC. After she died following the birth of a daughter, Lydia, Loverick married Elizabeth and she became the step-mother of young Jacob (if he was still living) and Lydia. Elizabeth was the natural mother of the following issue, all believed to have been born in Craven/Johnston/Dobbs County NC:

    1. Daniel YOUNG, b 29 Mar 1756, d aft Aug 1784 in Dobbs Co, NC; m Dorothy LNU;

    2. Loverick YOUNG, JR,, b 9 Feb 1761,
    3. Abel Croom YOUNG, b 11 Feb 1765, d 5 Oct 1784

    Lydia YOUNG, b 14 Dec 1749, dau of Loverick YOUNG'S first marriage, was a STEP-DAUGHTER of Elizabeth Croom LOVERICK. Lydia m Joseph RASBERRY.  I welcome any proof that Lydia was a natural daughter of Elizabeth.

  8. Hannah CROOM Abel, Daniel) , b 1745-1763 Johnston Co, NC (Note: Most likely born nearer end of this range, given her issue born as late as 1795. JHC); d aft Oct 1798; m abt 1779 Lutson STROUD, Jr. Their issue, all born in Duplin Co., NC:

    1. Zilphia Croom STROUD, b 6 May 1780, d 9 May 1810 Duplin Co., m 3 Aug 1800 Duplin Co. John Croom MAXWELL. 2 daus & 1 son.
    2. Abel Croom STROUD, b 1788, d 1856 Duplin Co., m Mary Lnu; a son, Able Croom STROUD, b 1832.
    3. Isaac STROUD, b 8 Oct 1795; d 3 Mar 1871 Lenoir Co., NC; m Nancy BOYETTE, b 24 Jul 1800 Kinston, NC, d 22 Oct 1869.
    4. Lewis STROUD, b bef 22 Aug 1798
    5. Selah STROUD, b bef 22 Aug 1798
    6. Winnie STROUD, b bef 22 Aug 1798

    I have had difficulty making the dates fit for this Hannah. The 1783 Duplin County census lists a Lutson STROUD, Sr., suggesting that there must have been a Lutson, Jr. Revolutionary War records reflect the services of a Lutson STROUD, Sr., and a Lutson STROUD, Jr., both of Duplin County. I am aware of no information that connects these two men as father and son. Possibly they were uncle and nephew. One source suggests Lutson Jr's father was named James. The 1790 Duplin census lists a Ludson STROND, obviously a misspelled name. This appears to be Lutson STROUD, Jr., with 1 fwm <16 and 3 fwf in addition to himself.

    Of particular note is the will of Lutson STROUD, Jr., which was written 22 Aug 1798 and probated at the October 1798 term of Duplin County Court. His will names his wife Hannah and all of the aforementioned children. He specifically refers to Abel Croom STROUD as one of his underage sons.

    The foregoing section on Hannah, daughter of Abel, remains under study. Additional corroboration is being sought. (Click to return to previous page)



    Many descendants of the following Lott Croom have mistakenly believed he was a son of Major Croom, the 2nd son of Daniel Croom of Virginia. A document on file in the North Carolina Archives in Raleigh proves otherwise. CLICK HERE & READ AT THIS SITE DETAILS CONFIRMING THAT LOTT WAS A SON OF ABEL, NOT MAJOR.

  1. Lott CROOM (Abel 2Daniel 1) ,  b 1757-1761, d bet 27 Dec 1823 & 1830 in Lenoir Co; m 6 Feb 1787 Elizabeth RASBERRY, b 1771, d 1844, dau of Joseph & Lydia Young RASBERRY.  [IMPORTANT NOTE: LYDIA YOUNG, the mother-in-law of LOTT, was a step-daughter of ELIZABETH CROOM YOUNG, not a natural daughter as claimed in Doris Croom Outlaw's Croom Family. See above-listed Elizabeth, daughter of Abel CROOM]   The issue of Lott & Elizabeth Croom, all born in Lenoir Co.:

    1. Redding CROOM, (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 15 Feb 1793, d 1870 Lenoir Co.; m Elizabeth "Elsy" MOORE. Their issue, all born in Lenoir County:

      1. Samuel CROOM, d bef 22 Nov 1875 Sandy Bottom, Lenoir Co.; m Margaret JONES; 3 daus & a son
      2. Caroline Lydia CROOM, b abt 1822, d aft 1880, m 6 Dec 1837 Lenoir Co., Stephen HINES. Their issue:

        1. Patience E. HINES, b abt 1838
        2. Martha A. L. HINES, b abt 1840
        3. James A. HINES, b abt 1841
        4. William HINES, b abt 1843
        5. Joel Rasberry HINES, b abt 1844
        6. Redding Croom HINES, b abt 1844
        7. Nancy P. HINES, b abt 1850
        8. Lydia C. HINES, b abt 1856
        9. Elsy HINES, b abt 1860

      3. Nancy CROOM, b abt 1837; m 15 May 1857 James A. TEMPLE.
      4. Elizabeth "Betsy" CROOM, b 18 July 1826, d 2 May 1887 Lenoir Co; m 1st bef 1851 William Haywood WHITFIELD, SR. Their issue, born in Lenoir Co:

        1. William Haywood WHITFIELD, JR.

        Elizabeth "Betsy" CROOM, b 18 July 1826, d 2 May 1887 Lenoir Co; m 2nd 15 Jul 1852 Jesse JACKSON, II, s/o Jesse & Susan CONNELLY JACKSON. Their issue:

        1. Jesse JACKSON, III, b 1 Jan 1854, 19 Feb 1911 Lenoir Co, m 28 Ap 1880 Eliza Ann PARROTT: 5 daus & 6 sons.
        2. J. Edward Stanley JACKSON, b 1 Jun 1855, 31 Dec 1866.
        3. Emma Elizabeth JACKSON, b 21 Jan 1861, d 20 Oct 1901 Lenoir Co, m 5 May 1880 William E. SUTTON: 4 daus & 2 sons.
        4. Samuel JACKSON, b 11 Dec 1865, d as infant.

      5. Winifred CROOM, b 15 Jun 1830, d 8 Nov 1870 Jones Co, NC; m 26 Apr 1849 Christopher Columbus FORDHAM
      6. Penelope CROOM, b 1833, m 1 Aug 1852 Jonathan H. POOLE.

    2. John R. CROOM  (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 21 Dec 1796, d 5 Jan 1832; m 1818 Susannah RASBERRY, dau of Joseph & Mary (Lnu) RASBERRY. Their issue, all born in Lenoir County:

      1. Mary E. CROOM (John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1): b 12 Sep 1819
      2. Joseph B. CROOM (John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1): b 11 Mar 1821
      3. William R. CROOM (John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1): b 26 Feb 1823, d aft 1880 Greene Co, NC; m Elizabeth "Betsy" SMITH, b 1 Nov 1821, d 23 Apr 1915 Greene Co, NC; their issue, b Greene Co, NC:

        1. Ira D. CROOM, b 1857
        2. James B. CROOM, b 1859
      4. John Thomas CROOM (John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1): b 5 Apr 1827, d 5 Oct 1872 Greene Co, NC; m Fannie Elizabeth HARRIS; their issue, all born in Greene County:

        1. John Richard CROOM, b 13 May 1852, d 4 May 1926 Wilson Co, NC; m Sarah PEOPLES; 2 sons & 2 daus
        2. Joseph R CROOM, b 5 Sep 1853, d 6 Aug 1867
        3. Mary Elizabeth Frances CROOM, b 23 Jun 1856, d 12 Aug 1939; m Sherd Benjamin BARFIELD; 4 sons & 6 daus
        4. William R CROOM, b 29 Nov 1858, d 18 Jan 1937; m Mary DUNN
        5. Susan C "Kate" CROOM, b 1 Nov 1861, d 19 Sep 1877
        6. Redden Thomas CROOM, b 9 May 1864, d Nov 1956 Snow Hill, NC; m Fannie Susan HEATH; 1 son & 2 daus
        7. Annie Eliza CROOM, b 25 Sep 1866, d 26 May 1927; m Robert C ROUSE: 2 sons & a dau

      5. Allen CROOM (John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1): b 17 Sep 1829, d 12 Apr 1898; m 16 Nov 1863 Rebecca CROOM, a 1st cousin, dau of Joseph R. & Nancy Hardee CROOM; their issue, all born in Lenoir County:

        1. Albert CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1),
        2. Joseph Warren CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), 
        3. Harriet Fannie CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1),
        4. Hardy Bryan CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1),
        5. Mary Rebecca CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1),
        6. John Ray CROOM (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 2 Jun 1881, d 25 Dec 1931 Lenoir Co, m Nora Ellie PALMER; no issue: NOTE: census records reflect Dora Thorne BUNN, who was listed as a niece, was living in household from 1920 through 1930.
        7. Major Lott CROOM
        8. (Allen5, John R4, Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 28 Jun 1888, d 26 Aug 1943 Lenoir Co; m 1st 19 Oct 1910 in Draper, NC, Joanna Elizabeth DAVIS, d Aug 1918, their issue, all born in Draper:
          1. Lois Rebecca CROOM, b 15 Aug 1912, d 9 Sep 1989, Watauga Co, NC; m H. M. COOKE, M.D.
          2. Dorothy Mae CROOM, b 9 Nov 1914, d 13 Jun 1917
          3. Jason Major CROOM, b 17 Jan 1917, d 16 Apr 1917
          4. Ester Inez CROOM, b 19 Jun 1918, d 4 Aug 1918

          Major Lott CROOM m 2nd 9 Sep 1923 Martinsville, VA, Eliza HEFFINGER, b 1903, d 7 Oct 1979 Lenoir Co; their issue, all b in Martinsville, VA:

          1. James Allen CROOM, b 28 Feb 1925, d 7 Jul 1970; bur Pinelawn Memorial Park, Lenoir Co., NC
          2. Joseph William CROOM, b 1 Apr 1927, d 23 Jul 1948
          3. Walter Bryant CROOM, b 16 Apr 1929, d Dec 1923 Charlotte, NC
          4. Jacob Daniel "JD" CROOM, living
          5. Major Lott CROOM, JR, 27 May 1933, d 4 Jan 2003; bur Pinelawn Memorial Park, Lenoir Co, NC.
          6. Delia Branche CROOM, b 18 Mar 1936, d 6 Feb 1997 Wake Co, NC; m Fnu CROWDER
          7. Albert Anderson CROOM, b 1 Mar 1940, d 12 Jul 1993 Lenoir Co., NC 

    3. William CROOM  (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 6 Mar 1805 Lenoir Co., NC; d aft 1850 (Tavern keeper in Madison Co., TN in 1850); m Sarah H. b NC, d 23 Mar 1859 at the home of her son-in-law in Memphis, Shelby County, TN. William and Sarah had the following issue:
      1. Margaret CROOM, b abt 1827 NC, d 2 Jan 1896 Memphis, TN; m John K. BRANCH
      2. Augustus CROOM, b abt 1832 NC, d aft 1850 living in Madison Co, TN
      3. Rachel W. CROOM, b abt 1834 NC, m 4 Jun 1853 Fayette Co, TN John UMPHETT
      4. Gaius N. CROOM, MD, b abt 1835 NC, d abt 31 Dec 1896 Memphis, TN
      5. Caroline A. CROOM, b abt 1837, d aft 1850 living in Madison Co, TN
      6. James D. M. CROOM, b abt 1843 TN, d aft 1850 living in Madison Co, TN

    4. Joseph Rasberry CROOM, Rev. (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1) , b 4 Apr 1807, d 23 Mar 1860 Lenoir Co.; m 27 Jan 1829 Nancy HARDEE. Their issue:
      1. Henry Netwood CROOM, b 6 Nov 1829, d 11 Jan 1900
      2. Lott CROOM, b 26 July 1832, d 29 Jul 1833
      3. Mary Elizabeth CROOM, b 1 Jan 1831, d 12 Dec 1897
      4. Major CROOM, b 15 Dec 1833, d 16 Nov 1843
      5. Hardee CROOM, b 4 Dec 1835, d 6 Nov 1848
      6. William Allen CROOM, b 9 Oct 1837, d 24 Nov 1897; m 15 Oct 1857 Ann Mariah JACKSON; their issue, all born Sandy Bottom, Lenoir Co:

        1. Joseph Rasberry CROOM, b 28 Nov 1859, d 10 Oct 1929, m Eliza CAULEY: their issue, all born in Lenoir Co:

          1. Sybil CROOM, b 6 Feb 1885, d 17 Feb 1954
          2. Clyde CROOM, b 3 Jun 1886, d 10 Feb 1921
          3. Kate CROOM, b 1 Sep 1887
          4. Rebecca CROOM, b 3 Sep 1889
          5. William Clay CROOM, b 16 May 1891, d 17 Oct 1971
          6. Joseph Thomas CROOM, b 29 Dec 1892
          7. Daisy CROOM, b 22 Dec 1894
          8. Eliza Dell CROOM, b 28 Nov 1897
          9. Richard Benjamin CROOM, b 11 Sep 1899, d 15 Aug 1993, m Callie I. HAM; 2 sons & 4 daus
          10. Sammie CROOM, b 2 Jul 1901, d 24 Oct 1902
          11. Bessie CROOM, b 22 Jan 1903, d 29 Apr 1990, m Abel Croom STROUD, SR

        2. Jesse Jackson CROOM, b 14 Feb 1862, d 22 Sep 1954, m 1st Maude TAYLOR: Their issue, b Sandy Bottom,  Lenoir Co:
          1. Laura Annie CROOM, b 20 Sep 1887, d 30 Mar 1923;
          2. Stella CROOM, b 5 Dec 1890, d 4 Sep 1937;
          3. Bettie CROOM, b 20 Jun 1896,
          4. Ada CROOM, b 14 Oct 1899, d 10 Jan 1901
          5. Phineas David CROOM, b 1 Nov 1899, d 25 Sep 1943
          6. Rachel Dell CROOM, b 2 Jan 1902,
          7. Kleber E CROOM, b 7 Sep 1904
          Jesse Jackson CROOM m 2nd Mary MOORE, dau of Jesse & Sarah Owens MOORE. Their issue:
          1. Elsie CROOM, b 2 Sep 1911, d 31 Jul 1990, m a STROUD.
          2. John Moses CROOM, b 2 Sep 1912, d 11 Nov 1996;
          3. Abner Bruce, b 21 Sep 1913, d 22 Apr 2001
          4. Eva CROOM, b 3 Sep 1915. d 6 Sep 1915
          5. Jesse Moore CROOM, b 21 Mar 1917, m Gladys BAKER; their issue: 3 daus & 3 sons
          6. Frederick Whitaker CROOM, b 5 May 1918, d 29 Nov 1988, spouse & son living
          7. Harry Lee CROOM, b 17 Aug 1920, d 17 Jun 1940 Lenoir Co, NC
        3. Henry Phinehas CROOM, b 13 Feb 1864, d 12 Apr 1883
        4. William Cyrus CROOM, b 16 Apr 1866, d 19 Nov 1937, Gertrude THOMPSON: 3 sons & 7 daus
        5. Emma Elizabeth CROOM, b 3 Jun 1868, d 24 Sep 1922
        6. Connoly CROOM, b 26 Jan 1871, d 8 Aug 1871
        7. Eugene CROOM, b 11 Oct 1872, d 25 Jul 1873
        8. Rufus P CROOM, b 20 Aug 1874, d 27 Nov 1931
        9. Rudolph CROOM, b 8 Jul 1878, d 6 Sep 1939, m Annie Bessie NICHOLS: their issue, b Lenoir Co:

          1. Helen CROOM, b 7 Nov 1903, d 11 Jan 1962, m Martin Crosby YONGUE: a dau
          2. James Guthrie CROOM, b 21 Jan 1907, d 1 Dec 1978; m Waneta BOWMAN: 2 sons & a dau
          3. Edith CROOM, b 4 Jul 1909, d 15 Oct 1999, m Arthur Pitts WERTS, Jr: 2 sons
          4. Doris CROOM, b 30 Aug 1915, d 24 Jan 1997, m Alvin OUTLAW: 2 daus & 1 son

        10. Seth Eneas CROOM, b 15 Jun 1882, d 27 Jan 1952; m 1st NANCY HAYNES; their issue:

          1. Edna CROOM, b 6 Jul 1904
          2. Sadie CROOM, b 23 Oct 1905
          3. Herman CROOM, b 9 Sep 1907
          4. William Felix CROOM, b 4 Aug 1911
          5. Ava Grace CROOM, b 16 Nov 1917
          6. Norris CROOM, b 8 Feb 1921

      7. Charles Sheppard CROOM, b 1 Aug 1839, d 26 Mar 1876
      8. Nancy Elizabeth CROOM, b 10 Mar 1841, d 20 Jun 1846
      9. Sarah CROOM, b 21 Dec 1842, d 11 Apr 1843
      10. Rebekah CROOM, b 6 Feb 1844, d 9 May 1898
      11. Rachel Whitfield CROOM, b 16 Aug 1846, d 1 Oct 1853; m 16 Nov 1863 1st cousin, ALLEN CROOM, s/o JOHN R. & NANCY HARDEE CROOM.
    5. Admiral CROOM  (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 12 Jun 1810, d 3 Jun 1858 Lenoir Co.; m Martha "Patsy" ROUSE, dau of Richard & Polly Sutton ROUSE. Their issue:
      1. Mary Elizabeth CROOM, b Dec 1835, Dec 1866; m Francis Marion HARPER; their issue: a son & 2 daus
      2. Richard R. CROOM, b 4 May 1838, d 1849.
      3. Lott A. CROOM, b 20 Oct 1839, d 13 Jul 1864 of typhoid pneumonia while serving in the CSA; m 1st Christiana RHEM, b 1841, d aft 1880; she m aft 1864 Adial Dunn SMITH; Issue of Lott & Christiana CROOM, b Sandy Bottom, Lenoir Co, NC:
        1. William Leon CROOM, b 1859-1864, d 1944 Indianapolis, IN
        2. Lottie Alexander "Mitt" CROOM, b 22 Jan 1865, d 28 July 1949; m George WEST, their issue: 12 children
      4. Lanie M. CROOM, b 17 Dec 1841, d 7 Sep 1913 Columbus Co, NC; m Edward Williams WOOTEN; their issue: a son.
    6. Elizabeth CROOM  (Lott3, Abel 2 , Daniel 1), b 13 Nov 1812; m Zachariah DAVIS. A dau, Anne.



 In her book, The Croom Family, Doris Croom OUTLAW listed a MAJOR as a son of ABEL CROOM. Early land records in Johnston,  Dobbs and Duplin counties appear to support that speculation. Other clues strongly indicate that most, if not all, CROOM families in New Hanover County are linked back to ABEL through his son JESSE.

One author has asserted that an ELIZABETH CROOM, a daughter of MAJOR ASA CROOM, married Dr. JOHN BLAKE, b 1767 in the Crooms Bridge area of Holly Shelter in New Hanover County. This bit of information and renewed studies by researcher Dick Booth and this writer have developed a much stronger circumstantial case as to the existence of this MAJOR ASA CROOM as a son of ABEL CROOM, son of DANIEL.

I have found Duplin County records dated as early as 1795 referring to Croom Road.  Croom Bridge Road crosses the Northeast Cape Fear River, linking the northwestern part of Pender County with a road of the same name in Duplin County. JESSE CROOM, son of ABEL, settled about 1788. Was another CROOM here earlier than that? 


The relationship of the foregoing named sons of John, the son of Jesse and grandson of Abel CROOM, should be considered as likely but SPECULATIVE. While much circumstantial evidence suggests the validity of these relationships, more proof is needed. It appears that Abel had a son named Major Asa and he was the father of at least one daughter who settled in New Hanover County. There may have been other offspring. Research also suggests that Abel aslo had a son named John.


We don't know for certain the path Abel Croom took when he departed his Virginia farm along the James River and went to North Carolina. Most likely he rafted down the James and took a coastal water craft down to New Bern. From there he poled his family and his belongings on a raft up the Neuse River in a westerly direction and settled on the south side of the river about six miles west of present day Kinston. As the crow flies, that might be some 40 miles. The wandering path of the Neuse, however, was an arduous journey and at least half again as far.

Jesse was a toddler when he accompanied his father on the long trip from Virginia to his new home in North Carolina. As a young man he would continue his own migration, this time heading south, mainly along the Northeast Cape Fear River. Records suggest that he and his family lived at more than one location near the river as it coursed down through Duplin County. By 1788, we know that he had acquired land just across the Duplin/New Hanover County line on the east side of the river, just above the Holly Shelter area.

Records suggest that Jesse Croom, son of Abel, very likely was the progenitor of most of the Croom families in the area of New Hanover that would become Pender County in 1875. Some records, however, indicate that Jesse's brother, Major Asa Croom, was the father of at least one daughter who married about 1797 in the area where Jesse had settled. Major Asa Croom most likely fathered others.


Note: LNU= last name unknown
          FNU=first name unknown

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