Descendants of Major Croom

Son of Daniel Croom

The second son of Daniel and his first wife Elizabeth was born about 1722 in VA. He often is referred to as Major CROOM, I. Major CROOM died shortly after January 1791 in Lenoir Co., NC. Goochland County, VA, records show that shortly after Major came of age and while living in "Claiden" (I believe this to be mistaken for Craven) County, NC, he sold the Virginia property that he inherited from his father. He is recorded as buying property in Dobbs County in 1744. (The area settled by Major was in Craven County at that time. It became Johnston in 1746, Dobbs in 1759 and Lenior County in 1790).

A number of records suggest that Major CROOM, I, son of Daniel, married an Olief in or shortly before 1743. Some family histories suggest her surname was AVERY; however, after many years of searching I have not discovered any record of their marriage or any proof of her family name. Some have speculated that Olief was a sister of the first Attorney General of North Carolina, Waightstill AVERY. Read the contents to the right and see why I assert that this purported relationship is incorrect family lore.

For many years, several researchers and compilers suggested that all of the offspring of Major CROOM I were borne by his wife, Olief. We now know that Major married a second time and sired three--some say four--additional offspring.

In 1997 information was brought to my attention suggesting that Major CROOM I had a daughter named Caty. I initiated correspondence with Candace Booth BINDER of LA and she was most helpful in referring me to  several records in Winton, County, SC, that show convincingly that Major had a daughter Caty, who was born between 1745 and 1751. This estimated date of birth is based on my own analysis. To my knowledge, no information of this child has been found among various North Carolina records, probably due to the devastating courthouse fires of 1878 and 1880 in Lenoir--formerly Dobbs--County.

Records in Winton County, SC reveal that Major CROOM of Dobbs County, NC, had grandchildren living in South Carolina before the end of the eighteenth century. From those records, we learn that Major had a daughter, Caty, who married a James COLLINS, most likely in Dobbs Co., NC. Caty died around 1782, possibly following the birth of a son. It seems possible that she died in Dobbs County and after her death, James COLLINS and their children moved to Winton County, SC, where he shortly thereafter remarried. The earliest Winton County courthouse record I have found for a James COLLINS is dated 1787. James COLLINS lived only a short time after his second marriage, as Winton County records show that he died in Nov 1789. Court records filed in Winton County show that in January 1791 Major CROOM of Dobbs County, NC, sought to block the sale by Nancy COLLINS, the widow of James, of a slave named Violet, whom Major had given to his granddaughter, Mary COLLINS, a child of Caty Croom COLLINS. The evidence seems fairly conclusive that the long-reported list of the children of Major and Olief should be amended to reflect the birth of a daughter, Caty, between 1745 and 1751. To my knowledge, these Winton County records are the last known to have been signed by Major CROOM, I.

A petition filed in 1801 with the Governor of NC confirms that LOTT CROOM (c1759-c1827), the father of Redding and his siblings, was a son of ABEL CROOM, older brother of MAJOR CROOM (1722-1791). LOTT and his descendants are listed on the ABEL CROOM page.



A Myth: Olief Avery was a Sister of Waightstill

Some descendants of Major CROOM allege that Olief AVERY married him about 1743 and was an older sister of Waightstill AVERY, Revolutionary War hero and the first Attorney General of NC. My research of the Humphrey AVERY family of Connecticut into which Waightstill was born refutes this claim.

Humphrey AVERY married Jerusha MORGAN on 5 Sep 1724 in Groton, CN. Waightstill was their tenth son and was born in 1741. After graduating from the College of New Jersey (later Princeton), he read law with a prominent Maryland lawyer. In 1769 he moved to North Carolina and in 1772 was appointed the Attorney General for the Crown.

Records do not indicate that Waightstill AVERY had a sister named Olief.  Records clearly show that Humphrey, the father of Waightstill, was born, lived and died in Connecticut. How then can anyone explain a supposedly young but older sister of Waightstill AVERY coming to North Carolina unescorted over 25 years before Waightstill himself arrived? I note that Waightstill came to NC about eight years after Olief, wife of Major CROOM, I, had died.

 Interestingly, Major's son, Major Jr., named his first son born in 1777 Waightstill. That also was the same year that Waightstill AVERY became the state's first Attorney General. Prior to that, Waightstill had served for five years as the Attorney General for the Crown. It is very likely that during this time he and Major CROOM were personally acquainted.

 It appears that Mary, a daughter of Major and Mary Hardee CROOM, Jr, married Ila LOFTIN and named a son Waightstill Avery LOFTIN. It is my opinion that the Attorney General was a close friend of the CROOM family during the Revolutionary War.


Due to server space limitations, data in my files on many of the more recent generations of Croom families are not posted on these pages. Generally, my emphasis has been on families before 1870.

Major and Olief (Avery ?) CROOM, are believed to have had the following issue, all born in Dobbs County:

  1. Sarah CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), b abt 1741-1744; d bet 25 Jul 1798 & Apr 1799; m Thomas? (speculative) HARDEE. Their issue, all born Dobbs\Lenoir Co.:

    1. Major HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1760-1765, d 1808-1810; m abt 1786 Lenoir Co. Nancy KENNEDY. After Major's death, she married his brother Joseph in 1826, after the death of Joseph's first wife Sarah BRIGHT (surname speculative). Major and Nancy had the following issue, all born in Dobbs (later Lenoir) County:

      1. Abraham E. HARDEE, b abt 1789, d abt 1849 Lenoir Co; m Rachel HILL. Their issue:

        1. Mary Ann HARDEE, m Frank JOHNSTON.
        2. Major R. HARDEE, b 20 Mar 1817, d 24 Sep 1901 Pitt Co, NC; m Alice EDWARDS.
        3. Bright HARDEE, b abt 1821
        4. James HARDEE, b abt 1823, m Sallie GOODBRIDGE
        5. Nancy HARDEE, b abt 1825, m Jefferson W. ROUSE.

      2. James HARDEE, b 1790-1795,
      3. Mary HARDEE, b abt 1794, d 30 Jan 1838 Lenoir Co, m John Linkfield HILL
      4. Charles HARDEE, b 1794-1800, d bef 1816 Lenoir Co.
      5. John HARDEE, b abt 1800, d possibly bef 1830. A son, Lemuel G. HARDEE.
      6. Nancy HARDEE, b 5 Jul 1804, d 2 Sep 1859 Lenoir Co., m 27 Jan 1829 Joseph Rasberry CROOM, Rev. Their issue: 6 sons & 5 daus.

    2. Joseph HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 17601765, d 1830-1840 Lenoir Co; m 1st bef 1795 Sarah BRIGHT (surname speculative). Their issue:

      1. Major HARDEE, b 1795-1800, d Apr 1849 Johnston Co, NC; m 1st Elizabeth MEWBORN Their issue: 4 sons & 3 daus.
      2. Isaac HARDEE, b 1795-1800
      3. Bright HARDEE, b 18 Nov 1802, m Lydia MEWBORN

    3. Mary HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1) , b abt 1769, m Walter KENNEDY
    4. Isaac HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1774-1780, d 1830-1840 Lenoir Co.
    5. William HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1780, d 1850-1860 Lenoir Co; m unknown. Their issue:

      1. Pickney Coatsworth HARDEE, b 8 Sep 1801, d 3 Feb 1873 Lenoir Co; m 1st Elizabeth JONES; m 2nd abt 1851 Persis Arendall PARROTT.
      2. Major HARDEE, b 1813, d 1853 Sabine Co., LA; m in Covington, AL Elizabeth LILES

    6. Olief HARDEE ,(Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1)
    7. Elizabeth HARDEE  (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1),b abt 1781, d 1 Sep 1858 Lenoir Co; m Jesse Croom KENNEDY.
    8. Susannah HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b bef 1798 (date of mother's will), m 25 Feb 1810 NC Jesse Hare CROOM, son of Richard & Ann Nancy Hare CROOM.
    9. Catherine HARDEE (Sarah, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1786, d abt 1830; m Jonathan ROUSE. A dau, Catherine, b 9 Feb 1822.
  2. Joshua CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), , b 1744; d 1800; m Nancy BRYAN. Nancy m 2nd aft 1800 William HARDY(?). (Note: Proof is needed for the surname of Nancy's 2nd husband.) Joshua and Nancy Bryan CROOM had the following issue, all born in Dobbs Co., NC:

    1. William CROOM (Joshua3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1774-1784, d bet 1809 & 6 Aug 1810 in Lenoir Co; m bef Mar 1804 Mary "Polly" GATLIN, possibly dau of Thomas GATLIN of Craven Co.; Aft William's death, Mary m 5 Sep 1811 Lewis BRYAN. William and Mary "Polly" CROOM had the following issue, all born in Lenoir Co:

      1. Joshua S CROOM, b abt 1800, d 1850-1860 in Catahoula Parish, LA; m 6 Oct 1836 in Amite Co, MS, Elizabeth JONES of SC. Joshua presumably accompanied his mother's parents to Chicot Co, AR, shortly before 1833. He soon thereafter moved down the Mississippi River to Amite County where he married. After 1843, he moved across the river to Catahoula County, LA. Joshua & Elizabeth Jones CROOM had the following issue:

        1. Joann CROOM, b 23 Jun 1838, d 16 Jun 1912, m Christian H. GIRLINGHOUSE
        2. William B CROOM, b 1843, d aft 1850;
        3. Mary J CROOM, b 1844 in LA;
        4. James Perkins CROOM, b 13 Oct 1847 in Catahoula Parish, LA, d 18 Dec 1915 in Grant Parish, LA; m Mary Ann BRAZELL; a son, Benjamin Baker CROOM; likely others.

      2. Julia Ann CROOM, b aft 6 Aug 1810, d 1858-1860 Wayne County, NC; m Ransom GARRIS. Their issue, b in New Hanover and/or Wayne County, NC:

        1. Pearcy Ann GARRIS, b abt 1845
        2. Howell GARRIS, b abt 1847
        3. John GARRIS, b abt 1849
        4. Ransom GARRIS, b abt 1850
        5. Julia GARRIS, b abt 1852
        6. Zilpha GARRIS, b abt 1853
        7. William GARRIS, b abt 1855
        8. George GARRIS, b abt 1858

    2. Olief "Olive" CROOM (Joshua3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 29 Jul 1780, d 5 Sep 1841; m 1st William W. BRYAN, s/o Col. John & Patsy Hinton BRYAN; their issue, all born in NC:

      1. Elizabeth Ann BRYAN, b 24 Feb 1804, d 17 Jun 1857 Mooringsport, LA; m 29 Jun 1822 Timothy MOORING, b c1801 NC; their issue:
        1. Margaret Elizabeth MOORING, b 29 Jan 1827 Henderson Co, NC, d 2 Jul 1897 Mooringsport, Caddo Parish, LA; m 12 Jan 1851 her half 3rd cousin, once removed Calvin Stewart CROOM (click to see his ancestry at this web site); their issue: 3 daus & 5 sons.
      2. Nancy BRYAN
      3. Susan Elizabeth BRYAN
      4. Argent BRYAN
      5. William Croom BRYAN

      Olive CROOM m 2nd 27 Oct 1814 Elijah SMITH; their issue: 3 daus & 1 son.

    3. Richard G. CROOM (Joshua3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1785, d 1841; m 1806 Ann Hare CROOM, dau of Richard & Nancy HARE CROOM. The latter Richard was a son of Major CROOM, I, & his second wife, Susannah. Richard & Ann Hare CROOM had a dau, Eliza Maria. [Note: Military and Grantor/Grantee Indices strongly suggest his name as Richard G. Croom. I have found no record supporting a middle name of Caswell, as some claim.]

  3. Catherine "Caty." CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), (read above comments on Caty) b 1745-1751, NC; m in Dobbs County NC, James COLLINS, son of Joseph COLLINS of Spotsylvania Co, VA (father needs more proof) ; d between 1782 and 1787, possibly in NC, but more likely in Winton County, SC. Their issue:

    1. James W. COLLINS, Sr., "The Elder", b bef 1769 (JHC est) d 1836 Greene Co., AL; m 1st bef 1785 Mary ODOM, d abt 1812 ; 4 sons & 4 daus; m 2nd 1816 Martha STIVENDER, dau of Eberhard STIVENDER. She was widow of James E. STEINWINDER, Sr.
    2. Elizabeth COLLINS, m Benjamin TONEY
    3. Lydia COLLINS, m 12 Sep 1806 Richmond Co., GA Benjamin FUDGE
    4. John COLLINS, m 12 Jun 1795 Richmond Co., GA Martha BRITT
    5. Major Croom COLLINS, b bef 1780, d 1820-1830 Jefferson Co., GA; m 4 Mar 1800 Richmond Co., GA Mary TRIPLETT
    6. Mary COLLINS, b bef 1778, d 7 Sep 1818; m 29 Aug 1795 Richmond Co., GA Miles H. GATHRIGHT, Jr. 2 sons
    7. Susannah COLLINS, m 13 Jun 1799 Richmond Co., GA William SPEED
    8. Daniel COLLINS, b abt 1781 NC, d 20 Mar 1843 Greene Co., AL; m Nancy FRYE
    9. William Wainwright COLLINS, b abt 1782 Dobbs Co., NC, d 8 Jan 1844 Greene Co., AL; m abt 1806 Barnwell Dist., SC, Elizabeth BLAYLOCK. A son, Major Robert Croom COLLINS. There may have been other issue.


  4. Major CROOM, Jr (Major I 2Daniel 1),  b 29 Nov 1755; d aft 1810; m Mary HARDEE, b 1755-1760, d 12 Apr 1845. Their issue, born Dobbs\Lenoir Co.:

    1. Waightstill CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 19 Dec 1777, d 1816
    2. Elizabeth CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 13 Dec 1778, d 14 May 1829 Lenoir Co.; m Jesse JONES. 4 daus & 4 sons.
    3. Abraham CROOM, MD (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 11 Mar 1782, d 9 May 1829 Lenoir Co., m Penelope BUSH. 6 daus & 4 sons.  Their issue, all born in Lenoir County:

      1. Nancy R. CROOM, b 1810, d 1902; m Wm HERRING, son of Whitfield & Bathsheba Garland HERRING. 3 sons & 2 daus
      2. William Henry CROOM, b 23 May 1813, d 2 Nov 1892; m 1st 4 Nov 1840 Sarah R. CASWELL, d 16 Feb 1843. No issue. [NOTE: I have not been able to confirm this marriage information from Doris Croom Outlaw. jhc]

        William Henry CROOM m 2nd Mary Ann HOLLAND, b 1820, d 11 Feb 1857. Their issue:

        1. John Franklin, b 13 Feb 1847, d 1 Jan 1938 Magnolia, Duplin Co., m 1st abt 1873 Bettie P. GAVIN, b 13 Sep 1849, d 22 Aug 1874.

          John Franklin CROOM m 2nd Leah Bradley ROBINSON, b 28 Jan 1853, d 23 Nov 1948 Magnolia, Duplin Co. 6 daus & 2 sons.

        2. William Hardy Bush, b 2 Mar 1851, m Mary RIVENBARK
        3. George Washington, b 2 Oct 1854, d abt 1855
        4. Lewis Henry, b 21 Dec 1856, d abt 1857

        William Henry CROOM m 3rd Susan Jane ROGERS Their issue:

        1. James Henry, b 13 May 1867, d 11 Aug 1891
        2. Albert Meyer, b 1 Aug 1869
        3. Olla Osco, b 1 Mar 1872 Duplin Co., d 6 May 1956 Rocky Mount, NC, m Maggie L. BRASWELL. 4 sons & 5 daus.
        4. Richard Flavis, b 17 Aug 1874, d 18 Feb 1942 Kinston, NC; m Maude Mildred ARNOLD

      3. Lydia CROOM, b 1815, m Parmell MOSELEY. Their issue: 13 offspring.
      4. John Leighton CROOM, 28 Jan 1824, d 28 Sep 1857; m 10 Sep 1840 Elizabeth ALDREDGE, d 21 May 1854. Their issue:

        1. William Henry, b 7 Aug 1841, d 1896; m Eliza E. HARDEE. 1 son & 4 daus.
        2. Julian Bush, b 13 Sep 1843, d 22 Nov 1843
        3. John Flavius, b 8 Dec 1844, d 11 Apr 1845
        4. Mary Penelope, b 20 Dec 1845, d abt 1945 Goldsboro, NC; m John R. MOORE. A dau, perhaps others.
        5. Elizabeth Jane, b 28 Aug 1847, d 7 Feb 1854
        6. Rotheus Caswell "Pic", b 22 Jan 1850, d 10 Oct 1928; m Mollie N. WARTERS. 6 sons & 5 daus.
        7. Luck Now, b 6 Aug 1851, d abt 1855
        8. Virginia Frances, b 26 Sep 1852, m Fnu WALTERS
        9. Julius Francis, b 26 Sep 1852; d young

        John Leighton CROOM reportedly married 2nd on 29 Dec 1854 Mary BAKER. No issue.


      5. Mary CROOM, b 1818, m Fnu JONES
      6. Frank CROOM,
      7. Penelope CROOM, b 1823
      8. Betsy CROOM, b abt 1825, m Fnu JONES, both died in Lake City, FL
      9. Catherine CROOM, b at 1826
      10. Dennie CROOM, b abt 1827, name of wife unknown; both died in Trenton, NC

    4. Mary (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 4 May 1783, d 2 Mar 1852; m John Eli? "Ila" LOFTIN; 2 sons & a dau.
    5. Joshua CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 12 May 1785, d 15 Feb 1839 Lenoir Co.; m 31 Dec 1810 Annie Penelope COBB. A dau, Elizabeth Carolina CROOM.
    6. Isaac CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), 2 Mar 1787, d 29 Jul 1841
    7. Major CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 13 Sep 1789
    8. Henry CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 17 Jul 1790
    9. Olief CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 29 Jan 1792
    10. Hardee CROOM (Major, Jr3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 29 Sep 1793


  5. Isaac CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), b 1759; d Aug 1795; m Eliza Mary Ann King HARE, dau of Jesse and Elizabeth Haywood HARE. Issue of Isaac & Eliza, all born in Dobbs\Lenoir Co.:

    1. Susan CROOM (Isaac3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1787, d 1794 Lenoir Co.
    2. Elizabeth CROOM (Isaac3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1792, d 1809 Lenoir Co.
    3. James R. CROOM (Isaac3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1794, d Feb 1841 Lenoir Co.
    4. Isaac CROOM, Jr (Isaac3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 6 Apr 1795, d 8 Feb 1863 Greensboro, Greene Co., AL; m 26 Jun 1824 Rowan Co., NC Sarah Ann PEARSON, dau of Richard D. PEARSON and sister of Richard Mumford PEARSON, Chief Justice, NC Supreme Court. No issue.
    5. Mary CROOM (Isaac3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1785, d 1805 Lenoir Co.


  6. Lott CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), b bef 1761; [NOTE: This Lott is a speculative son of Major and is not to be confused with Lott, son of Abel.]

Asa CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), Family lore has alleged that Major had a son named Asa. I found a Claims record for service in the Revolutionary War filed in 1786 by Joseph Bradley in Warrenton, Halifax County, for service on behalf of ASA CROOM . I have found no other records. I remain uncertain as to whether this is a different individual from the MAJOR ASA CROOM, who apparently was born to Abel CROOM. Therefore, no assignment of ASA is made here as a son of Major CROOM, I.

Major Croom's wife, Olief, died about 1761 in Dobbs County. Shortly afterwards, Major married Susannah HARDY ENLOE, widow of Abraham ENLOE. Some report that she was born in Pitt County about 1735 to John and Susannah TYSON HARDY; however, I have been unable to find any documentation supporting that relationship.

Major and Susannah CROOM had the following issue, all born in Dobbs County:

  1. Richard CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), b 1765, d 28 Jun 1805 Wayne Co., NC; m 26 Jan 1786 Ann Nancy HARE, dau of Jesse & Elizabeth Haywood HARE. Some of their issue are shown born in Lenoir Co.; however, ongoing research suggests to me that all of the offspring may have been born in Wayne Co. Their issue:

    1. John Enloe CROOM  (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1787 Lenoir Co., d bef 15 Jun 1811
    2. Jesse Hare CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), 4 Dec 1791 Lenoir Co., d 1 Apr 1849 Greensboro, Greene Co., AL; m 1st 25 Feb 1810 Wayne Co., NC, Susannah HARDEE. (Note: Some confusion has existed as to the respective parents of both Jesse H. Croom and his bride. Two newspaper marriage notices respectively referred to the bride of Jesse Croom as "Polly" HARDY and Susan HARDY. My thanks to Martha Marble, family researcher, for her assistance in getting me back to the facts. I believe the bride of Jesse was Susannah HARDEE, daughter of Thomas [spec] and Sarah Croom HARDEE. Sarah was a daughter of Major CROOM, I.) Jesse Hare Croom and Susannah were half 1st cousins. Jesse and Susannah Hardee CROOM had the following issue:

      1. Harriett E. CROOM, d aft 1843, m William HOSKINS
      2. Emily Hare CROOM, m 1 Jan 1835 Mobile, AL, Calvin NORRIS
      3. Nancy E. CROOM, m Robert SPARROW
      4. Richard H. CROOM, b abt 1828 AL, d Oct 1850 Greene Co., AL; m unknown
      5. Benjamin H. CROOM,
      6. Frank CROOM, reportedly died "young."

      Jesse Hare CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1)  m 2nd on 30 May 1838 in Perry Co., AL, Keziah MOORE, b NC, d aft 1850. Their issue, born in AL:

      1. Jesse Hare CROOM, Jr., 23 Mar 1839 AL, d 16 Mar 1905 East TX, m Mary Rebecca SULLIVAN, b 1844 Union Town, AL, d 1911 East TX. Their issue:

        1. Mabel CROOM, b 1878, d 1954 Oakdale, Allen Parish, LA; m Garland Best PEARSON, b 6 Jan 1860, d 3 Feb 1942 LA.

        2. Mary Eula CROOM, b 4 Jan 188?, m Amos Bennington HYDE (aft Jun 1975, living in Woodville, TX)
        3. Robert Molton CROOM, d abt 1943, m Fnu BLEDSOE.
        4. Richard Franklin CROOM, b 1 Jan 1882, d abt 1978, perhaps in Troutdale, OR; m 1911 Mary Pugh EDGERLEY, d 1 Jan 1978, perhaps in Troutdale, OR.

      2. Keziah A. CROOM, b 1845 AL

    3. Anne Hare CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1792 Lenoir Co.; m 1806 Richard G. Caswell? CROOM, son of Joshua & Mary Nancy Bryan CROOM. 3 sons & 1 dau. [Note: Military and Grantor/Grantee Indices strongly suggest his name as Richard G. Croom. I have found no record supporting a middle name of Caswell.]
    4. Susan King CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1793 Lenoir Co., d bef 23 Jul 1825 Lawrence Co., AL; m aft 18 Mar 1818 Harris TINKER, M.D.
    5. Wiley Jones CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 10 Dec 1795 Wayne Co., NC, d 2 Aug 1849 Greensboro, AL; m 16 Dec 1817 Green Co., NC, Elizabeth HOLLIDAY, dau of Gen. Thomas & Elizabeth Hart HOLLIDAY. Elizabeth, wife of Wiley, b 13 May 1798 NC, d 12 Mar 1844 Greene Co., AL. Their issue:

      1. Wiley Jones CROOM, Jr., b 1817, d as a child.
      2. Richard CROOM, II, b 19 Oct 1818 Madison Co., AL, d 19 Oct 1849 Greene Co., AL; m 21 Jan 1847 Greene Co, AL Lucy HUDDLESTON
      3. Elizabeth Ann CROOM, b 4 Mar 1820 Lawrence Co, AL, d 26 Oct 1911; m 9 Dec 1837 Greene Co., James Levi TUNSTALL
      4. Thomas Holliday CROOM, b 31 Oct 1821 Lawrence Co, AL; d 3 Dec 1858 Greene Co.; m Martha W. HUCKLEBEE
      5. Jesse Hare CROOM, b 14 Aug 1823 Lawrence Co., AL, d Oct 1860 Ft Bend Co., TX (murdered); m 2 Dec 1844 Greene Co., AL Emeline "Emma" HUDDLESTON.
      6. John LaFayette CROOM, b 25 Nov 1826 LaGrange, Franklin Co., AL, d 26 Apr 1912 Wharton, TX; m Ellen Harriett DAVIS.
      7. Platt Sylvester CROOM, M.D., b 31 Mar 1829, d 1889 Holmes Co., MS; m 25 Mar 1850 Greene Co., AL Sarah MAY.
      8. Harriett H. CROOM, b 1832, d 1868; m 15 Jan 1850 Greene Co., AL George F. HUCKLEBEE.
      9. Mary Lousiana CROOM, b 8 Dec 1833 Lawrence Co., AL, d Texas; m James W. CHADWICK
      10. Wilie Talamn CROOM, b 11 Mar 1835 Lawrence Co., AL, d 24 May 1841 Huntsville, AL.
      11. Susan Jane CROOM, b 2 Aug 1837, d 25 Oct 1838.
      12. Camilla Dudley Holliday CROOM, b 8 Nov 1838 Greene Co., AL, d 1887 NC; m 28 Aug 1858 Greene Co, William Blount RODMAN.
      13. Laura Sarah CROOM, b 9 Nov 1840 Greene Co., m Luther Leonidas HILL, Reverend.
      14. Elizabeth CROOM, b abt Dec 1843 Greene Co., AL, m W. M. SELDEN.

    6. Harriet E. CROOM (Richard3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b abt 1796 Wayne Co., NC, d aft Mar 1818; m aft 13 Jan 1817 Smith HOGAN

  2. Hardee CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), b abt 1764 Dobbs Co; d Nov 1807 Lenoir County, intestate; wife  predeceased husband between 1800 & 1807; no issue. It is this writer's belief that Hardee very likely married Olive BRYAN, dau of John & Elizabeth Oliver BRYAN of New Bern. Additional proof is sought.

  3. William CROOM, Maj. Gen. (Major I 2Daniel 1), b 4 Jan 1772, d 9 May 1829; m 1st abt 1796 Mary BRYAN, dau of Col. Nathan & Winnifred BRYAN. Issue of William & Mary CROOM, all born in Lenoir Co., NC: 

    1. Hardy Bryan CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 8 Oct 1797, d 9 Oct 1837 Cape Hatteras, m 1821 NC Frances H. SMITH. Two daus & 1 son perished with their parents in sinking of the steamship Home. Click here to read account of tragedy.
    2. Susan Matilda CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1800, d abt 1821 Aberdeen, MS; m Edmund WHITFIELD; no children.
    3. Bryan S. CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 8 Oct 1801, d 24 Dec 1875 Montgomery, AL; m 27 Jul 1826 Eveline HAWKS, dau of Samuel HAWKS. No issue. Bryan completed the building of Goodwood Plantation near Tallahassee, FL which was begun by Hardy Bryan CROOM shortly before his tragic death. Hardy had died intestate, and after a 20-year legal battle Henrietta SMITH, the mother-in-law of Hardy, was awarded the ownership of Goodwill Plantation. Bryan was left near bankruptcy and shortly afterwards moved to Montgomery, AL, where hed died 24 Dec 1875.
    4. Richard CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 20 Sep 1805, d 2 Feb 1859 Sumter Co., AL, bur Croom Cem.; m 1829 Lenoir Co. Winifred Bryan WHITFIELD, b 17 Oct 1812, dau of Gen. Bryan & Winifred BRYAN WHITFIELD, the 2nd wife of General Whitfield. Their issue:

      1. Winifred Brian CROOM, b 28 Jun 1831, d 12 Oct 1856 Atlanta, GA; m Gen. George W. SAPPINGTON
      2. Nicholas Pavolich CROOM, b 30 Jun 1833,d 20 Mar 1866 Sumter Co, AL
      3. Mary Ann Whitfield CROOM, b 31 Jul 1836, 21 Jun 1867 Leon Co, FL; m 2 Nov 1858 Richard Allen WHITFIELD, s/o James B. & SallyWooten WHITFIELD
      4. Bryan CROOM, b 10 Jan 1839, d 12 Nov 1863 Sumter Co, AL; m 16 Feb 1861 Augusta F. MARSHALL
      5. Susan Matilda CROOM, b 2 Aug 1841, d 30 Jun 1920 Sumter Co, AL; m James "Jimmie" George WHITFIELD, s/o James B. & SallyWooten WHITFIELD; their issue: 2 daus
      6. James CROOM, b 14 Oct 1843, d as infant

    William CROOM (Major I 2Daniel 1), m 2nd in 1809 Elizabeth "Betsy" WHITFIELD, b July 1786, dau of Gen. Bryan & Mary BRYAN WHITFIELD. (Note: Betsy was the older half-sister of Winifred, the wife of William's son Richard.) Issue of William and Elizabeth CROOM, all born in Lenoir Co. NC:

    1. Mary E. CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1811; apparently died young.
    2. Ann Nancy Bryan CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1812, d Jackson Co., FL; m 1829 Edward Church BELLAMY, M.D.; 4 sons
    3. William Whitfield CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b aft 1812, d Gasden Co., FL; m Julia STEVENS, dau of Cicero STEVENS; their issue, b Quincy, FL:

      1. Elizabeth Whitfield CROOM, b 1839, d 1900; m Charles Edward BELLAMY, her 1st cousin and son of Dr. Edward Church BELLAMY.
      2. Stephens CROOM, b 12 Dec 1839, d 29 Jul 1884 Asheville, NC, bur Mobile, AL; m 1874 Mary MARSHALL, dau of B. F. MARSHALL of Mobile, AL. They had a son, William Whitfield CROOM.

    4. John Quincy A. CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 1816, d 1825 NC.
    5. Elizabeth "Betsy" Jane CROOM, b Mar 1819, d 11 May 1837 Jackson Co., FL; m 11 May 1837 Jackson Co., FL Samuel C. Bellamy, M.D. (brother of Edward). No issue. Read about Elizabeth's tragic death on her wedding night.
    6. George Alexander CROOM (William3, Major I 2 , Daniel 1), b 7 Oct 1821, d 5 Jul 1890 FL; m 13 Feb 1843 Julia M. CHURCH, b 8 May 1824 Athens, GA, dau of Alonzo CHURCH, DD. George and Julia CROOM had the following issue, all born in FL:

      1. Hardy Church CROOM, b 4 Jul 1844 Leon Co., FL; d 14 Oct 1904 Savannah, GA, bur Jacksonville, FL; m 25 Apr 1867 Agnes Arinton WARE, b 1846, d 1921 Jacksonville, FL. Their issue, born in Florida:

        1. Hardy Church CROOM, II, b 5 Oct 1869, d 8 Nov 1869.
        2. Hardy CROOM, JR., b 27 Aug 1874, d 31 Jan 1940 (living in Jacksonville in 1912); m 28 May 1902 Lettie DuPont GIRADEAU, b 10 Mar 1883, Jefferson Co., FL; Their issue, all born in FL:

          1. Hardy CROOM, JR, b 25 Feb 1903, d 10 Apr 1951 Hopewell, VA; m 4 Jun 1927 Baltimore, MD, Harriett HOLMES, b 3 Dec 1904, d 4 Nov 1983 Richmond, VA. Their issue: 3 daus & 1 son.
          2. Howard Giradeau CROOM, b 1 Jan 1909, m 30 Jun 1934 Virginia Elizabeth SAUSSY, b 10 Feb 1911. 2 daus.
          3. Arinton Ware CROOM, b 21 Oct 1912, d 1928 Savannah, GA
          4. Leitia Church CROOM, b 24 Feb 1925.

      2. Alonzo Church CROOM, b 1 Dec 1845 Gadsden Co., d 7 Dec 1912 Ocala, FL; m 26 Apr 1870 Maria Randolph BOND. Their issue:

        1. Louise Bond CROOM, b 13 Oct 1874; m 1st 1893 Robert Erwin HARDEE; a dau Nancy Louise CROOM b 1895; m 2nd R. L. GRIFFIS.
        2. William Church CROOM, b 24 Jan 1876; m 1st Mary Ida JONES b 29 Oct 1895, d 2 Jun 1922; m 2nd 1928 Elizabeth BURNS, widow of Fnu JONES. Son of Elizabeth Burns JONES was adopted by William Church CROOM and named William Church CROOM, Jr. He married Frances Ellen HENNING. 2 daus.
        3. Hardy Church CROOM, II, b 3 Oct 1880 Lamont FL, d 1908; m 23 Oct 1901 Sara "Sallie" Mary Ann BELL, b 8 Aug 1881, d 1975. Their issue:

          1. Alonzo Church CROOM, II, b 13 Aug 1902, d 4 Nov 1903.
          2. Hardy Church CROOM, III, b 13 Aug 1905, d 11 Aug 1999 Cusetta, GA; m 30 Aug 1936 Mary Elizabeth HENRY. 2 daus.

        4. George Alexander CROOM, II, b 18 Dec 1888, d 11 Feb 1889.

      3. William Church CROOM, 18 Feb 1847, d 6 Jul 1854 FL.
      4. Sarah Jane Church CROOM, 29 Jun 1848, d 7 Aug 1912 Jacksonville, FL; m 21 Feb 1867 Thompson Brooks SIMKINS; 2 daus & a son.
      5. Julia Church CROOM, 4 Feb 1852, d aft 1878; m Thomas Hayward RANDOLPH, b 1845, d 16 Nov 1916; 3 sons & 2 daus.
      6. Elizabeth Church CROOM, b 4 Feb 1852, d 10 Jul 1854.
      7. Annie Elivia CROOM, 11 Oct 1854, d 16 May 1919 (living in Ridgefield, CT in 1912); m 12 Jun 1873 Porter S. BURRALL;
      8. Louisa Whitfield CROOM, 1 Apr 1859, d 17 Jun 1859.

Note: LNU= last name unknown
          FNU=first name unknown

Because of web storage limitations, I have not posted many known descendants of those listed on this page. If you have information about any members of these early Croom families or wish to learn more, please e-mail me.

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