The BURNS, BYRNS, COSTIN, COSTON and REGISTER surnames depicted on this page are found in the ancestry of my 3rd great-grandmother, Charity REGISTER, who married Cornelius "Neal" HENRY in 1811 in New Hanover County, NC. Inasmuch as I have not more fully developed these surnamed families, I have set forth a skeleton outline of each on this page. In time it is my hope that additional information will be forthcoming that will permit earlier ancestors and many of their descendants to be detailed on respective pages.

My North Carolina COSTON (COSTIN) ancestry appears likely to have descended from a Stephen COSTIN who emigated from England to Northampton County, VA, before 1642/43. Records show that the BURNS families shown on this page have roots to Scotland. Most likely, the REGISTER families have ties to England. Details are provided later on this page.

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COST?N Families of New Hanover & Onslow Counties

Initially I designed this page to show the ancestry of my 3rd great-grandmother, Charity REGISTER. Several pieces of evidence point to her parents as Josiah REGISTER and his wife Abigail COSTIN. Based on a DAR membership application which was approved in 1935, the parents of Abigail COSTIN first appeared to be a Stephen COSTIN, b abt 1755 in New Hanover County, NC and his wife Abigail BURNS, daughter of Bartholomew BURNS. After a great deal of study, I am now of the opinion that the application which was approved by the DAR in 1935 contains several errors. Possibly the most significant error is the incorrectly listed parents for Abigail COSTIN. It appears that the DAR no longer deems the application's information valid.

My 4th great-grandmother, Abigail COSTIN, was a sister of a Stephen COSTIN who was born in New Hanover County; however, I do not believe the Revolutionary War pensioner of the same name who was born in New Hanover in 1755, but spent most of his life in Onslow County, was her brother. As shown later on this page, there was another Stephen (COSTON) COSTIN, b 1770-1775,who lived in New Hanover County concurrently with the Stephen (COSTON) COSTIN of Onslow County. I believe this Stephen of New Hanover to be the brother of my Abigail. Most likely, both Abigail and Stephen were issue of a John COSTIN of New Hanover County.

Is it Coston, Costen or Costin?

Genealogists frequently find an individual's surname recorded with several variations in spelling. For example, I have found MALPASS with at least 14 different spellings. Often the surname of the same individual can be found with 3 or 4 variations. Tracking the COSTON, COSTEN and COSTIN families in eastern North Carolina can be very confusing. It seems to me that the origins of most of these point to COSTON. For ease of tracking these families, I have noted the primary surname as COSTON. Where records indicate a different spelling, then the name is listed as COSTON (COSTIN), for example. During the latter half of the eighteenth century, the COSTON families were quite numerous in Onslow County and much less so in New Hanover. Military records show that a Stephen COSTEN was born in 1755 in New Hanover County, but lived in Onslow County at his enlistment in the Revolutionary War. Later, census records show a Stephen COSTEN living in that same county as late as 1840 as a war pensioner. Pension records indicate that he filed for a pension on 13 Sep 1832 in Onslow County at about the age of 77. According to mortality schedules, this same Stephen COSTON (COSTEN) died in Onslow County in 1850. Records reveal that a Stephen COSTIN was born between 1770 and 1780 in New Hanover County and died between 1847 and 1850 in the same county. Thus, we see that there were two men named Stephen COSTON (COSTIN COSTEN) who were born not too many years apart in New Hanover County, the older one spending most of the remainder of his life in [then] adjacent Onslow County while the other spent his entire life in New Hanover. The DAR applicant mistakenly confused the two.


The earliest appearance of the name COSTIN in New Hanover County records that I have discovered is on the roster of Captain John Ashe's Company roster in 1748. Among those listed are John, Peter and Stephen COSTEN. The earliest land record refers to Francis COSTIN who purchased 100 acres in Onslow County from Owen HILL on 16 Sep 1754. Inasmuch as Francis was purchasing land, we can assume that he was at least 21 years of age, indicating that he was born in or before 1733. It is my belief that Francis COSTIN was the father of Stephen COSTEN, the Revolutionary War soldier who claimed in his pension application that he was born in 1755 New Hanover County. Francis apparently moved his family to Onslow County shortly after 1755.

On 18 Sep 1754, two days after Francis purchased land in Onslow County, a John COSTEN, Sr., purchased 150 acres on Stump Sound from Stokely BISHOP of New Hanover County. I note that both John COSTEN, Sr., and Stokely BISHOP were witnesses to the purchase made by Francis COSTIN. A number of subsequent land records reveal that a several COSTEN families owned land in and around the Stump Sound area of Onslow County. As early as 1759 deed records refer to "Stephen COSTON's corner", for example.

A John COSTIN is listed in the 1762 NHC census. In the NHC 1767 census we find a John COSTEN and a Peter COSTON. Note that in a span of five years we find this surname spelled three different ways. The next extant record of any of these names in New Hanover County is in the 1790 First Federal Census. That listing shows three COSTON households: Isaac, John Senior and John Junior. No COSTIN or COSTEN names appear. Although proof is yet to be found, I believe it is likely that Stephen COSTIN (b 1770-1780) of NHC was a son of John COSTIN, Jr.

From my study of early records in Southern Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia, it appears that the earliest Stephen COSTON I was born about 1622 in England. Records reveal that by 1642/43 he was living in Northampton County, Virginia. By 5 Dec 1644, records show that he had married Anne Watts FOGG, a union that would produce 2 sons and 3 daughters. A son Francis inherited all of his father's Virginia lands in 1686. Several years earlier, another son, Stephen COSTON, Jr., had moved northward and settled in Somerset Co., MD. One or more descendants of these two brothers appear to have migrated to North Carolina.

Of particular interest is Francis COSTON of Northampton County, VA. Did he have a son Francis who migrated to New Hanover County and Onslow County in North Carolina? As shown above, evidence confirms that a Francis COSTIN lived in New Hanover County as early as 1754. Revolutionary War records reveal that a Stephen COSTON was born in NHC in 1755, enlisted in Onslow County and after the war lived there until his death in 1850. It is my presumption that, shortly after Stephen's birth in 1755 and before 1762, Stephen's father Francis moved his family to adjacent Onslow County.

I have no solid evidence as to the father of my ancestor, the other Stephen COSTIN\COSTON\COSTEN who was born 1770-1780 in New Hanover County and died between 1847 and 1850 in the same county. This page displays information that I have found on my ancestor Abigail COSTIN of New Hanover County, people who appear to be her siblings and persons who appear to be in her ancestral line. I also have displayed several related COSTEN families of Onslow. Also on this page is what I believe to be the ancestry of the COST?N males who left Virginia and\or Maryland to live in New Hanover County, Onslow County and, perhaps, Gates County, NC.

COSTIN Families of New Hanover County

John (COSTON) COSTIN, Sr., b bef 1730, d aft 1790, (living in New Hanover County in 1790 census). Although speculative, I believe he had the following issue:

  1. John (COSTON) COSTIN, Jr., b bef 1750, d aft 1820. He is presumed to be the father who was the marriage bondsman for son-in-law Christopher HOWARD on 17 Mar 1801. The following are believed to be issue of John COSTIN, Jr. and his wife, name unknown:

    1. Abigail COSTIN, b 1767-1775, d 16 Sep 1844 New Hanover Co.; m Josiah REGISTER
    2. Stephen COSTIN, born between 1770 and 1775 based on my analysis of census data. He died in NHC between 1843 and 1845. Stephen married Abigail BURNS, daughter of Bartholomew BURNS, II of Duplin County. Abigail BURNS was born about 1775 in NC and died after the 1850 NHC census in which she was listed as head of household, age 75, an apparent widow of Stephen. Living in the household was Elizabeth COSTIN, age 32. Also of note was Abigail's listing adjacent to that of Levi COSTIN, presumed to be her son. The issue of Stephen and Abigail [Burns] COSTIN, all born in NHC, follows. It is possible that one or more of these belong to a brother or uncle of Stephen.

      1. Levi COSTIN, b 12 Oct 1793, d aft 1870 New Hanover Co.; m Mary REGISTER, dau of Josiah & Abigail [Costin] REGISTER. This Abigail was a sister of Stephen COSTIN, presumed to be a son of John COSTON, SR. Levi & Mary COSTIN had the following issue, and likely others born earlier than 1822, all in New Hanover County:

        1. Josiah COSTIN, b 1818-1820; d 18 Jan 1900 Buchanan Co, MO; m 14 Oct 1848 New Hanover Co, NC Susan SCUDDER, b abt 1832 NC, d 1860-1880 MO; 4 sons & 2 daus by 1860. [NOTE: My listing of Josiah as a son of Levi is speculative at this point. I would appreciate receiving any proof.]

          1. Robert L. COSTIN, b abt 1849 NC
          2. Miles W. COSTIN, b abt 1852 NC
          3. Laura L. COSTIN, b 1 Jul 1854 NC, d MO; m in MO Benjamin CARROLL
          4. James M. COSTIN, b abt 1856
          5. William F. COSTIN, b abt 1857
          6. Mary E. COSTIN, b 1860
          7. Edwin COSTIN, b abt 1863 MO
          8. Margaret COSTIN, b abt 1864 MO

        2. Stephen COSTIN, b abt 1822,
        3. William COSTIN, b abt 1829,
        4. Elizabeth COSTIN, b abt 1832, d aft 1850
        5. Sarah COSTIN, b abt 1834, m William Marshall MONROE
        6. Gaston COSTIN, b abt 1839

      2. Cenia COSTIN, b 1807, d aft 1850, m Joseph E. (Aikens) AKINS, b 1807; 6 daus & 2, perhaps 3, sons;
      3. Nancy COSTIN, b 1807, d aft 1850 m John ( Aikens) AKINS, b 1795, d aft 1850; 6 daus & 3 sons;
      4. John COSTIN, b abt 1808, d 1884 Pender Co.; m 1st Sophia LNU, b 1818, d 1850-1860; their issue, all born in New Hanover County:

        1. Stephen Benjamin COSTIN, b 1836, d aft June 1880 (living in Pender Co), m Susan Abigail EAKINS;
        2. John COSTIN, b 1839
        3. Chancery COSTIN, b 1842
        4. Buckley COSTIN, b 1844
        5. Jane COSTIN, b 1845
        6. Veranda G. COSTIN, b 1846, m 2 Nov 1871 James M. MOORE
        7. Valin COSTIN,b 1849
        8. Margaret COSTIN, b abt 1853, m Owen WOODCOCK

        John COSTIN, b abt 1808, d 1884 Pender Co.; m 2nd Celia E. WOODCOCK,  b 1823, d 19 Feb 1869; widow of John D. MOORE. Issue of John & Celia Woodcock Moore COSTIN, all born in NHC:

        1. Cora COSTIN, b abt 1864
        2. Ambrose COSTIN, b abt 1866

      5. Mary COSTIN, m a WOODCOCK; [per DAR application; my proof not yet obtained]
      6. Elizabeth COSTIN, b abt 1818,d aft 1850; single as of 1850.
      7. Hannah COSTIN, d aft 7 Mar 1847, m Byrd BOONE
      8. Charity COSTIN, m Fnu BONHAM

    3. Temperance COSTON (COSTIN) b abt 1780, m 23 Feb 1801 in NHC  Christopher HOWARD.
    4. Judy (Coston) COSTIN, b abt 1780, m 17 Mar 1801 NHC Wright REGISTER, son of Joseph & Mary REGISTER.

COST?N Families of Onslow County

Much work remains to be done in sorting out the early COSTON, COSTEN and COSTIN families in this county. For starters, I have assembled some of the families for whom I have found records. It is my belief that some, if not most, of these are related to those in Old New Hanover County. Additionally, I believe that these families have roots back in Somerset County, Maryland. Some researchers have suggested that some COSTON family members immigrated directly to NC respectively from Maryland and Virginia. Some of the latter may have been closely related to the COSTEN\COSTIN families of early Gates County, NC. The COST?N families listed below are known to have lived in early Onslow County. The first three listed are known to be brothers and I believe very likely were sons of Francis COSTON of Northampton County, Virginia. It is possible, however, that they and the other two listed below descended from Stephen COSTEN (COSTON) of Somerset County, MD, a younger brother of Francis of Northampton County, VA.

  1. Francis COSTEN, b bef 1725, d bet 10 Dec 1796 and Jan 1797 Onslow Co., NC; brother of Mathias and John per Mathias' will; other info also suggests a brother Stephen; m Daurity [name unknown] who d aft Jan 1797. Furthermore I believe that this Francis and his family were living in New Hanover County in 1755 when a son Stephen was born. Inasmuch as Francis had purchased land in Onslow and was not listed in the NHC 1762 census, it appears that he had moved his family to Onslow County. Their issue:

    1. John COSTEN, d bet 28 Oct 1785 and 10 Dec 1796; left heirs.
    2. Elizabeth COSTEN, d bef 10 Dec 1796, m [Fnu] HILL; left heirs
    3. Francis COSTEN, d bef 10 Dec 1796; left heirs.
    4. Sarah COSTEN, d aft 10 Dec 1796, m [Fnu] SINCLAIR (SINCLEAR),
    5. Stephen COSTEN, b 1755 New Hanover Co., d Jan 1850 Onslow Co., NC; Rev. War soldier, m [name unk]
    6. Comfort COSTEN, d aft 10 Dec 1796, m Lebin JUSTIS (JUSTICE)
    7. Mathew COSTEN, d aft 10 Dec 1796,

  2. Mathias COSTEN, d bet 28 Oct 1785 & Sep 1786 Onslow Co., NC; brother of Frances and John per Mathias' will; other info also suggests a brother Stephen; m Phebe [Lnu] who died aft 1786 Onslow census.
    1. Annie COSTEN, d aft 28 Oct 1785,

  3. John COSTEN, d aft 19 Dec 1771 Onslow Co., NC; brother of Frances and Mathias per Mathias' will; other info also suggests a brother Stephen; m Mary [Lnu], d aft 19 Dec 1771.
    1. Elizabeth COSTEN, d aft 19 Dec 1771; m [Fnu] MARCHANT
    2. John COSTEN, d aft 19 Dec 1771,
    3. Thomas COSTEN, d aft 19 Dec 1771,

  4. Stephen COSTON, b bef 1738, d bet 1759 & 1785 (not mentioned in Mathias' will); based on his being of majority and owning property in Onslow County in Dec 1759. Stephen COSTEN (presumed to be the same) appeared as a witness in 1765 with Mathew (Mathias?) COSTEN.

COSTON Families of Virginia and Somerset Co., Maryland

  1. Stephen COSTON, I, b abt 1622, England; d 1686 Northampton Co., VA; arrived in Northampton before 1642/43, land certif. passage by John Robinson; m bef 5 Dec 1644 "Anne"(one source suggests her full name as Anne Watts FOGG; however, I have no confirmation); d aft 1686; Their issue, all believed born in Northampton Co., VA:

    1. Stephen COSTEN, II, b bef 1658, d 1 Jan 1696/97 Somerset Co., MD; m 1680 Coventry Parish, Somerset Co., MD, Comfort FURNISS, b 29 Dec 1667 Manokin, MD, d 25 Jun 1735 Somerset Co., MD. Their issue, all born Somerset Co:

      1. Elizabeth COSTEN, b 22 Nov 1680, m William TOWNSEND.
      2. Matthias (sic) (Matthew ?) COSTEN, b 17 Oct 1683, d Jun 1716; m Sarah Lnu.
      3. Esther COSTEN, b 1 Oct 1685, m John TULL.
      4. Stephen COSTEN, III, b 10 Feb 1686/87, d bef 3 Mar 1728/29; m Mary FOGG.
      5. Isaac COSTEN, b 8 May 1689, d 12 Nov 1692.
      6. Ann "Anny" COSTEN, b 25 Jun 1693, Perrahawkin, Somerset Co., MD; unmarried
      7. Isaac COSTEN, b abt 1695, d bef Feb 1743/44; m Roseanna SMULLEN. Their issue:

        1. Isaac COSTEN, Jr., b 1733, d 1776 MD. His issue, b Somerset Co.,:

          1. Isaac COSTEN, III, b 30 Oct 1755, d aft 23 Dec 1799.
          2. Henry COSTEN, d aft 6 Oct 1801, most likely in MD.

    2. John COSTEN, b abt 1657, d abt 1684 Northampton Co., VA; m Anne LNU; a son Stephen, b 1677-1684.
    3. Francis COSTON, b abt 1665 VA, d 1721 (will probated 19 Apr 1721, Northampton Co, VA); m Isabel LNU. I believe the following sons who lived in Onslow Co., NC, were sons of Francis COSTON; however, until proof is found, this relationship should be considered speculative.

      1. Francis (click to see Francis of Onslow County NC above for details)
      2. Matthias (click to see Matthias of Onslow County NC above for details)
      3. John (click to see John of Onslow County NC above for details)
      4. Stephen (click to see Stephen of Onslow County NC above for details)Then click "back" to return here.

    4. Elizabeth, d aft 1686 most likely in Northampton Co.
    5. Esther, d aft 1686, m Teague O'DEAR
    6. Amey, d aft 1686, m John ISAACS

Did the sons of Francis COSTON of Northampton County, VA, move to North Carolina? Which descendants, if any, of Stephen COSTEN (COSTON) II, of VA and later of Somerset Co., MD, moved to North Carolina? Any help in confirming my speculated connections would be most appreciated. If you have any information, please send  me e-mail. Email: family (at) johncroom (dot) com (address uncoupled for security purposes)


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Batholomew BURNS, Sr., is believed to have been born in or shortly before 1731. A DAR application approved in 1935 lists his place of birth as North Carolina; however, I have not confirmed that information. A number of New Hanover County deeds reveal his name spelled at various times as BURNS, BYRNS and BYRNES and the earliest listing I have found for him is in the 1755 and 1767 censuses of New Hanover County. Land records in the same county reveal his early business dealings with COSTIN and REGISTER family members. It is likely that some of these references are for Junior, not Senior. Tracking Bartholomew can be confusing. It appears that after Bartholomew, Sr., died in late 1795 or early 1796 some land records refer to his son as "Sr." For this reason, I chose to refer to "Junior" as "II".

A number of New Hanover County land records describe the lands granted to and granted by Bartholomew BURNS, sometimes listed as BYRNES. The earliest of these I have found is a 160 acres patent dated 1 Sep 1753 granted to Bartholomew BURNS. A deed dated 20 Oct 1797 shows that he sold this land to "...John BYRNS, Junr son of Bartholomew BURNS..." (Note the interchangeable spellings by the registrar.) This deed appears to have been registered shortly after the death of Bartholomew. Most likely there were other early patents or land purchases by Bartholomew BURNS, Sr, but I have not yet completed my review of early New Hanover County deeds.

North Carolina records show the marriage of Bartholomew BURNS to Susana GIBBS on 7 Apr 1794 with John GIBBS as bondsman.  The 1800 Duplin County, NC census reveals a Bartholomew BURNS listed adjacent to a John GIBBS. That census and the one for 1810 indicate that Bartholomew was born between 1765 and 1774 and that he was married with a daughter who was born between 1794 and 1800. It seems to me that this Bartholomew BURNS likely was a son of one of the BURNS of Onslow county and very likely a nephew of Bartholomew BURNS, Sr, of New Hanover County.

Bartholomew BURNS, Sr., born before 1735, died early 1796 NHC, married an Elizabeth whose maiden name is unknown. New Hanover records reveal that she was apportioned a widow's dower shortly after June 1796. Bartholomew and Elizabeth had at least six offspring, all born in New Hanover County:

  1. Bartholomew BURNS, II, (often listed as Sr., after the death of his father abt 1796), b 1756 NC, d abt 1817 New Hanover Co., NC; m 1st [Name Unknown]. Their issue:
    1. Abigail BURNS, b abt 1775, d aft 1850 New Hanover Co.; m Stephen COSTIN (Note: In NH court record, father refers to dau Abigail as wife of Stephen COSTIN). In 1850 NH census, Abigail COSTIN, head of household, is listed living adjacent to Levi COSTIN and his family. It is apparent that she is the widow of Stephen COSTIN who died between 1847 and 1850 and is living next to her son, Levi.
    2. Martha (Mary?) BURNS, d 1850 Homes Co., FL, m Ezekiel REGISTER. (Note: In a NHC court record, father refers to dau Martha as wife of Ezekiel REGISTER)
    3. John Bartholomew BURNS, d bef Dec 1826. His surviving heirs rec'd 1/3 share of estate of Bartholomew BURNS, II. He had at least one son named John, Jr.

    Bartholomew BURNS, II, m 2nd Ann [name unknown]. She died bef December 1826. NHC records show that as of 1815, Bartholomew was married to an Ann. All issue of Bartholomew were by his first wife: 2 daus & 1 son, all born in New Hanover County. They are listed under Third Generation.

  2. John, b bef 1760, m Elizabeth MALPASS NH Co., NC
  3. Peter
  4. Otway "Larry",
  5. Mathew (Mathey)
  6. Elizabeth

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The earliest records for a REGISTER in North Carolina appear to be in Sampson County. I believe a Joseph REGISTER possibly moved there from Delaware or Maryland. Ship passenger listings and other records in Delaware and Maryland suggest to me that the name of this REGISTER may have been spelled as REDCHESTER and\or REDGESTER. Such spelled surnames are found in records not only in Delaware and Maryland, but in early North Carolina as well. Until more is learned, I am listing Joseph REGISTER, Sr. as the probable progenitor of the REGISTER families listed on this page.

  1. Joseph REGISTER, Sr., was born about 1705, possibly in Scotland, Delaware or Maryland. I have seen some speculation that he was born in Isle of Wight Co., VA. He died about 1790 in Sampson County, NC. He married a Mary whose maiden name is unknown and they had the following issue, all believed to have been born in what is now Sampson Co:

    1. Joseph REGISTER, Jr., b abt 1730, d 1823, m Mary [LNU]. They had the following issue, all born in Sampson County:

      1. Josiah REGISTER, b abt 1762, d abt 1855 Moore's Creek, New Hanover Co; m Abigail COSTIN, b 1767-1775, believed to be a dau of John (COSTON) COSTIN, Jr., who was born bef 1750, d aft Feb 1801. Josiah & Abigail Costin REGISTER had the following issue, all born in NC:

        1. Luke REGISTER, b at 1790, d 1851 NH Co; m 1st bef 1821 Mary HENRY, dau of William "Tailor Billy" HENRY and his wife, Jane Jenett WILEY. They had the following issue, all born in NC:

          1. William H. REGISTER,
          2. John James REGISTER, b 1821, d 1906 Moore Co., NC; m Susannah DAVIS,
          3. Robert REGISTER, b 1824
          4. Aaron REGISTER, b 1832, d aft 9 Jan 1911 FL, m Louisa Anita ALVAREZ

          Luke REGISTER married 2nd Agnes JAMES after his first wife Mary HENRY (nee) died between 1832 and 1842. Luke and Agnes [James] REGISTER had a daughter, Mary Elizabeth, born abt 1843.

        2. Charity REGISTER, b 31 Mar 1791, d 1879 NC, m Corneilus "Neal" HENRY; son of William "Tailor Billy" HENRY and his wife, Jane Jenett WILEY.
        3. Mary REGISTER, b abt 1793, d bet 1860 & 1870 New Hanover Co.; m Levi COSTIN, son of Stephen & Abigail Burns COSTIN I.
        4. John C. REGISTER, b 1796 NC, d 1860-1870; m Rebecca GUFFORD, b 1800 NC, d 1850-1860. John received a land grant in 1848 in Buchanan Co., MO. He & his family and his brother Francis and his family were living in MO by 1850. Issue of John & Rebecca REGISTER known to me, all born in New Hanover Co, NC:

          1. John G. REGISTER, b 4 Aug 1818, d 20 Oct 1879 DeKalb Co, MO; bur Pleasant Ridge Cem. in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co, MO. m Sarah CROOM; 6 sons & 3 daus.
          2. Josiah REGISTER, b abt 1821. In 1850 he was in El Dorado County, CA, as a 28 year-old miner from NC. He was listed in the census with many others from all of over the country who had come to seek fortunes in the Gold Rush of '49. By 1860, not having found his fortune, the census shows him living in Buchanan Co, MO with a wife and child; bur Pleasant Ridge Cem. in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co, MO.
          3. William REGISTER, b abt 1837, d aft 1850 (living in Buchanan Co, MO w/parents); bur Pleasant Ridge Cem. in St. Joseph, Buchanan Co, MO.

        5. Stephen REGISTER, m a BURTON
        6. Richard Michael REGISTER, b 1802, d aft 1850 NH Co.; m Jane GUFFORD
        7. Aaron REGISTER, b 1806, d aft 1870; (1850 living in Franklin, Chicot Co, AR, 1860 &1870 living in Tensus Parish, LA
        8. Francis "Frank" REGISTER, b 1809, d aft 1850; m Sarah "Sallie" JOHNSON, b 1806 NC, d aft 1850. Francis and his family were in Missouri by 1848 with his brother John and his family. At least 2 sons: Matthew & Owen.
        9. Elizabeth "Betsy" REGISTER, b abt 1809, d aft 1850; m Matthew JOHNSON, b 1792 NC, d aft 1850 (living in NHC).
        10. Margarette REGISTER, b 1818, d aft 1850 (living in MO); m NC James HIGHSMITH, b 1817 NC, d aft 1850. Margaret & her family moved west aft 1848 and were living near her brothers John & Francis in Buchanan Co., MO in 1850.
      2. Shadrach "Shade" REGISTER, b abt1765
      3. Ezekiel REGISTER, b 1778, d 20 Feb 1840 Holmes Co., FL; m Mary (Martha) BURNS, dau of Bartholomew BURNS, II, & his 1st wife.
      4. Wright REGISTER, b 1770-1775, m 17 Mar 1801 NH Co. Judy COSTIN.
      5. Zebedee

    2. Benjamin REGISTER, (speculative father-son relationship)  b abt 1735 Duplin County, d 1811-1812 Sampson County, NC; Revolutionary War Patriot: wife unk; their issue:

      1. John REGISTER, b 21 May 1760, d 30 Dec 1830 in GA; m 16 Nov 1781 Dorcas ROWELL.
      2. Silas REGISTER, b abt 1763, d abt 1811 in SC; Revolutionary War Patriot.
      3. Thomas REGISTER, b abt 1764, d aft 5 Apr 1811.
      4. Benjamin REGISTER, Jr, b abt 1765, d aft 5 Apr 1811.
      5. Joseph REGISTER, b abt 1767, d aft 5 Apr 1811.
      6. Mary REGISTER, b abt 1769, d aft 5 Apr 1811; m James COOK.

    3. Joshua REGISTER, b abt 1735, (speculative father-son relationship)
    4. Thomas REGISTER, Sr., b abt 1737, d aft 1754; m Judy LNU; their known issue:

      1. David REGISTER, b 1764; m Mary LNU
      2. John REGISTER, Jr, b 1766 Duplin County, d aft 28 Apr 1834 Sampson Co, NC; Revolutionary War Patriot.
      3. Patrick REGISTER, b 1775
      4. Owen REGISTER, b 1777; m Hannah LNU
    5. William REGISTER,, b abt 1745, (speculative father-son relationship)
    6. John REGISTER, Sr., b abt 1763 Duplin (area later Sampson) County; d 19 Sep 1832; m 11 May 1784 Edith MATTHIS; they had at least 2 sons and perhaps 3 daus; Revolutionary War Patriot.

    This writer's note: My thanks to John Murlin and his cousin, Ann Register Link, for their recent help with the family of Joseph Register, Sr.

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