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My maternal grandmother was Berta Robena Herring who was born July 27, 1878 in Sampson County, NC and died August 3, 1917 in Fayetteville, NC. I have traced her ancestors with the Herring surname back to Anthony Herring who was born in 1648 in Isle of Wight County, Virginia. Reportedly, a John Herring who was born in England about 1620 was the father of Anthony. Sometime prior to 1648, John married a Margorie, possibly a Whitfield, and they settled in Lower New Norfolk County VA. I am continuing efforts to verify the surname of John's spouse. I believe that most, if not all, of the Herring families of early, eastern North Carolina were descended from this Anthony Herring.

I have not attempted to display all my information on the numerous Herrings living in early North Carolina. Instead, I have focused on the major descendant lines of the speculative John Herring from England in eastern North Carolina and particularly on my lineage. This information was derived from many sources, among which are HERRING HIGHLIGHTS, I, II & III by James Maurice Grimwood, et. al. and the Addendum to Herring Highlights III, Descendants of Samuel Herring Junr. by Fred. M. Hintze, Jr.

My data for the first Herrings of eastern North Carolina begin with the birth of a son in Isle of Wight County, Virginia, to the speculative John Herring from England. The red highlighted text traces the line of descent from my earliest proved Herring ancestor to my grandmother, Robena Berta Herring.


Berta Herring, 1878-1917

Berta Robena Herring



Generation No. 1

John HERRING, born about 1620 in England, came to Virginia about 1641 and married a Marjorie. He died abt 1672 in Isle of Wight, Virginia. From his will, which was proved in court on 10 June 1672, he named a child, John WHITFIELD. Possibly this John was a nephew and an indication that Marjorie possibly was a WHITFIELD. From John's will and other land records, we believe that John & Marjorie had a son named Anthony. It is possible, however, that Anthony was a son of an earlier marriage of John HERRING; however, that is speculation. No record has been found of an earlier marriage. The following son is attributed to this John HERRING. Possibly there were other issue unknown to this writer.

Issue of John HERRING, b abt 1620, d abt 1672 & Marjorie (WHITFIELD, speculative) born Isle of Wight, VA :

  1. Anthony HERRING (John 1),> b 1648 in Isle of Wight Co., VA, d 1715 Isle of Wight Co., VA; m Rebecca WEST abt. 1677 in Isle of Wight Co., VA; their issue:

    1. John HERRING, Sr. (Anthony 2John1), b abt 1680, d 1750, Johnston Co., NC; m Catherine O. MARBE, dau of George & Catherine MARBE; their issue:

      1. John HERRING. Jr. (John3Anthony2John1), b 1701, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. 23 Oct 1773, New Hanover Co., NC; m abt 1720 Rebecca LOFTIN, dau of Cornelius LOFTIN; b abt 1706 NC; their issue, all b Bertie Co, NC:

        1. Richard HERRING (John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 23 Feb 1725/26 Bertie Co., NC, d 4 Apr 1803 NC; m abt 1760 Sarah MEREDITH, b 19 Jan 1732/33, d 19 Jun 1813 NC; their issue, all b New Hanover Co, NC, except as noted:
          1. Mary HERRING, b ?, NC, d ? NC; m 14 Feb 1792 William ANDERS. Issue: a son, Enoch.
          2. Enoch HERRING, b 30 Jan 1762 New Hanover Co., NC, d 17 Jul 1833 NC; m 1790 Margaret ANDERS, b 24 Jul 1765. Issue: a son, Robert Gaston. Probably others.
          3. Gabriel HERRING (Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 20 Oct 1767 New Hanover Co., NC, d 27 Nov 1845 Sampson Co., NC; m 14 Feb 1792 Janet ANDERS, b 9 Apr 1770, d 9 Jun 1846 NC; their issue:

            1. Benjamin HERRING, b 14 Dec 1792 NC, d 28 Sep 1833 NC; m 16 Dec 1824 Susanna JONES. Issue: a son and 2 daus.
            2. George HERRING, b 26 Jun 1794 NC, d 20 Mar 1826.
            3. William James HERRING, b 3 Apr 1798 NC, d 5 Apr 1864; m Susan Swann SMITH. Issue: 2 daus.
            4. Elizabeth HERRING, b 7 Feb 1801 NC, d 7 May 1871;
            5. James HERRING, b 28 Jan 1803 Sampson Co., NC, d 26 Sep 1852; m 28 Jul 1852 Jane ALDERMAN, b 10 Jun 1800. Issue: 4 sons & 5 daus.
            6. Nathan HERRING (Gabriel6Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 2 Feb 1811, NC, d 1 Nov 1883; m 29 Sep 1836 Sally Scott HERRING, b 16 May 1810, d 14 Dec 1884 Sampson Co., dau of Stephen who was brother of Gabriel; their issue:

              1. Robert Strange HERRING, b 6 Nov 1837 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 12 Nov 1845 Sampson Co.
              2. Nathan Crogan HERRING, b 11 Apr 1839 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 21 Sep 1864 CSA , Warrenton, VA
              3. Lucien HERRING b 27 Jun 1843 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 13 Dec 1915 ; m 15 Feb 1868 Sampson Co. Eleanor Phoebe Highsmith Issue: 3 daus & 1 son
              4. John Otis HERRING b 14 Nov 1845 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 23 Feb 1920 ; m 16 Nov 1871 Mary Susan Swinson, b 21 Nov 1847, d 5 Oct 1914. Issue: 3 sons & 1 dau. John enlisted in CSA 3 Sep 1864, captured 2 Apr 1865 near Petersburg, VA, and confined at Hart Island, NY, until June 17, 1865.
              5. William Francis HERRING b 14 Nov 1845 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 23 Mar 1846;
              6. Adolphus HERRING b 28 Jan 1850 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 9 Feb 1893 ; m 1st 7 Nov 1877 Georgia STANSEL, d 16 May 1891. Issue: 2 sons & 1 dau. Adolphus m 2nd on 24 Nov 1892 Theodocia Judson SMITH.
              7. Dallas HERRING (Nathan7 Gabriel6Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1),  b 28 Jan 1850 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d 20 Dec 1910 Sampson Co.; m Mary Elizabeth (Molly) Vann , b 1857 Sampson Co., d 1931 Oxford, Granville Co, NC; their issue:

                1. Matt Ransom HERRING b bef 1877 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d , m Carrie Lee Liles
                2. Robert Roscoe HERRING b bef 1878 Clinton, Sampson Co., NC, d , m Annie Bryan
                3. Berta Robena HERRING b 27 Jul 1878 Sampson Co., NC, d 3 Aug 1917 Fayetteville, NC, m Claude Cooper HOWARD, b 25 Apr 1874 Salemburg, NC, d 18 Jun 1973 Fayetteville, NC. Their issue: 3 daus.

          4. John HERRING (Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 1770 New Hanover Co., NC, d 3 Mar 1814 Sampson Co., NC; m Basheba SESSIONS, b 1770, d 1 Nov 1854. Issue: 5 sons & 1 dau.
          5. Stephen HERRING (Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 9 Jun 1773 New Hanover Co., NC, d 26 Nov 1838 Sampson Co., NC; m Dicey SCOTT, b NC. Their issue:
            1. John HERRING, b 30 Jul 1800 Sampson Co., d 26 Nov 1838 Sampson Co; m Sarah Jane BUTLER; their issue: 10 children.
            2. Hardy HERRING, b 23 Dec 1801
            3. Amos HERRING, b c1803 Sampson Co; m 1st Mary Jane FENNELL; their issue:
              1. George HERRING
              2. Julia HERRING
              3. Mary HERRING
              4. Ella HERRING
              5. Owen Fennell HERRING
              6. Amos Repton HERRING
              7. Adolphus Moseley HERRING, b 18 Sep 1847 Sampson Co, NC, m Melissa MERRITT; their issue: 7 children.
              8. Thomas H. HERRING
              9. James Richard HERRING
              10. Almond McKoy HERRING
            4. Stephen HERRING, b c1805, m Catherine Jane Williams
            5. Elizabeth HERRING,
            6. Sarah Scott HERRING, b 16 May 1810; m Nathan HERRING, s/o Gabriel.
            7. Dicey HERRING, m William BRANCH
            8. Nehemiah HERRING, b 7 Apr 1814, m c11841 Sallie BARDEN
            9. Richard HERRING, b 19 Feb 1816, d 2 May 1901; m Margaret MATTHEWS
            10. George Washington HERRING, b 4 Mar 1818
          6. Ann HERRING (Richard5 John4 John3Anthony2John1), b 7 Nov 1778 New Hanover Co., NC, d 11 May 1839; m John SPEARMAN.

        2. Martha HERRING, b abt 1730 NC, d 1778, m Edmund HAWES II. Issue: 2 sons.
        3. John HERRING, b abt 1732 NC, d 1790, m Catherine LEWIS. Their issue:
          1. Dorcus HERRING, died as a minor aft 1791
          2. Margaret HERRING, died as minor aft 1791
          3. John HERRING, IV, m Johnston Co, NC Elizabeth STRICKLAND; they moved to Indiana.
        4. Sarah HERRING, b 1735 Bertie Co., NC, d 1882 Sampson Co., NC; m John TREADWELL. Issue: 2 sons, 6 daus.

      2. Simon HERRING, b 1709, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d 1769, Dobbs Co., NC.
      3. Benjamin HERRING, b 1720, Bertie Precinct., NC; d 1789, New Hanover Co., NC; m Mary BRIGHT
      4. Joshua HERRING, b 23 Nov 1723, Bertie Precinct., NC; d Apr 1801, Bladen Co., NC; m Elizabeth MATCHETT

    2. Samuel HERRING, Sr. (Anthony 2John1), b abt 1682; d Nov 1750, Johnston Co., NC; m Ann WILLIAMS, their issue:

      1. Anthony "The Blacksmith" HERRING, b 1705, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d abt Mar 1784; m 1727 Bridget Lnu.
      2. Barthena HERRING, b abt 1712, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d aft 1751 Neuse River Valley, NC.
      3. Kesiah HERRING, b abt 1715, Chowan Precinct, NC; m abt 1738 John CONNERLY.
      4. Stephen HERRING, b abt 1717 Chowan Precinct; d Oct 1797 Duplin Co., NC; m 1740s Sarah BRIGHT; heir issue, all b in Duplin Co, NC:

        1. Stephen Bright HERRING (Samuel 3Anthony2John1), b abt 1738 Duplin Co.; d abt 1817 Sampson Co., NC (prob); m 14 Jan 1800 Eleanor MIDDLETON.
        2. Alethia HERRING, m 11 Aug 1777 Abner HARRELL.
        3. Pearsis HERRING, m 1st Abraham? GLISSON; m 2nd 27 May 1800 James WARD.
        4. Ann Nancy HERRING, m 8 Nov 1794 William NEW.
        5. Alexander HERRING, m 1st 24 Dec 1807 Sally HODGES, m 2nd abt 1817 Rebecca THOMAS.
        6. Samuel HERRING, b abt 1755, d abt 1806,prob in Duplin Co.; m 1st Mary P. LNU; m 2nd Polly LNU.
        7. Catey HERRING, m 4 Aug 1777 Duplin Co., NC Elijah CROOM.
        8. Sarah HERRING, d bef 1797 Duplin Co; m 6 Sep 1783 Daniel GLISSON.

      5. Michael HERRING, b abt 1722, Bertie Precinct, NC; d 1805 Wayne Co., NC; m abt 1755 Charity GRADDY.

    3. Thomas HERRING (Anthony 2John1) , b abt 1684; d NC; wife unknown; their issue:

      1. Matthew HERRING, b abt 1715

    4. Abraham HERRING, (Anthony 2John1) b abt 1686 in Isle of Wight, VA; d 1774, Bertie Precinct, NC; m Mary WILLIAMS; their issue:

      1. Samuel HERRING, "Junr." (Abraham 3Anthony 2John1) b abt 1720 Isle of Wight, VA; d New Hanover Co, NC.  Notes of this web page author: The source of information for this SAMUEL HERRING, "JUNR" and his descendants can be found in Addendum to HERRING HIGHLIGHTS, III, published 15 Feb 1999 by Fred M. Hinze, Jr., with the help of Dr. Dallas Herring and approval of James M. Grimwood.

        1. Samuel HERRING, SR. (Samuel 4 Abraham 3Anthony 2John1) b abt 1750 New Hanover Co, NC, Long Creek Area; d abt 1829 New Hanover Co, NC, Long Creek Area; m Elizabeth GUIN; their issue, all b New Hanover Co, NC:

          1. John Jones HERRING, b abt 1775, d unk.
          2. William HERRING b abt 1777, d unk.
          3. James HERRING, b abt 1781
          4. Martha HERRING, b abt 1788
          5. Ann HERRING, b abt 1790
          6. Sarah Elizabeth HERRING, b 27 Nov 1792, d 14 Jun 1871
          7. Samuel Shepard HERRING, b abt 1795, Mary WALKER, b abt 1798; their issue, all b New Hanover County, NC:
            1. Hillary W. HERRING, b 6 Jan 1818, d 7 Feb 1895 Pender Co, NC; m Margaret ROWE, 16 Apr 1850 New Hanover Co, NC; Their issue, b in New Hanover County, NC:
              1. Samuel J. HERRING, b 12 Apr 1851, d 25 May 1927 Pender Co.; m 26 Oct 1871 NHC Susan Ellen MOORE; their issue, b New Hanover Co, NC:
                1. Margaret Lillian HERRING, b 23 Mar 1875, 2 Jan 1930 Pender Co, NC; m 8 Jun 1898 Pender County Thomas J. BRADSHAW, b 26 Sep 1845 NHC, d 11 Jul 1937 in Pender County;  their issue, all born in Pender Co:
                  1. Thomas J BRADSHAW, Jr., b 4 Aug 1899, d 9 May 1988 Burgaw, Pender Co. NC; m Mary LNU.
                  2. Grace BRADSHAW, b abt 1902.
                  3. Edward Luther BRADSHAW, b 6 Feb 1904, d 26 Aug 1988 Kinston, NC.
                  4. [Note: Thomas J. BRADSHAW had 2 sons and a dau by an earlier marriage to Florence MOORE.]

                1. S. Croom HERRING, a daughter b abt 1878.
            2. Calvin W. HERRING, b 1853, d 10 Mar 1925 Pender Co.;
            3. Minnie A. HERRING, b 1855,
            4. Benjamin Harris HERRING, b 21 Jul 1858, d 11 Jul 1928 Pender Co. NC; m Nannie LOFTON.
            5. William Porter HERRING, b Jul 1863, d May 1884 Pender Co, NC
          8. John W. HERRING, b 20 Jan 1820, d 27 Mar 1886 Pender Co, NC; m 2 Dec 1846 Mary Ellen BORDEAUX, b 27 Aug 1830, d 24 Sep 1868 Lillington, NC; their issue:
            1. Thomas Richard HERRING, b 1 Nov 1847. d 8 Oct 1911 Pender County, m 22 Nov 1873 Margaret Elizabeth BORDEAUX, b 7 Jul 1858; their issue:
              1. Arthur Guthrie HERRING, b 1888, d 1969; m Lulu WELLS, b 1884, d 1950 GA; a daughter.
          9. Samuel J. HERRING
          10. Mildred Elizabeth HERRING
          11. John J. HERRING
          12. Margaret E. HERRING
          13. William James HERRING
          14. Sarah Paton HERRING
          15. David Portervine HERRING
          16. Mary Elizabeth HERRING
        2. Dicey HERRING; m Fnu BORDEAUX.

    5. Abraham HERRING, Jr., b 1722; d bet 1770-1790 Sampson Co, NC; m Rebecca SNELL.
    6. Joseph HERRING, b abt 1723 Bertie Precinct, NC; d July 1794 Sampson Co., NC.
    7. Daniel HERRING, b abt 1726 Bertie Co; d abt 1787 Duplin Co, NC; m 1st Sarah WHITFIELD 1 Mar 1749/1750 in Johnston Co, NC; 5 sons; m 2nd Charity WHITFIELD, sister of SARAH, 2 May 1782 in Duplin County, NC; no known issue; issue of Daniel and Sarah, all, except as noted, born in Duplin Co., NC:

      1. Stephen HERRING, b abt 1751 Dobbs Co.; m Nancy ROGERS.
      2. Benjamin HERRING, b abt 1755, d abt 1814 Duplin Co;  m 18 Sep 1780 Mary SHOTWELL.
      3. Joel HERRING, b abt 1760, d 1828 Sampson Co,  m Sophia King GILMORE.
      4. Isaac HERRING, b 2 Mar 1761, d 23 Oct; 1833 Lawrence Co, IN; m 11 Feb 1783 Nancy Ann SHOTWELL.
      5. Whitfield HERRING, b abt 1762, d aft 1810 Duplin Co; m 1st Fereby ROBERTS 13 May 1782; m 2nd on 17 Nov 1782 in Duplin Co, NC Mary CROOM, dau of Jesse CROOM; issue of Whitfield & Mary:
        1. Jesse HERRING, b abt 1785, d 1850-1860; wife unknown; their issue:
          1. Whitfield HERRING, 1800-1808 Duplin Co, d aft 1850; m 30 Jul 1824 Duplin Co Mary Margaret GRIMSLEY; their issue, b Duplin Co, NC::
            1. Sarah HERRING, b abt 1831
            2. Nathaniel HERRING, b Apr 1836, d 1905-1910 Duplin Co; m 1st Winifred WHITFIELD (surname proof?); several children; m 2nd in 1900 in Duplin Co., NC ( record proof?), Ann BISHOP; their issue:

              1. Sauls "Jack" Henry HERRING, b 3 May 1905 Duplin Co, d 5 Mar 1947 Raleigh, NC (res: Rocky Mount, Wilson Co, NC); m Burley HIGSON; their issue: a son living; there may be others.

    8. Jacob HERRING, b abt 1727.
    9. Arthur HERRING, b 1731 Bertie Co, NC.
    10. Isaac HERRING, b 1733 Bertie Co, NC.

  2. Joseph HERRING, (Anthony 2John1) b abt 1688; d aft 1760, Chowan Co., NC; wife unknown; their issue:

    1. Edward HERRING, b 1707 Isle of Wight Co., VA; d 1767 Johnston Co., NC.

  3. Edward HERRING (Anthony 2John1), b. abt 1693, Isle of Wight Co., VA; d. 1767, Johnston Co., NC.
  4. Daniel HERRING (Anthony 2John1), b abt 1696; d Sep 1785, Isle of Wight Co., VA: wife unknown; their issue, all b Isle of Wight:

    1. Elias HERRING, b 1720 Isle of Wight Co., VA; d aft 1797 Southampton Co. VA
    2. Daniel HERRING, Jr., b 1722 Isle of Wight Co., VA; d aft 1791 Isle of Wight Co., VA
    3. Jesse HERRING, b abt 1724 Isle of Wight Co., VA; d aft 1791
    4. Mills HERRING, b 1726 Isle of Wight Co., VA; d abt 1791 Isle of Wight Co., VA; m Nancy VICK
    5. Martha HERRING, b 1728 Isle of Wight Co., VA; m Daniel BATTEN

  5. Anthony HERRING, Jr. (Anthony 2John1) , b abt 1697; d abt 1760, Johnston Co., NC; m 1724 Bridget JOYNER, their issue, all b Isle of
    1. Anthony HERRING, III, b abt 1725, d aft 1755, prob in Johnston Co., NC
    2. Henry HERRING, b abt 1727, d bef 1785, prob in Johnston Co, NC; wife unk; their issue, b Johnston Co, NC:
      1. Nathan HERRING, d bef 1782 Johnston Co, NC; m Susan LNU; 2 sons: Machett & John, both of whom later lived in Indiana.
      2. Drury HERRING, d bef 1785, prob Johnston Co, NC.
      3. Heli HERRING, d bef 1791 Johnston Co., NC
    3. Martha HERRING, b 1729; d Johnston Co., NC,

HERRING Families in New Hanover County

My studies of the early CROOM families in New Hanover County have taken me to several collateral surnames such as BORDEAUX, MOORE and HERRING. I have noted that several of these Herrings had ties to some of my MALPASS, MOORE and CROOM ancestors of New Hanover. John HERRING, JR (1701-1773), for example, lived in an area of New Hanover that became Sampson County. See above some descendants of Samuel HERRING, Jr (Abraham 3Anthony 2John1) who settled in areas of New Hanover County that became Pender County in 1875.

If you have any information which can add parents and\or siblings to the above listed Herrings, fill in missing dates and places, or provide any corrections, I would be quite pleased to hear from you. For brevity, this page does not display all of the descendants of the above listed names which are in my database. They can be furnished.


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