Jacob Cooper Howard Robert Williams Howard Claudius Cooper Howard Betsy Williams Howard Mollie Smith Howard, wife of Robert Charles Barrett Howard H Bizzell Howard Left click to identify

Family Reunion of Descendants of Jacob Cooper Howard
Laurel Lake near Salemburg, Sampson County, North Carolina

Scroll to the bottom of this page for a list of most of the persons identified in the above photo. Then match the person with the drawing below and the photo above. (Note: Some may be identified by letting your cursor hover over a face for a second or two or by left clicking on their "hot-spot" and viewing their name in top, left-hand corner of the list below.)

 1. Robbie Howard
 2. Howard Blanchard
 3. Mollie P. Smith, wife of Robert
 4. Robert Williams Howard *, s/o Jacob
 5. Jim Howard
 6. Carrie Mathews Howard
 7. Jacob Cooper Howard
 8. Betsy Williams Howard, wife of Jacob
 9. Claudius Cooper Howard, s/o Robert
10. Isabella Williams Howard
11. John Blanchard
12. Irene Howard Blanchard, wife of John
13. Jennie Howard Williams,*wife of Nathan
14. Haywood Howard
15. Stewart Howard
16. Clarence Howard *
17. Maria "Rittie" Fisher Howard, wife of Clarence
18. Nathan Williams
19. Jim McMillian
20. Leslie Blanchard
21. Lucile Blanchard
22. Addie McMillian
23. Whitney Royals
24. Bell Howard Royals*, wife of Whitney
25. Hubert Howard
26. Ransom Herring
27. H. Bizzel Howard *
28. Charles Barrett Howard, s/o H Bizzell
29. John Ed Howard *
30. Evander Howard *
31. David Howard
32. A. F.  Howard *
33. Lillie Turlington Howard
34. Harry Howard
35. Clifford Howard
36. Edwin T. Howard
37. Clyda Lee Howard
38. Bessie Howard
39. Mallie Royals
40. Lula Howard
41. Rena Howard
42. Bonnie Howard
43. Pearl Howard
44. Frank Howard
45. Edgar Howard
46. Tilmond Howard
47. Lillie Howard Tyndell
48. Thomas Howard
49. Bizzel Williams
50. Cleveland Williams
51. Lettie Howard

* Children of Jacob & Elizabeth "Betsy" Williams Howard
Photos and text from a booklet by Clebert G. Jackson, January 28, 1976

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