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A great deal of confusion has existed for many generations in properly identifying the HENRY and HENDRY families of New Hanover and neighboring counties in eastern North Carolina. While some HENRY families in western NC have been traced to Ireland, most, if not all, of the HENDRY and HENRY families found in early New Hanover County had ties back to Scotland.

Initially, I relied on several letters written in 1911 by HENRY descendants. After much work, I now believe that some of the information in those letters with respect to several HENDRY families is incorrect. For additional information, please see a link to a HENDRY website at the bottom of this page.

This may or may not be the valid coat of arms for my Henry ancestors who are known to have lived in Scotland before coming to the American Colonies. One will find a number of variations for crests and coats of arms attributed to Henry families in both Scotland and Ireland.

HENRY Families in North Carolina

A number of correspondents have asked me for information on early HENRY families living in the Piedmont and western areas of North Carolina. To date, I have done little research with respect to these settlers. I am quite certain that researchers have been unable--at least thus far--to tie most of the HENRY families in the western part of NC to those early settlers of the same surname living in the eastern part of the state. The same statement applies to the MOORE surname, another ancestral line which can be found on another page at this web site. As noted on that page, my MOORE ancestors in eastern North Carolina can be traced to MOHR families in the Palatinate area of what is now Switzerland and Germany. Other MOORE families living contemporaneously in the same general area of eastern North Carolina can trace their ancestors back to Ireland.

Many early HENRY and MOORE families followed the Great Philadelphia Wagon Road, then a popular migration route along what is now Route 29, from Pennsylvania and Maryland, through Virginia and  into the Piedmont area of North Carolina near Greensboro. Some of these families coming from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia moved in the direction of what is now Randolph County while others continued to move southwest towards Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. Many continued on into South Carolina and into Georgia. Many of these HENRY and MOORE families in western NC have been traced back to England, and some HENRY families to Ireland.

Tying Colonial North Carolina HENRY & HENDRY settlers back to specific families in Scotland and/or Ireland remains a challenging task. For a good reading of this on-going effort, you may wish to visit this excellent site:


How Many Separate HENRY Family Lines in New Hanover County?

The HENRY surname of my ancestors very likely was HENDRY before it was anglicized in North America in the 1700s and early 1800s. My inspection of a number of books of passenger listings suggests that the HENDRY name tended to be associated more with Scotland while the HENRY name seemed more prominent among those emigrating from Ireland.  Several HENDRY names have been discovered among the manifests of ships from Scotland landing in Wilmington, NC, Charleston, SC and in New York as early as the 1740s. North Carolina had a large number of Scottish immigrants by the latter half of the eighteenth century. Many of those settled along the Cape Fear River from Wilmington up to Fayetteville. Most of the Scots in and around Fayetteville arrived by ship in Charleston and journeyed up to Cumberland and surrounding counties.

Researching the ancestors of these families in early North Carolina has been difficult, given the fact that most of them tended to provide similar names to offspring. Early HENRY ancestors in New Hanover and surrounding counties provided nicknames to a number of family members in order to differentiate the many HENRY members with similar first names living in the same county during the same time period. Some of those nicknames are reflected on this page. Because there were several intermarriages among these distinct family groups, the nicknames became indispensable in tracking these relationships.

Early correspondence dated 1911 suggests that many descendants believed  there were three distinct family groups living in New Hanover County by the end of the eighteenth century named HENRY and HENDRY, each having no kinship to one another, except through an occasional intermarriage.  Recent research reveals that all three of these groups emigrated from Scotland, two specifically from the Isle of Arran. We may yet discover that these latter two have a distant relationship. Additionally,  With potential new discoveries, it is quite possible that all of these groups will connect in Scotland.


On 25 July, 1774, a Neil HENRY was "...granted 100 acres (in N.H. Co.) on E. side Black River on a branch of Colvin's Creek called Turkey Branch, joining John Colvin." Application for this grant had been 20 May 1772.

Passenger listings show a Neil HENDRY, b 1747, Kintrye, Co. Argyll, Scotland, a tailor, sailed from Greenock in Sep 1774 on the "Diana", Captain D. Ruthven, and with 35 other passengers disembarked at Wilmington, NC. One source stated the trip took less than a month while another states the arduous passage took three months.. This was the same Neil arriving to settle on his land grant.

Research by Anna & Roger Dodson and others has placed the Neil HENDRY who arrived at Wilmington aboard the "Diana" in 1774 into the HENDRY-HENRY puzzle. This has helped immensely in clarifying these family relationships in early New Hanover County.

Black River & Turkey Creek Branch

Progenitor: John HENDRY (later changed to HENRY), b Isle of Arran, Scotland bef 1725, arrived in New Hanover Co between 1770 and 1772 with his family which included son Robert. Neil, an older son, and his sister, Catherine Murphy, sailed from Scotland on the Diana in September 1774 and arrived in Wilmington, NC several weeks later.

Read more about Neil and his brother Robert by going respectively to descendants of Neil HENDRY/HENRY and to Robert, Son of John HENDRY.

Colvin's Creek Branch

Progenitor: William "Tailor Billy." HENRY Upon his death in May 1833, an obituary in a Wilmington, NC newspaper read: "...a native of Scotland, but for the past fifty years an inhabitant of this county." An old family document reports that William "Tailor Billy" HENRY was born 5 Apr 1760. Go to descendants of William "Tailor Billy" Henry

White Oak Branch

Progenitor: Most likely was James Hendry or  Alexander HENDRY, I,  b abt 1696 Isle of Arran, Scotland.  Land records show both owned land of the east side of Black River in the White Oak area of New Hanover County as early as 1742.  Go to Hendry Families of White Oak

Descendants of Neil, Son of John Hendry/Henry

John HENDRY of Mossend, Isle of Arran, Scotland is believed to have arrived in New Hanover County, NC between 1770 and 1772. So far, this writer has only identified one member of his family that accompanied him: a son, Robert HENDRY. Most likely there were others. John settled on land along Colvin's Creek in an area of New Hanover County that became Pender County in 1875.

Neil HENRY, a son of John HENDRY according to a baptismal record found in Scotland,  was born in 1746 on the Isle of Arran, Scotland. In late 1774 he arrived in the port of Wilmington aboard the sailing ship Diana. Shortly afterwards, he settled on a grant of 100 acres located about 18 miles northwest of Wilmington on Turkey Branch of Colvins Creek. This area lies along the Black River and other HENDRY/HENRY families were already settled in this area. Bizzells' Revolutionary War Records for Sampson County report that a soldier in the Continental Line named Robert HENDRY, born in 1752 to John HENDRY on the Island of Arran, Scotland, arrived in New Hanover County between 1752 and 1774 with his father.

Neil HENDRY was born shortly before his baptism on 2 Nov 1746 in Kilbride Parish, County of Bute, Isle of Arran, Scotland. He  married—presumably in North Carolina—a Jennet  of whom we know little. Neil died in New Hanover County aft 17 Nov 1810 and bef Feb 1812. Their issue, all born in New Hanover County, were:

  1. Barbara HENRY,  m. Fnu LAMB in Sampson Co., 1 son, James LAMB.
  2. John G. HENRY, b bef 1781, d aft 21 Mar 1818 in NHC; m Catherine LNU, b abt 1780 NC, d 1860 NHC, NC; their issue:
    1. John Neal HENRY, b 1795-Mar 1818; d aft 1860
    2. Eliza Margaret HENRY, b abat 1812, d aft 1860 NHC, m Henry McMILLAN; a dau & 2 sons.
  3. Mary HENRY, m Robert MURPHY* (need proof)
  4. William "Long Billy" HENRY, b 1781; d aft 1870 Colvin's Creek, N. H. Co.; m. Jennie HENRY, b 1787 NC, d 186-1870 NHC; dau of William "Tailor Billy" HENRY & his wife, Jenett WILEY. Their issue, all born in NHC:
    1. Mary Jane HENRY, b abt 1808, d aft 1880 Bladen Co, NC. Never married.
    2. John Neil HENRY, b abt 1810, d 1841 NHC,  m Ann J. "Nancy" BONHAM.
    3. Edward HENRY, b at 1812, d bef 14 Mar 1843
    4. Diane HENRY, b 3 Sep 1813, d 13 Jun 1897, m Rufus DEVANE
    5. Elizabeth "Betsy" HENRY, b 1815, d aft 1880 Bladen Co, NC. Never married.
    6. Robert C. HENRY, b abt 1818, d aft 1870 AR, m Melinda MOODY, 3 sons
    7. John Calvin HENRY, b abt 1822, d aft 1860 (living in Bladen Co), m Mary "Molsie" RUSS of Bladen Co, NC. 2 sons
    8. Archibald "Archie" HENRY, b 19 Jan 1823, d 14 Apr 1864 Duplin Co, m Penelope MATHIS. 2 sons
    9. George M. HENRY, b abt 1825, d aft 1880 (living in Bladen Co.); m 31 Jan 1860 Elizabeth Ann ROBINSON
    10. Margaret HENRY, b abt 1824, d Feb 1896, m William WHITFIELD
    11. Andrew J. HENRY, b 21 Apr 1830, d 28 May 1866, NHC, m 24 Apr 1866 Barbara M. McMILLAN
  5. Flora HENRY, b 1785-1800; m. John HENRY, son of William "Tailor Billy" HENRY & his wife, Jenett WILEY. John & Flora HENRY had the following issue, all born on Turkey Branch:
    1. Flora Jane HENRY, d bef 24 May 1859 NC; m James I. FILYAW.
    2. Mary Caroline HENRY, d 1859 Bladen Co, NC; m Joseph ELWELL.
    3. Jennett Ann HENRY, d bef 24 May 1859; m Charles S. GARRIS.
    4. George HENRY, d 1861-1865 CSA; went to AR and practiced law before war.
    5. Benjamin HENRY
    6. Cornelius "Big Neal" John HENRY, b 14 Feb 1819, d 29 Mar 1901 Haynesville, Claiborne Parish, LA; m AR Catherine Elizabeth MOODY.
    7. Robert W. HENRY, b 1821, d  6 Apr 1857 St. Mary Parish, LA
    8. James Harvey HENRY, 15 Mar 1823, d 7 Apr 1907 Columbia Co, AR; m Mary S. GARRISS.
  6. Robert "Red Robert" HENRY, b 1795; d 30 Aug 1845 in Upper Black River area of N. H. Co.; m Mary HENDRY, dau of James & Polly Murphy HENDRY. Their issue, all born in NHC:
    1. Robert T. HENRY
    2. Eliza Jane HENRY, m bef 1851 George ALDERMAN
    3. Loveday Jane HENRY, m aft 1851 Aaron Morgan COLVIN
    4. Margaret HENRY, m William S. "BUCK" GAYLOR
    5. Mary Murphy HENRY, m Dickson MALLARD
    6. James Neil HENRY

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Descendants of Robert, Son of John HENDRY

Robert HENDRY, born 17 Mar 1752, son of John HENDRY, both of Isle of Arran, Scotland, is the first HENDRY or HENRY I have discovered to have served in the Continental Line during the Revolutionary War. He arrived in New Hanover County, NC, about 1770-1774 with his parents and settled in the Black River area of the county, later moving to nearby Sampson County. Bizzells' Revolutionary War Records for Duplin\Sampson, NC, reports that Robert served under "Light-horse Harry" Lee and also was present at Cornwallis' surrender in Yorktown, VA.

In Feb 1778, Robert HENDRY married Ann LEE of the Black River Community. After the birth of their nine children, the family moved about 1796 to Georgia, first living in in Burk County and then moving in 1801 to Liberty County. He served for a number of years as a Justice of the Peace and died 31 Aug 1830. Their issue, all born in NC, but raised and married in GA were:

  1. John HENDRY, b 1 Dec 1778, m Catherine McPHAIL; served in War of 1812
  2. Neal HENDRY, b Jul 1780, m Pamela LNU
  3. William HENDRY, b 12 Feb 1783, m Nancy McPHAIL; served in War of 1812
  4. James HENDRY, b 1784, d 25 Dec 1803; unmarried
  5. Robert HENDRY, Jr., b 4 Mar 1787, m Nancy DANIEL
  6. George HENDRY, b 1 Feb 1789, m 1st Levicy LNU and 2nd on 2 Dec 1846 Sarah MILLER
  7. Archibald HENDRY, b 20 Mar 1791, d 23 Dec 1818; unmarried
  8. Elizabeth HENDRY, b 26 Mar 1793, m 4 Apr 1843 Jesse FLOYD
  9. Mary HENDRY, b 3 Jul 1795, d 15 Nov 1841; unmarried

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Descendants of William "Tailor Billy" Henry

 According to handwritten entries in an old family document, William "Tailor Billy" HENRY, was born 5 Apr 1760, the son of Neal and Margaret. William's obit in 1833 stated that he was born in Scotland. This family document currently is owned by descendants of Tailor Billy's daughter, Hannah. Read the insert to the right for details. C. A. COLVIN, a nephew of Elizabeth, dau of Tailor Bill's son, Neal, wrote a letter in 1911 in which he stated that "...William HENRY came from New York just before or right after the Revolutionary War and settled on a tract of land granted to him lying on the East side of the East prong of Colvin's Creek..." In a letter dated January 9, 1911, AARON REGISTER states that his grandfather, William Henry, married Jenett WILEY of Long Island, NY. This certainly hints that William came first to New York from Scotland and met his future wife while living there. To date, I have not found any immigration records identifying this William nor of his father, Neal.

As to the WILEY name, it is worth noting that in his 1833 Will William Henry named among his then unmarried daughters, ISABELLA WILEY HENRY.

William had a nickname, Tailor Billy, to distinguish him from others named William HENRY who were living in New Hanover County in the same time period. Since William was a farmer, it seems plausible that his nickname derived from his father's trade as a tailor. Or, quite possibly William had apprenticed as a tailor back in Scotland.

It is the opinion of this writer that William "Tailor Billy" HENRY had a CAMPBELL surname in his ancestry, whether on his father's or mother's side has not yet been determined. Perhaps his mother Margaret was a CAMPBELL  (jhc)

William "Tailor Billy" and Jenett Wiley HENRY had the following issue:

The Confession of Faith Church of Scotland, a document handed down through the descendants of Hannah HENRY, daughter of William "Tailor Billy" HENRY, has these entries written in ink:

William Henry, son of Neal Henry and Margaret, was born April 5, 1760. Jane Henry his wife was born March 5, 1767.
Neal Henry, son of Wm Henry and Jane Henry was born July 23, 1785.

John Henry was born 7 March 1787.
Jane Henry was born May 23, 1790.
Mary Henry was born January 7, 1792.
Margaret Henry was born Sept. 29, 1794.
Catherine Henry was born Aug 21, 1796.
Andrew was born January 22, 1798.
Elizabeth was born July 1, 1799.
William was born May 22, 1801.
Nancy was born March 19, 1802.
Hannah was born Sept 24, 1804.
     Note: Photocopies of this document are in the possession of this writer. Several entries after Hannah are not discernable. JHC.

  1. Cornelius "Neal" HENRY, b 23 Jul 1785 N. H. Co.; d aft 1850 Upper Black River, N.H. Co.; m Charity REGISTER, b 31 Mar 1791 NC; d 1879 N. H. Co.; dau of Josiah REGISTER and his wife, Abigail COSTIN.
  2. John HENRY, b 7 Mar 1787 N. H. Co.; d aft 24 May 1859 Columbia Co., AR; m 1st Flora HENRY, dau of Neal HENRY (1746-1810) who was a son of John HENDRY. Flora died bef 1847; their issue: 5 sons & 3 daus. John HENRY m 2nd abt 1847 in NC Francesca "Frances" LNU; their issue: a dau Susan Victoria HENRY, b abt 1848 NH Co., NC.
  3. Jennie "Jane" HENRY, b 23 May 1790 N. H. Co; d aft 1850 NC; m William "Long Billy" HENRY, son of Neal HENRY who was a son of James HENRY, Sr.
  4. Mary HENRY, b 7 Jan 1792, d aft 1850; m Luke REGISTER, b 1790 NC; d aft 1850; son of Josiah REGISTER and his wife, Abigail COSTIN; brother of Charity REGISTER who married Cornelius "Neal" HENRY
  5. Margaret "Peggy" HENRY, b 29 Sep 1794 NC; m Fnu PETERSON
  6. Catherine "Katie" HENRY, b 21 Aug 1796, d aft 1850; m Duncan McALISTER, b NC 1799, d aft 1850
  7. Andrew M. HENRY, b 22 Jan 1798, m. Pennie SIMMONS
  8. Elizabeth "Betsy" HENRY, b 1 Jul 1799 N. H. Co., m Angus McMILLAN
  9. William HENRY, b 22 May 1801, N. H. Co.; d aft 1850; m Oliph REGISTER, b 1806 NC, d aft 1850, a cousin of Charity.
  10. Annie (Nancy?) HENRY, b 19 Mar 1802, m. William BROWN
  11. Hannah Henry, b 24 Sep 1804, m. Robert Dowey
  12. Alexander HENRY. b 26 Jun 1805 N. H. Co.; d 13 Jul 1869, bur Black River Church Cem.; m Elizabeth Annie WHEELER, d aft 28 Dec 1847, bur Black River Church Cem, Pender Co.
  13.  Isabella Wiley HENRY, b aft 1804, m. John BROWN
  14.  Robert HENRY, b abt 1810; d aft 1850; m Annie BROWN, b 1812, d aft 1850; both went to GA aft 1850

Descendants of  "Neal" Henry, s/o "Tailor Billy"

Cornelius "Neal" Henry and his wife, Charity REGISTER, had the following issue:

  1. Josiah, went to FL; later returned to NC where he died.
  2. Neal, died as young man
  3. William Raphael, b 31 Mar 1813 N. H. Co.; d 31 May 1890 NC; m Jane JENKINS, b 29 Jan 1821; d 6 Jun 1900 NC
  4. John Campbell HENRY, b 9 Aug 1820 New Hanover Co., NC (area now Pender Co.); d 31 Mar 1903, Wilmington, NC; m 4 Aug 1846 Charlotte M. WOOTEN;
  5. Elizabeth Ann, m Hanson M. COLVIN; d aft 1911
  6. Robert A., b 1828; d bef 1911; m unknown; 1 dau
  7. Margaret Jane, b 17 Mar 1825 N. H. Co., d 1 Jan 1915 Madison Co., FL; m 1849 NC Charles Everett TURLINGTON; moved to FL abt 1850.
  8. Abigail, b N. H. Co., d bef 1911; m Fnu BURBANKS; d bef 1911

Descendants of John Campbell Henry, MD, s/o NEIL

John Campbell & Charlotte Wooten Henry

Mary Elizabeth was the daughter of Dr. John Campbell HENRY and Charlotte M. WOOTEN who were married August 4, 1846, probably in Bladen County. The WOOTEN family lived in an area of Bladen County close to Columbus County.

After their marriage, Dr. John C. HENRY and his wife, Charlotte, lived on the southwest side of the Cape Fear River in Bladen County, NC. The 1850 census lists his occupation as "Physician." John Campbell graduated from the Medical College of the State of South Carolina in 1845, his preceptor being Dr. Hanson F. MURPHY. The title of his thesis was "Typhus Fever." In Bladen County, Edwin G., their first child, was born in 1847 followed by Henrietta W. in 1849. I believe that shortly after the federal census was taken in that area of Bladen County on 31 Jul 1850, the family moved to Florida. At this point, I do not know if young Edwin died before the family departed or on the trip to Florida. With the advent of the War Between the States, Dr. HENRY reportedly was called on to serve as a medical doctor in the CSA; however, I have found no supporting proof of his service. Apparently, Charlotte HENRY and their four surviving children returned to North Carolina just prior to the birth of a son in April 1862. I do not know when Dr. John C. HENRY re-joined his family, but after the war, we find the family living at Town Creek in Brunswick County, NC. There, he continued to practice medicine until very late in his life. He also taught school for a time in nearby Mill Creek.

John Campbell and Charlotte Wooten Henry had the following issue:

  1. Edwin G. - b 4 Sep 1847 Bladen Co., NC; d 4 Sep 1850
  2. Henrietta W. - b 15 Aug 1849 Bladen Co., NC; d 14 Sep 1857 FL
  3. Mary Elizabeth (Etta) - b 27 Jun 1851 FL; m 26 May 1870 Brunswick Co., NC, Nathan Richard CROOM, Jr.; d 1 May 1925 Atkinson, Pender Co., NC
  4. Annie Jane - b 9 Mar 1853 FL; m 5 Nov 1878 Brunswick Co., Kenneth McKOY; d 18 Sep 1931 Wilmington, NC
  5. John Slade - b 19 Nov 1855 FL; m 1 Mar 1876 Brunswick Co., Elizabeth Moore SKIPPER; d 20 Oct 1920 Winnabow, NC
  6. Frances Gertrude - b 16 Nov 1857 FL; m 8 Dec 1878 Brunswick Co., Joseph Frank JUSTICE; d 20 May 1902 Wilmington, NC
  7. William R. - b 5 May 1860 FL; d 3 Sep 1862 FL
  8. James Calvin - b 27 Apr 1862 Brunswick Co., NC; m 12 Sep 1900 Rebecca BOSWELL; m 2nd Jannie EVANS; d 25 Jan 1925 Conway, SC
  9. Robert N. - b 7 Sep 1864 Brunswick Co.; d 7 Jun 1866 Brunswick Co., NC
  10. Thomas Wooten - b 6 Jan 1868 Brunswick Co.; m 28 Feb 1895 Brunswick Co., Hilda Elizabeth EVANS; m 2nd 17 May 1921 Nyda EVANS (youngest sister of Hilda)
  11. Minnie Caroline - b 31 Mar 1870 Brunswick Co.; m 24 Dec 1890 Brunswick Co. Johnnie F. JOHNSON; d 28 Jan 1946 Rt. 1, Ivanhoe, Bladen Co. NC

Descendants of Mary Elizabeth (Etta) Henry

Mary Elizabeth Henry
married May 26, 1870
Nathan Richard Croom, Jr.

Mary Elizabeth and Nathan settled near Currie in Pender County. There they farmed and raised their family of seven sons and four daughters.

Nathan was a soldier in the CSA, served in Co. B, 1st Heavy Artillery Regiment, NC, and was wounded in the Battle of Fort Fisher. Honoring his request made almost 55 years later, he was buried in his Confederate uniform.

Nathan Richard CROOM, Jr. and his wife, Mary Elizabeth HENRY, had the following issue:

  1. George Davis, b. May 26, 1871; d. Jul 13, 1936; m. Nannie PETERSON
  2. Lola Frances, b. Jun 26, 1873; d. Dec 16, 1961 Atkinson, NC; m. John Sylvester POPE; 2 dau, 1 son
  3. John Henry, b. Nov 5, 1875 d. Jun 17, 1958 Fayetteville, NC; m. Janie Isabelle HALL. They had the following issue:

    1. Veda Hall, b. Mar 3, 1904; d. Aug 25, 1982; m. Thomas Julian (Jimmy) FUNDERBURK; 1 dau
    2. John Henry, Jr., b. Sep 15, 1908; d. Dec 9, 1986; m. Mary Dalice HOWARD; 4 sons
    3. William Thomas, b. Jan 14, 1915; d. Oct 13, 1994; m. Lillian McLAURIN; 2 dau, 1 son

  4. William Pender, b. May 25, 1878; d. Dec 2, 1933; m. Bessie FRINK; 3 sons, 1 dau
  5. Claude Parker, b. Jul 30, 1880; d. Sep 10, 1936; m. Leta HERRING; 2 dau & 1son
  6. Mary Etta, b. Aug 23, 1882; d. Apr 20, 1949; m. David Wentworth Love SKIPPER; 3 dau, 1 son
  7. Minnie Ethel "Tody", b. Nov 23, 1884; d. Jul 3, 1968 Atkinson; m. Thomas Hervey NUNALEE, Jr.; 2 dau, 1 son
  8. Richard Pierce, b. Mar 1, 1887; d. Aug 22, 1959 Richmond, VA; m. Stella Rkuth EVANS; 1 dau
  9. Thomas Roger, b. Jul 12, 1889; d. May 4, 1955; m. Mamie Augusta HALL; 2 dau, 1 son
  10. Anne Jane, b. Jun 24, 1892; d. aft Nov 17, 1972 Wilmington, NC; m. 1st bef 1922 Jefferson Paleologos XANTHOS; 1 son, Nathan Paleologos; m. 2nd aft 1939 Numa Oscar TUTTLE.
  11. Edgar Lee, b. Nov 12, 1893; d. Jan 17, 1926; m. Thelma Frances CHARLES; 3 sons, 2 dau

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Descendants of Thomas Wooten Henry

Thomas married Hilda Elizabeth EVANS 28 Feb 1895 in Town Creek, Brunswick County, NC. After Hilda's death, Thomas married her younger sister, Nyda, 17 May 1921. Thomas Wooten HENRY and his first wife, Hilda EVANS, had the following issue, all born in Brunswick Co.:
  1. Floyd King, b 14 Feb 1896; d 30 Jun 1982; m 7 Jul 1923 Brunswick Co., Etta Lee CLEMMONS
  2. Clarence Herman, b 8 Oct 1899; d 5 Nov 1990 Brunswick Co.; m 14 May 1919 Brunswick Co., Naomi SULLIVAN
  3. Thomas Albert, b 22 Oct 1902; d 31 Jul 1987 Wilmington, NC; m 6 Feb 1924 Brunswick Co. Ruth Jane SULLIVAN
  4. Willie W., b 6 Dec 1905; d 10 May 1998 Brunswick Co.; m 18 Jul 1927 Brunswick Co. Orena Gussie CLEMMONS
  5. Edna Estelle
  6. Earl Goodman
  7. Norris Kelly

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Descendants of Minnie Caroline Henry

Johnnie Fletcher Johnson and his wife, Minnie Caroline Henry, had the following issue:

  1. William Campbell - b 8 Jan 1892 Bladen Co, NC; m 5 Jun 1911 FL Saddie Hill; d 6 Jul 1984 Tampa, FL
  2. Troy Fletcher - b 20 Jun 1894 Bladen Co.; d 29 Sep 1918 France, U.S. Army
  3. Lee Geddies - b 27 Jull 1896 Bladen Co.; m 5 Jun 1921 Rt. 1 Watha, NC Lonnie Day Blanton; d 16 Jun 1979 Watha, NC
  4. Fannie Gertrude - b 5 Apr 1898 Bladen Co.; m 12 May 1920 Wilmington, NC Fennell Peterson; d 13 Aug 1988 Bladen Mem. Hosp., Elizabethtown, NC
  5. Charlotte Inez - b 8 Sep 1900 Bladen Co.; m 1 Apr 1930 Elizabethtown Richard Vance Brown; d 19 Apr 1994 Elizabethtown
  6. Little Sister - b 9 Aug 1903 Bladen Co.; d 1903 Bladen Co.
  7. Edwin Grover - b 12 Aug 1904; m Lillian Johnson; d 13 Apr 1951 Bertie Co., NC (both killed in auto accident); bur Ahoskie, NC
  8. James Elmer - b 28 Jan 1907 Bladen Co.; d 2 Jun 1909 Bladen Co., NC
  9. Nolan Kerr - b 12 Jul 1909 Bladen Co; m 12 Feb 1937 Dillon, SC Mildred Estelle Marley; d 11 Dec 1992 Wilmington, NC
  10. Frank Roy -- b 12 Nov 1911 Rt. 1, Ivanhoe, Bladen Co., NC; m 26 Dec 1932 Surry, NC Margaret Hamlin; d 18 Oct 1988 Murfreesboro, NC
  11. Minnie Evelyn - b 13 Jun 1915 Rt 1, Ivanhoe, NC; m 21 Oct 1936 Bladen Co., Hill Corbett


HENDRY Families of White Oak Branch

(Please note speculative nature of some early relationships)

The HENDRY families living in the Black River area of White Oak Branch are actively being researched by Renee Hendry Greene and others. Until I am satisfied with my own research on these families or until her information is officially made public, details displayed here on these families will be deferred.


SOME WORDS OF THANKS  -    Mary Elizabeth HENRY, daughter of John Campbell and Charlotte Wooten HENRY, married Nathan Richard CROOM, Jr. on May 26, 1870 in Brunswick County, NC. They were my great-grandparents. Several years ago, I had pieced together a fairly good background of Nathan's ancestry; however, it was not until I received a reply to a query I had posted over a year earlier on the Internet that the life and family of Mary Elizabeth HENRY started to come into focus. My sincere thanks to Marvin B. Johnson for responding to my query.  I'm especially indebted to Mary ELLIS of Texas, a distant cousin, for responding and providing copies of old letters and documents which helped in my initial efforts to unlock some of the mystery surrounding my early HENRY and HENDRY ancestors in New Hanover County. My thanks to Terri Brown, Elizabeth Turner, Renee Greene and many others who have visited this site and shared valued new pieces of information. Finally, a major salute to the labor of love by Anna and Roger Dodson for their son-in-law, a HENRY descendant. They relentlessly pursued clues found in many places in their research of the HENDRY and HENRY families of eastern North Carolina and were a major help to my sorting out some of the previously unproved information and clarifying the puzzle. PLEASE NOTE: Information on Henry and Hendry families in Old New Hanover County other than those of my direct ancestors, have been included on this page to assist those attempting to sort out the different family lines. Some of this information remains SPECULATIVE.

For more information on HENDRY families, click here for the SOUTHERN HENDRY FAMILIES website.



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